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These are fanmade renders of the Command Section, by Daedalus29. Resolution is 1920x1080

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Das deutsche Handbuch für Independence War II: Edge of Chaos im PDF-Format.

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Independence War II: Edge of Chaos - Trailer in .mov format.

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Another Edge of Chaos-Trailer, this is packed into an .exe (Bink Player) and starts automatically.

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6 screensavers for Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos.

Just double-click on the .exe files and choose them from within Windows.

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Hoffer s-Wake_modfied_006

Beautiful mapshots from the I-War 2 star system.

These maps were created by Bryan Ray:

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A bunch of high-resolution renders and images from the development process of the game.

These have been posted by Stephen Robertson on the Atari forums and also on his Photobucket.

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This archive contains the full soundtrack of the game including unused tracks and variations, a different version of the Badlands Theme, samples from Christopher Mann and the I-War 2 action theme used in the trailers.

Click on the title to see more details.

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These are some cursors Chessking made using RealWorld Cursor Editor. One is almost identical to the one you see when you mouse over the horizontal navigation buttons.

All of them are .cur files and can be used in Windows as default cursors.

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Forgetting the controls all the time? Get this card, print it out and put it where your eyes can see it (preferably your screen).

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Forgetting the controls all the time? Get this card, print it out and put it where your eyes can see it (preferably your screen).

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A Slideshow done by Dreadnaught with some promo material from the game.

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These are the wallpapers from the original I-War 2 website.

They are available in 1024x768 and 800x600

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This ZIP file contains 59 images - hand-drawn concept art, (somewhat) high-res renders of stills from the various ingame movies and renders of the characters from the game. All of these were taken from Andy Turners website - one of the artists and animators of Particle Systems.

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The English version of the manual for I-War 2 in PDF format.

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This is a backup copy of Momaw's Gallery. It contains renders for a two-seated version of the Storm Petrel and provides an overview about how the ship could work in a real universe.

Open up the file gallery/spetrel.htm to see it.

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This kit was done by Infogrames to help you create your own non-commercial fansites for I-War.

You have to accept the terms and conditions included before using it!

It contains sound files, fonts, wallpapers, character bios and other renders of various UI elements.

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