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Originally posted by Stephen Robertson PS

Sorry, but we don't have the rights to the I-War series any more. That means no more I-War games. [:(]

In any case the bottom has dropped out of the space-sim market, and they no longer sell in large enough numbers for it to be worthwhile making them any more. [:(][V]

-- Steve
Stephen Robertson
I-War series co-designer.

To: Mr Stephen Robertson and all the Particle Systems team:
Thank you all very much for the hours of enjoyment you gave me (and are still giving me).

I didn't know that PS was no longer there... I am bawling my eyes out that it's gone! [:(] But now I know to watch out for Argonaut!

As a businessman I understand the rights issue. But a thought for you all - one day ATARI may get bored with owning everything and may want to sell rights again. Big companies like Atari also tend to be a bit silly and forget what they have (and how good it is). Could end up selling for a song! Buy it back!

Hopefully by then voice recognition algorithims will be polished - can you imagine a I-War - Multi screen - Space Sim with voice recognition from the Particle Systems... er... Argonaut team? [8D]:D 5 years should be about right?

Space Sims not popular NOW. No, now it's First Person Shooters - but the market is flooded. Something will give soon. The reason FPS so popular IMHO is because of the limitations of current controllers (keyboards and joysticks). That will change.

So, did you write a plot for I-War 3?
What happened?
What happened to Cal?
Did Jafs get rich and marry Lori?
I gotta know!!!


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I dont know the answer to your lasts questions, but I can assure you that space sims arent dead.
just look at the sales of x2

anyway, we just need one super space sim with reaL PLAYERs skip the crappy ai

nothing stands up to human players, they just give spac sims that kick

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19 years 2 months ago #9311 by Stephen Robertson PS
We did have preliminary plans for an I-War 2.5 - The Edge Of Chaos engine with the same basic background structure but featuring a new plot and missions using the same characters. It'd have been a completely separate release, with a relatively short development time. We'd also have included things I'd personally have liked to have in I-War 2, e.g. a better saving system.

Unfortunately disappointing sales of I-War 2 put paid to that project. [:(]

James Moore (I-War 2 co-designer) and I had many interesting discussions about the plot for a possible sequel, but I won't disclose them just in case I use any of the ideas in the future.

-- Steve
Stephen Robertson
I-War series co-designer.

-- Steve
Stephen Robertson
I-War series co-designer.

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Mr Stephen Robertson,

Thanks for your reply. As a die hard fan of the series your answer is actually really incouraging. I think PS said somewhere that the original I-War was a "labour of love"?
O.K. so you don't own the rights - but it is clearly still on your mind...[:]

There is hope.:DAlthough we will have to wait.

On sales: I contacted 'Soupdragon' at the time... less than twelve months after release there was not a single copy to be had in Australia. A shame considering a number of magazines were promoting it in the "top 100 games of all time" at that point. I do know why - pity.

Now, I'm not usually given to fan fiction, but what the hell:

I-War 3? (by Sub-Atomic Systems?

…When the combat grid comes up in my Logitech Ware-Able ™ glasses I know I’m about to get busy…
I lift my hand and ‘wipe’ the screen to my left. The image of the engineering status clears as if a windscreen wiper has passed across it. I point at the screen and make a trigger action with my thumb – once… twice… Top Turret View. These Logitech Hand-Ware ™ Gloves are fantastic!

Blips begin to appear on the grid – they are vectoring in on our fleet – and accelerating

“They see us. Attack. Repeat, Attack.�
I have detailed and set out the plan already – this will be a walkover.

There is a hum as the “CNV 3005 Guderian� accelerates; my earphones are suddenly alive with chatter…

“yyyEEEEEEHHHaaaaaa� tears past my left ear in beautiful stereo sound – instinctively my eyes move to follow the sound and the screens show Lori’s T-Fighter squadron accelerating past me.
“Lori! Cut the chatter!� I bark.
“Affirmative Commander…� she responds in that sultry tone she has begun to use [:I]

I blink down hard and the right lens of my glasses displays a contact list – the “yellow unknowns� start turning to “MAAS reds�. There are way too many of them. AMBUSH!!!!

The screens flash and my glasses pixelate for an instant, my Engineer and Tac Officer start screaming simultaneously…
“New Contacts! Five… no six – repeat six - Redeemer Class Interceptors dead ahead! They were behind the station!�
“Shields at 50%!�
“Thirty percent power from engines to shields… Gold squadron! Break by twos… take out those interceptors!�
I watch Lori’s squadron split into pairs and peel away to the right - accelerating toward the Redeemers.
“Affirmative! What about the Gunstars?�
“I’ll take the Gunstars…Helm! New heading - target gunstars – flank speed�
The main screen image tilts and stars roll past like a snowstorm…
I raise my hands and make the ‘pistols’ then make little concentric circles and a quick stabbing motion. Port and starboard turret guns target and fire on the nearest gunstar.
My hands never stop – with a wipe I can clear a screen, with a little flick of my finger I can toggle displays, my fingers are twitching as I ready, target and launch missiles on multiple contacts. I’m blinking to monitor still more with my glasses…With a quick ‘grab and place’ the corvette flotilla is reassigned. I reach above my head and motion as if I were turning a dial – damage control crews are reassigned to shield and power systems… To any observer I would look like an insane conductor. The tempo of the in game music changes to match my frantic pace…

“You know…� says a slightly tinny metallic voice from somewhere close by “in the old days…�
“Well, I once flew with a commander who used an Anti-matter pod…�
“Jafs! Get here now!�
“I ain’t going in there…�
“JAFS! Accelerate right at the centre gunstar and dump your cargo – then get the hell out of there!�
“But…but… this stuff is valuable…�
“JAFS! Just DO IT!�

A handsome calm voice cuts through the noise: “I’m starting my run now…�

“Affirmative Cal, I’ve got you covered�

As Cal’s ship makes its attack I think to myself: This isn’t bad – for a mod…

See you in five years or so…[:]

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