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Originally posted by tak

Thanks jasper for answering; and by the way thanks much for the tool and the tutorial you wrote :)

I just found out that it might well be a lightwave 5.6 installation problem . Sorry for that.
(missing the import/export plugins vsformat.p and trans3d.p - i'll gladly accept any help to get those.. email at clacos at gmail dot com).

As a last try before posting the md5s, i tried to open the setup.lws with cinema4d, and it opened fine !!!, except that the textures were not applied to the models (but cinema4d created one material per iff texture).
And as cambragol managed to succesfully convert the storm petrel, i'm guess my problem lies in ligthwave...

md5 in case they're useful anyway

1_StormPetrel_Canopy_T.PSO           1.36kb        e4e5088de7bdc8fb5a05eff663f806e3
1_StormPetrel_CP_T.PSO                  28.4kb       c46b635bf4fe9820d937739e9293eb5a 
1_StormPetrel_NoCP_T.PSO              22.3kb        1b30feb9e6d0e03ee54c5bd8e51e1566   
2_StormPetrel_T.PSO                        9.88kb        6e8153a3124a69faa85871345d71e62f
Adult_Cal_JB_T.PSO                         23.7kb      4408e2d8ca3725951e7cf17fe5a6ca46
CallSeated_rough_T.PSO                     22.8kb                  bb6d61fb606b946cacb91bb45bcb9ae3
Chair_RTO_T.PSO                               15.8kb       dddc3ecddc7b2435f15ae39a7d9dd5ef
NewYoungCalJB_T.PSO                         25.9kb        e0f5b493deb239c4461c3c7602006552
StormPetrel_Canopy_T.PSO                   1.36kb                    de991147949001db26a182cbefe348e5
StormPetrel_CP_T.PSO                          22.7kb      951b9babd3f86ef33de22b89f020f58b
StormPetrel_NoCP_T.PSO                      46.6kb       fefabbf7dac42db559f7e90952edbf90

Those are the same md5's as i've got, so we've got the same files.

The 'bad uv' message is because the u,v values should be between 0.0 and 1.0 - some of them are less that 0.0 or greater than 1.0.

they arn't really bad, i'm just not sure how to interpret them.

I guess this means the texture should be reflected, but some of the u.v vaues are above 2.0 and below, -1.0 not quite sure whats happening there.

I did find a couple of bugs tho.

firstly i wasn't inverting the v co-ord properly, and secondly the --texfileext thing assumed all the texture file names ended with .lbm
(it was case sensitive).

I've fixed those 2, and pso-info now has a --baduv arg, which just prints the filename if it has 'bad' uv's, and --baduvvebose which dumps a bunch of info about the 'bad' uv's.

new version in the usual place.

If there is hope it lies with the demo scene.
PSO and FTEX tools:

If there is hope it lies with the demo scene.
PSO and FTEX tools:

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16 years 9 months ago #15732 by tak
Replied by tak on topic fun with .pso
thanks, jasper. I'll try a fresh start with the new version.

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