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Manual Countermeas Manual Countermeasures HOT

This mod allows you to fire countermeasures manually by pressing a key or joystick button.

By default the countermeasure launch key is set to Page Down, but this can be changed by editing the [ScriptKeys.PreviousPlayerShip] binding in your control config.

The manual launch function uses the first available countermeasure magazine with ammunition.

As the magazines can be in any order, it makes sense to ensure that all your countermeasure magazines are loaded with the same countermeasures. Otherwise you will not know which countermeasure will fire.

The computer will still automatically launch countermeasures if needed.

Important Notes:
The binding for [ScriptKeys.PreviousPlayerShip] must be present in your current control config for this mod to work.
NB. The reason for using that particular binding is that it is not used by a function in-game, and I needed an unused keybinding that was already present in the default control configs.

If you turn this mod on / off after playing a game session, you will need to quit back to the desktop and restart the game to register the change.

Source Code
For those users who are interested in how this mod works, I've included the source code - programmed using the game's POG scripting language - in the source folder of the mod zip file.

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