Note: This act is non-linear in format. This lists the missions present. The Story-Elements are attached to the missions as needs be, so their precise order can't be described.
Mission 7 The Exile

Activation Info: System: Santa Romera Prerequisite: + Once you have completed Act Two Mission 1 and read the e-mail about finding help in other systems, this mission will be triggered upon capsule jumping into the Coyote system. A group of independent vessels will approach and tell you about a person called Frederick Jackson at a place called Jackson's Yard around Penacook. Once you have spoken to Frederick Jackson, he will speak of an Ambassador near the planet Brotherhood in the Santa Romera System. Flying to this location will trigger the mission.

Overview: You have heard that a mysterious character calling himself 'the Ambassador' may be able to help. The Ambassador turns out to be organising a resistance movement against the corporations, but the Corporations have a contract out on him. You must rescue the Ambassador.

1) The mission becomes active upon being told about the Ambassador's location from Frederick Jackson.

2) If you are not in the Santa Romera system already, fly there.

3) Once in the Santa Romera system, find the planet known as 'Brotherhood' and select the station 'Brotherhood Exile Ark' orbiting this planet. Fly there.

4) Once you get close to the station, you should see two ships; one of these will be displayed as the Ambassador.

5) Approach these two ships.

6) Once in range of the Ambassador, he asks you what you want.

7) Tell him that you want his help.

8) The Ambassador will explain that he is forming a resistance, but is being tailed and needs to escape and so agrees to follow you out of distance of the station so he can swap his IFF beacon with you.

9) You can now lead the assailants away, while he makes his escape.

10) Set off in any direction. The Ambassador's assistant, will follow you.

11) Eventually you'll get attacked by Marauders; kill them.

12) If you manage to kill them without the Ambassador's assistant dying, you'll be given a self-defence software upgrade.) You can add this to your ship after you return to base.


Mission 8 Corporate Holdings

Activation Info: System: Dagda Prerequisites: + You need to must complete Act Two Mission 18 to trigger this mission.

Overview: You are tipped off to the location of an L-point opening in the Mwari system that leads to a backdoor to the Dagda system. You are asked to help Jarvis smuggle out indentures in exchange for the location of the backdoor location.

1) When you have read the e-mail from Jarvis and launch from the base, a waypoint will be created pointing to the backdoor L-point. Fly to this.

2) At the backdoor, flying through takes you into the Dagda system where you will encounter a minefield.

3) You will be prompted to shoot the mines before the indentures arrive.

4) After 60 seconds the indentures will start to arrive and head for the L-point, they will be escorted by armed vessels.

5) As they get closer to the L-point, Jarvis will hail you and indicate that they are being chassed by Corporates. Hostile vessels will approach and attempt to intercept and destroy the indenture vessels, you should intervene and destroy the hostiles while trying to allow as many of the indenture vessels to escape as possible.

6) Once all the indenture vessels have been destroyed or have escaped, you will be prompted to leave and jump back through the L-point.

7) At the other side of the L-point you will be rewarded based on your performance.


Mission 9 Bloodhound

Activation Info: System: Mwari Prerequisites: + The completion of Act Two Mission 08.

Overview: The MCA have had a large amount of Marauder activity in a concentrated area of Mwari. Presuming this to indicate a near by Marauder base, they have set up a ship equipped with a sensor capable of tracking communication signals in a hope they will be able intercept some Marauder communications.

1) Fly to the Mwari system. Upon entering the system, you will see a waypoint to the rendezvous location of the fleet. Fly there.

2) After meeting up with the rest of the ships, fly to waypoint one. Upon reaching waypoint one you will pick up a distress signal. Head for the distress signal. Here you will find a freighter being attacked by Marauders. When you attack they will call for help kill the marauders. The sensor ship will record the signal and two more marauders will arrive. Kill them.

3) Fly on to waypoint 2. Nothing happens at this waypoint.

4) Fly on to Waypoint 3. You happen on two more Marauders. They call for help and the sensor ship records the signal. Kill them.

5) Fly on to Waypoint 4. Nothing happens at this waypoint.

6) Fly on to Waypoint 5. A lone Marauder ship is at this waypoint. Kill it. An ambush force of 5 Marauder ships powers up and attacks. Kill them all.

7) Once you have completed all three encounters (at waypoints 1,3 and 5) the sensor ship has enough data to work out the Marauder base. It will appear as a waypoint on your contact list.

8) Manufacture 10 hunter-seeker mines. You will do this by collecting cargo and recycling this. Then you can produce the mines by using the manufacture screen. Each pod of mines requires 150 manufacturing units.

9) Fly to the Marauder Base location. At the base a force of MCA ships is gathering, as are a number of Marauder vessels. Fight the Marauders and stop them destroying the freighter before the pods can be thrown into the base, destroying it. The Mission is completed when the base is destroyed.


Mission 10 Grassy Knoll

Activation Info: System: Hoffer's Wake Prerequisites: + Must complete Act Two Mission 5.

Overview: Mysterious people known as 'The Third Man' offer you a reward if you'll assassinate a Maas spy who has been gathering information on the MCA.

1) Read the e-mail sent to you from the Third Man then leave the base. Fly to the 'Meeting place' waypoint in Hoffer's Wake.

2) At the waypoint you'll meet a tug called the 'Third Man'. Get close and the tug will hail you.

3) Talk to the tug and accept the job he offers. The tug will undock the pod its carrying and fly off. Take the pod and return to the base to equip the Sniper cannon it contains.

4) Refit the ship in the base with the Sniper cannon.

5) Leave the base and jump to the Santa Romera system. Upon entering the system, fly to the waypoint labelled 'Target : Nymas Station'. As you get close cancel the autopilot and stop. Keep at least 35 km away from station.

6) Find the nearby pod repository waypoint and fly there. As you get closer to the Pod Repository you will see a cloud of pods. Find the Pod of Books and dock to it. The Sniper cannon will load with 5 shots.

7) Fly towards the security station until you can target the 'meeting room window'. The station security ships will issue a warning. Quickly, target the meeting room window, zoom in and shoot it until it explodes.

8) Turn around and thrust away from the station. Engage LDS as soon as you can and fly to the L-point. Jump back to Hoffer's Wake.

9) Return to the 'Meeting place' waypoint, where three tugs are waiting for you. Kill the tugs when they try and double cross you. Call Jafs in to pick up the pods of gold they drop.


Mission 11 Unification

Activation Info: System: Hoffer's Wake Prerequisites: + Must have complete Act Two Mission 07.

Overview: The police, the government, the League, the Junkers, the Carva Cartel and the Stepsons are all gathering together near Greenback in the Hoffer's Wake system to prepare for an attack on a Marauder base. You receive an e-mail notifying you of this and asking you to join up. Having joined up you will be led through a series of combat situations.

1) After reading the e-mail, launch and head to the mission waypoint, called the 'Allied Force Rendezvous point'.

2) As you near the rendezvous point you will be hailed by Carla Stepson, asking you to join the fleet.

3) When you join the fleet, she will begin briefing you on what to do next. At this point you will be assigned four wingmen and given the opportunity to ask questions about the mission.

4) After the briefing, fly to the Blackeye L-point.

5) On arrival at the Blackeye L-point you will be attacked by Marauders. Some of these Marauders will attempt to drag debris in front of the L-point to prevent anyone else jumping through.

6) After you have destroyed the Marauder forces around the Blackeye L-point, reinforcements will be sent from the Marauder base; as these reinforcements reach you, the allies will start pouring through the L-point to help you.

7) After you have destroyed the Marauder reinforcements, the allied fleet will depart for the Marauder station leaving you to protect the L-point.

8) After a short while a small group of Marauders will flee from the Dog Orbital and try and punch through you to the L-point.

9) More Marauders will arrive through the L-point.

10) Finally, a large Marauder fighter carrier, along with a fighter fleet will come through the L-point, try to hold out against this, concentrating your fire on the fighters, until the allied fleet can return from destroying the orbital to come and aid you.


Mission 13 Kong Fracture

Activation Info: System: Hoffer's Wake Prerequisites: + Completion of Act Two Mission 11.

Overview: The Kong have become upset with the rest of the League and decided to break away from them. Unknown to the rest of the League, the Kong have been the victims of a series of attacks organised by the Marauders which have been disguised as police raids. In response to these attacks they have decided to destroy the police headquarters using large quantities of anti-matter. The League, having got wind of the plans, asks the player to stop them, through diplomatic means.

1) Travel to the Hoffer's Port Orbital in orbit around Memnon, near the Alexander L-point in Hoffer's Wake.

2) Once there you will be fitted out with disrupters and provided with wingmen, along with Government Special Investigations Political Officer, James Hewitt-Earl.

3) Hewitt-Earl will tell you to travel to the Alexander L-point to intercept the Kong. The Kong will arrive shortly after you get there but, if you take too long getting there, they will come through without you.

4) You must then disable any one of the Kong vessels to persuade them to talk to you.

5) Having disabled a Kong ship, they will talk to you. The quickest way through this dialogue successfully is to choose the third option 'I don't want to hurt you', followed by the third option again, 'There has been a misunderstanding'.

6) A cut scene will follow where you will be led to Freetown.

7) You will receive a message from Chang Fi Kong, saying that it's odd that you've met such a strong LDSI field.

8) You will receive a distress call from Freetown, saying they are under attack from the Police. The Kong will get angry with you and then rush to the station's aid.

9) Shortly afterwards Hewitt-Earl will ask you to get closer to the attacking ships, approach Freetown at this point.

10) As you get closer to Freetown Hewitt-Earl will inform you that they are not police ships, and Smith will notice a big ship hanging back from the battle.

11) Identify this ship and approach it. It will appear as a ship, some distance from Freetown, and on its own, it should be an approximately similar distance away.

12) If you begin to attack the ship, after a short amount of time it will show a cut scene of it running off along with any remaining Marauders.

13) The Kong will thank you for your help.

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