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5 years 9 months ago - 5 years 9 months ago #20277 by IronDuke
I finally got myself to work out a somewhat normal schedule, so I can begin serious work on this. I'll be starting anytime from today to a couple weeks from now, and if all goes according to plan, there will be some stuff to show within a couple of months.

Planned features:
-Better graphics, since it's made in the Unity engine. That means shadows, normal mapping, unlimited lights, HDR, physically based rendering, advanced LOD, unlimited resolution, a full spread of image effects like light bloom, complicated particle systems, very high-poly models, and many other goodies.
-Better physics. No more perpetual 100% bounce on collisions and other odd results! You will be able to push things, collide very realistically, and potentially have a more realistic flight model.
-Will require a working legal installation of I-War2. I'm going to make an I-War2 mod that will activate the remake, so you'll have to run I-War2 before you can play the remake. (Just once though; you won't have to every time.)
-Fuel. Something that always irked me in the game was the useless fuel tankers flying here and there. Plus what kind of spaceship could run forever?
-Loot and salvage. Need I say more on that? B)
-Working stealth. The stealth in the game is purely a face and does not affect the AI in the slightest. I have proven this by hacking my detectability to be 0. Didn't change a thing.
-Revamped piracy. You'll have competition, police that do things besides chomp donuts 3km in front of the L-Point and get roflhammered by the first megafreighter to come through, corporate response to crime activity (so get out fast), and in general a more realistic piracy gameplay.
-Revamped trading/commerce. It'll make more sense now, and trade offers will come and go. There will be a currency at last, so you can in fact buy and sell stuff on the white market. Smuggling will therefore become a thing, as you can mix stolen goods into a shipment of legal ones for higher profit. :whistle: As part of the revamped piracy, you'll actually have to plunder shipping lanes, not sit at a well-guarded L-Point for hours only to get rekt. The enormous 300+ pirating trips will no longer be possible, but I'll compensate with better trading when I can.
-Mining. It'll be fairly similar to the mining in Elite Dangerous, except that single rocks may last days. You have to find the concentrations of ore in the rock, and use beams, drills, and blasts to rip chunks of high-grade ore from a rock. Then you have to put it into a refinery to be processed. Really big ships might be able to have one installed, but most likely you'll need to take it to a station to sell. Unless you own the station. ;)
-Rebalanced combat. This is something that first got me into modding. I felt that the AI ships being stuck with I-War1 era weapons was a little silly. Nothing but PBCs and gatlings except for a few oddballs. So, similar to Unleashed, Elite mod, and REAL, I'm going to give the AI ships a full spread of weapons. But rather than have maybe 3 files for a corvette, each with a preset loadout, I'm going to generate the loadout semi-randomly. Semi because it'll have a specific scheme, and be consistent with the owner.
-Combat mechanics rework. I'll have missiles make more sense, with more effective countermeasures and point defense. Other things will be improved as well. Especially the shields; I'll make them less RNG based.
-You can own and fly every ship type. :ohmy:
-You can own stations.
-Dat aggravating missile alert will be changed to something sensible if I can. :lol:
-Caleb Maas is confirmed dead. Very dead.
-This list will be updated.

Now some questions for the I-War2 fans. Check back here once in a while, as I'll be updating the list.
-Armor. Should I use exactly the same system as the vanilla game (simple damage reduction based on a armor value and a shot penetration value) or put in a slightly more advanced system factoring in armor thickness at location, angles, and shot type? (plasma vs bullet vs what-have-you)
-Thrusters. Should I use exactly the same flight model as the vanilla game (which is a simple fixed acceleration on the ship's axes; the visible thrusters are merely a visual effect) or should I use a more advanced system applying forces at every thruster location? Might be hard, as none of the I-War2 ships were designed with reverse thrusters. Think I'll be aiming for the more realistic model. That one is actually easier, believe it or not.
-My older brother was a little disappointed because I plan to have Caleb Maas survive the jump accelerator destruction and make a comeback in the I-War3 section of the story. He thinks I'm not giving the poor fella a break. Do you agree, or should we continue to pound the scum to a pulp? He's dead, Jim.
-First person combat/walking on ships. The vanilla game certainly does not have this, but I think it could expand the game universe tenfold. I would stick to a simple combat method almost exactly like that of C&C Renegade. But it could also potentially cut from the experience that this is truly I-War2. Then again, it could add to it. Up to you guys.
-Planetary landings. From some digging I did in 2011, I have determined that the developers wanted to have this, but decided early on that the budget for both money and time was too small. (I could be wrong, but that's how it seemed.) Planetary landings could utilize the FPS section if we decide on that. Mostly it'll just be planetside stations similar to Elite Dangerous.
-Exanded story. I'm going to include several missions that were cut by Particle Systems for various reasons, as well as add many of my own devising, in the I-War2 section of the story. I just wanted to run that by you guys first.
-Weapons. I plan on making them much more physics based. Example: when you target a ship, a pair of Unity's hinge joints on perpendicular axis then have to align themselves with the target, which takes time. It also means that weapons can be pushed, the joints can be jammed, or even completely ripped off. Got this idea from ED and War Thunder. Also many other improvements. Just want to run that by you guys first.
-Basically the general gist of practically all the above questions comes down to an either-or. Should I make the game as faithful a duplicate of the vanilla game as I can, or should I go for improving it beyond that?

If you have any ideas, questions, and especially answers to my questions above, hit me up. :)


I-War 2 Discord:
Very little about the game is not known to me. Any questions you got, throw them at me. :)
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5 years 9 months ago - 1 year 9 months ago #20278 by IronDuke
This post will be continuously updated to reflect the current progress of the remake.

Below is a color-coded outline of literally everything to-do to complete the playable test. It will be very handy to quickly get an idea of how far the remake is progressing at any given moment. ;)
(BTW, it was way easier to read in Word. Forum brutally murdered my formatting. Now my replacement is all ugly, boo hoo. ;-; )
This will be updated as things are completed or begun, and as I think of new specific tasks.

Red = incomplete
Orange = in progress
Green = completed
Blue = canceled or postponed, usually postponed.
Sub-tasks aren't colored unless parent task is in progress, for sake of laziness.

- - 3-D items
- - - Sensor-contact brackets
- - - Contrails
- - - Targeting lead indicator
- - - Weapon alignment indicator
- - - Shield tracking icons the current shield mechanics don't permit this yet
- - Contact list
- - - Displayed in window
- - - Scroll up/down
- - - Contains info: IFF, Type, Distance, Name
- - Multi-Function Display
- - - Telescope camera view :3 Not much reason for this to be in a basic combat alpha test, really.
- - - Wireframe-render view
- - - Contains target info
- - - - Target health
- - - - Target IFF
- - - - Target type
- - - - Target name
- - ORB
- - - Sphere comprised of 3 wireframe circles, 1 per axis
- - - Pips on them
- - - Pips placed on stalks representing distance to player
- - - # of contacts
- - Reticle
- - - Base reticle icon
- - - Speed info for player
- - - Speed info for target
- - - Player health
- - - Target health
- - - Target name :V
- - - Target distance
- - - Visibility info
- - - Power info
- - - Heat info
- - - Missile lock
- - - Weapons lock ;) in a combat alpha test, it can be assumed you are weapon locked
- - - Vector-to-target icon (aka little arrow pointing to target)
- - - Some assorted other icons and HUD elements
- - Weapon/shield/system info
- - - List of weapons – each weapon has:
- - - - Energy in main capacitor OR ammo remaining in magazine
- - - - Time to next shot
- - - - Heat
- - - - Health
- - - - Power
- - - List of shields – each shield has:
- - - - Energy in main capacitor
- - - - Time to next block
- - - - Heat
- - - - Health
- - - - Power
- - - List of systems – each system has:
- - - - Power
- - - - Heat Should be working but not testable yet
- - - - Health
- - Clock
- - - Hey, it’s in EoC! Why not?
- - - Shows time-from-launch
- - - Also shows system time not needed in a combat alpha, really

- Flight model future improvements include thrust ramp-up, thrusters not aligned perfectly with axis, and rotating/otherwise moving thrusters
- - Thrust applied to each individual thruster
- - Potential for each thruster's power to drop as damaged
- - Fully linked to player controls

- Passive sensors
- - Detects, or detects not. There is no “try.”

- Projectile weapons
- - Light PBC
- - PBC
- - - Literally copy-paste light PBC, alter stats
- - - Special effects effects on the weapon itself not strictly necessary as long as the shot is visible
- - - New 3D model for the gun itself
- - Gatling cannon moved to a later alpha
- - - Literally copy-paste PBC, alter stats/settings
- - - Special effects
- - - New 3D model for the gun itself
- - Turret/gimbal functionality
- - - Target tracking/prediction
- - - Independent, individual, local weapon self-control
- - Weapon forces (physically accurate for mass & velocity(will be applied to missiles & beams))
- - - Force applied to location of gun on firing
- - - Force applied to impact point

- Damage model
- - System health not bothering for initial alpha
- - Main ship health
- - Autorepair systems only works on ship health btw as system health not implemented
- - Armor and penetration mechanics moved to later alpha
- - Weapon scripts not gonna lie, i don't remember what I meant by this. Hopefully I'll remember

- Power model postponed to future alphas
- - Powerplant functionality
- - System power drain
- - Accumulator functionality Basically this is a big fat battery.
- - Plasma grid functionality

- Heat model postponed to future alphas
- - System heat functionality
- - Main ship heat functionality system heat drains into here
- - Heatsink functionality basically just drains ship heat

- Missiles
- - Copy scripts (only flight-control)
- - Modify for 3-D space functionality
- - Add splash-damage
- - - Inversely proportional to distance proportional to the square of distance is more correct but causes wildly unpredictable behavior so a linear falloff feels much better. Same goes for force
- - - Affects all objects in blast radius
- - Spoofing functionality
- - Intensely and brutally bug-test and tweak the bug-testing will be done by you guys :)
- - Special effects
- - Forces
- - - Force upon launching
- - - Force from explosion, physically accurate for explosive force over distance

- Countermeasures
- - Point-defense turrets
- - - Attacks missiles locked on
- - - Special effects
- - Flares
- - - No flight
- - - Active-jamming spoofs only 1 missile
- - - Special effects
- - ChaffJust a teaser ;) Not actually implementing this yet

- Command Section
- - Pull model from EoC
- - - Patch holes/reverse geometry from supremely flaky conversion process
- - - Add to Unity project
- - Flight model
- - - Add all thrusters and stuff
- - - Balance specs to match EoC I'm not going to perfectly match EoC, as the comsec is not balanced to begin with.
- - - Special effects
- - Assemble prefabs for player and AI
- - - Player ship
- - - AI ship NPC vessels will be puffins; no need for comsecs
- - Ship death special effects
- - Detach function
- - - Docking and undocking
- - - Swapping control to and from parent ship

- Heavy Corvette
- - Pull model from EoC
- - - Patch holes/reverse geometry from conversion process
- - - Add to Unity project
- - Flight model
- - - Add all thrusters and stuff
- - - Balance specs to match EoC Again, not perfectly matching due to improper balance to begin with.
- - - Special effects
- - Assemble prefabs for player & AI
- - - Player ship
- - - AI ships NPC ships will be puffins
- - Ship death special effects

- Basic NPC AI
- - Puffin Tug setup
- - Just flies about, occasionally flanking, tries to stay facing
- - Utilizes all weapons

- Spawning algorithm
- - Copy over and modify for 3-D space

- SHIELDS! Surprise!
- - Just lots of coding.
- - - Calculates capacitor energy consumption on hit based on shield efficiency, shot mass, and relative velocity
- - - Field hold time (time to next block) based on energy consumption relative to max consumption
- - - Able to shield vessels parented to shielding vessel, will be dependent on relative size
- - Special effects effects are very simple at the moment but recognizable

- Camera shake
- - Pitch & Yaw shake (aka 1)
- - Translational shake (aka 2)
- - Shakes caused by:
- - - Explosions/engine-wash (1 & 2)
- - - Thruster G-forces
- - - Impacts (1 & 2)
- - - Anything vibrating (1)

- Music

- All sound effects
- - Engine sounds
- - Weapon sounds
- - Shield, docking, and collision sounds
- - HUD sounds
- - Other sounds

- Controls
- - Controller ID swapper
- - - The boring kind of coding. Woot.
- - Full controls on keyboard, joystick, and K&M ;)

- Build test

- Write up documentation/help

- Upload test

I-War 2 Discord:
Very little about the game is not known to me. Any questions you got, throw them at me. :)
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5 years 9 months ago - 5 years 9 months ago #20279 by Chessking

-armor. In I-War 1, the entire hull acts as one piece, and has its own health bar. It acts as the actual damage level, while subsystem damage merely affects performance. I think this would change, although it would be difficult. A ship without a hull wouldn't be space-worthy, so perhaps some armor pieces are more important than others, and destroying the more important armor pieces on an enemy ship could eliminate it. I suggest making the game with a "dynamic hull" in mind, but not implementing it until more important things are out of the way.

-thrusters. Good question. A force-applying system would certainly be more realistic, but like you said, how would that affect other ships? However, after implementing realistic collisions, a force-based thruster system would be quite easy to add.

-Regarding Caleb Maas: Personally, I too am disappointed when characters who were supposed to be dead are brought back into the story. Besides.
Warning: Spoiler!
Pretty soon (Maybe even tomorrow) I plan on starting a discussion about what would happen after the end of the story. Perhaps we can search for some other options then.

-Walking on ships. The physics and camera movements for FPS games are much simpler than those for space simulators. I think this is a must for this expansion to be a drastic and exiting improvement over the last game. For a long time I have dreamed about being able to walk through Lucretia's base, crawl down the UDC into my Storm Petrel, and take a seat at the pilots chair. Also, I doubt you would have to render both the insides and the outsides of a ship at the same time, so they would not have to match up perfectly. Because of this, building the interior models for the ships could be the easiest job for other non-coders to help out.

-Planetary Landings. I would be perfectly content with either walking on ships or planetary landings. You could put off one or the other until later.

I think you should aim for an improvement rather than a replication of the vanilla game. After all, this is nearly the only hope for the continuation for the series.

Also, I would really like to see the ability to command other ships added to the game, adding an RTS side to the game. It would allow you to advance in rank beyond Ship Captain.

Please, please, please say you need some backgrounds generated for the game! I am ready! If you want help with anything else, let me know. In the meantime, I guess I had better re-install Unity.

This is one tough navy, boy. They don't give you time off, even for being dead. -Clay

Storm Petrel

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5 years 9 months ago #20280 by IronDuke
-Mostly I'm looking for more realism in the armor because I thought it was silly that you could get a ship down to 1% health by hitting one side only, then fly to the other side and one-shot it with a light PBC. Just silly. :P I'm not sure yet what system I would implement instead, since I'm first deciding whether or not to do so.
-I already have a force-applying system. And I suppose you haven't used Unity for a while. Create gameobject. Add rigidbody. Add collider. Bang. You have an object that moves around and reacts to collisions in a realistic way. Yay for PhysX integration! :lol:
-Mostly I had wanted to leave him alive since I really really hated him and wanted to get to beat the living donkeyfetters out of him personally. B) Besides, who said he'd be in the Badlands? I do see your point though.
-I might have to render the insides and outsides at the same time if someone pokes a hole in the ship. I've been considering how to do that already. I also have dreamed of having to squeeze through access hatches and stuff, so this is something I want as well. You should realize though that the reason why the physics and camera movements are simpler for FPS games is because they are not factoring in a third dimension, nor zero gravity. Might be a fun challenge to implement. :)
-Planetary landings, if implemented, would most certainly be done after the FPS section, if that is implemented. Reason is that I-War2 is about you and your ship. Being able to walk around your ship and Lucretia's Base would be more personal an experience than landing the ship on a planet, although that's pretty cool too.
-I like the idea of improving on the base game, obviously, but I didn't want to rouse the kind of complaints that the System Shock remake has been getting. Long-time fans of that series have complained that the developers aren't being faithful to what made the original game have its own style, implementing new gameplay features and removing others. I doubt that'll be too much of an issue for me, but I want to tread carefully.
-Just so you know, you do get wingmen in some missions in the regular game. :P But yes, I was planning to have the ability to build up and command a small fleet and give them orders. :cheer:
-Finally, ze backgrounds. I was originally planning to use the Space Engine "export skybox" feature, but if you can make backgrounds that look better and/or are more fitting to the I-War universe, I'll take those.

I just want to make a mention that the version of Unity I'm using right now is 5.3.4f1. 5.4 came out yesterday, but I'm not upgrading as it has no features or bugfixes that I need, and upgrading can break existing projects, of which I have many. So if you install Unity to help out, you might want to use the same version as I to ensure compatibility.

Anyone else want to chime in and offer opinions? (Probably they have to make their monthly login or whatever. :lol: )


I-War 2 Discord:
Very little about the game is not known to me. Any questions you got, throw them at me. :)

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5 years 9 months ago #20281 by 7upMan
My only comment is that I wish you the spare time and sheer will to really pull this off. You also might want to consider Kickstarter if you have something to show and decide to follow a career as a game dev. I just helped fund the System Shock remake, and I know that we are both Limit Theory backers.

I wish you the best of luck!

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5 years 9 months ago #20282 by IronDuke
Thanks man. :cheer: I won't do a kickstarter, as this needs to be an entirely free project, since Atari owns a lot of rights regarding the name Independence War, and owns the game files and everything. But one day I might make use of Kickstarter for another project. Depends on how things go.
Also, I should mention that I did not back Limit Theory. Two reasons exist. Not enough money, and I didn't even hear of the project until 2014. So I'm only a backer in spirit. ;)


I-War 2 Discord:
Very little about the game is not known to me. Any questions you got, throw them at me. :)

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