This document contains the in-mission dialogue texts found in Independence
War's \psg\resource\text\Mission?? directories. It is meant to provide
a quick reference to the content of the wav files in the \psg\resource\audio
for those savvy enough to try and recycle the existing dialogue for their
own missions. The first item in each group shows the sound file(s) that the
textual dialogue represents. All rights belong to Particle Systems and
Infogrames, as all I've done here is chunked all the little files together
into something easier to peruse.

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< F=Flatbed >
( F: This is Seymour Hayes on the Commercial tugship CC0248 to Command Section 32098. I have halted the ship pending confirmation of our orders. We should be on our way in just a few moments. We should be at the drop-off way-point in about 5 minutes. )

< F=Flatbed >
( F:This is Hayes - we have arrived at the drop off zone. The debris field is dead ahead. We will hold position here till you come back. Thats IF you come back! Over. )

< F=Flatbed >
( F:Happy garbage hunting guys. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We are entering the Debris field now. Logging many debris items. )

< D=Dubois >
( D:That corvette looks promising.... )

< H=Haas >
( H:Docking complete - We have a green light on the cables - on the airlock and the pass-throughs. )

< P=Player >
( P:Looks like we have ourselves a starship. Byrne, what state is she in? )

< B=Byrne >
( B:Considering she’s been 5 years in the freezer - not bad.... The accommodation units are missing - and the main tank is holed - but the reserve is still OK. )

< H=Haas >
( H:This is Haas, we need to un-dock the ship from the flat-bed. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:This is Dubois, Sir, the command-section is not equipped with any weapons, so the fire control systems will not work. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We need to make a rendezvous with the flat-bed tug to fulfil the mission objectives. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:She looks in pretty good shape. Fuel tank is breached - but otherwise she looks OK. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Are we just going to look at it or are we going to dock with it? )

< H=Haas >
( H:The hulk is rotating way too fast to dock with - we need to stop the rotation. )

< D=Dubois >
( D:Sir, We are reading activity from the hunter-seeker mines. )

< H=Hayes >
( H:That is the saddest looking piece of junk I have ever seen. Hayes over and out. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:I suggest we try remote log-on. Make the Dreadnaught your NAVTARGET, then press REM on the command console. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:I’m pulling in the status page right now. Hmmm... Not bad - Not bad - Main power system looks intact. Engines are in one piece - although they’ll need work. The collider targets are shot and there’s no AntiMatter reserve. )

< D=Dubois >
( D:Sir, I am getting a signal from within the ship....
P:What kind of signal?
D:It's coming across on the crew intercom video-link... Here, I'll patch you in- )

< C=Clay >
( C:Would you dig up my grave?
P: I beg your pardon?
C: I said, Would you dig up my grave?
P: Of course not.
C: So I gather you don’t approve of being disrespectful of the dead.
P: No... Why?
C: Because of this. Me. Being here now. Being here dead. That’s why. I was killed. ~I am dead. ~~But would they let me rest in peace? ~~Would they? Oh no! ~~They would not let me be... ~~Some sonofabitch recovered the hulk of the Dreadnaught and pulled out this sorry digital facsimile of my mind. ~~~An unholy capture of my last thoughts taken without consent during my final glorious medal-winning battle.... ~~~~And then they drag me kicking and screaming back into service. ~I’ll tell you, this is one odd navy boy. You don’t get time off even for being dead.
P: Listen - if it helps at all, I didn’t ask for some kind of digital command assistant.
C: Digital Assistant! Digital Assistant! That’s me. ~Get your untrained crew out there into darkest space. ~And if they drift into a bit of trouble~ - wander off the edge of their ~limited simulator academy safe territory into trouble ~~~then the crew can drop their milk and cookies press a few buttons and the captain-O-matic pops out the answer. Well I don’t think so.
P: So you're not going to help?
C: Did I say that? ~~No. ~~Only I am gonna play it like a computer~ - Stupid Dumb-ass questions in - stupid smart ass sarcastic remarks out. ~~Now, if you ever manage to ask me a question which doesn’t insult my experience and intelligence, I daresay I’ll force a civil answer out of myself.

< H=Hayes >
( H:I don't want to worry you guys, but those mines are coming active and targeting on you, I'd get out of there in a hurry. )

< P=Player >
( P:Ok. We have ourselves a ship. I’d say we have fulfilled our mission objectives. )

< E=EarthSTC >
( S:This is Saltlake-Navy base Space Traffic Control - To CNV301 Dreadnaught. We have you guys docked on Pier 5. Dreadnaught, you are cleared for departure. )

< T=Tripoli >
( T:This is the Tripoli, calling the Dreadnaught. Dreadnaught, meet you at the rendezvous waypoint. )

< T=Tripoli >
( T:Dreadnaught, this is the Tripoli. Glad you could make it. We have orders to do the usual routine patrol bit. You’ll be my wing-man so I expect you to stay close and don’t do anything heroic without my say so.... I am getting a distress beacon, s’worth checking out - follow me! )

< T=Tripoli >
( T:We are going into LDS - stay close. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We are losing them - we should use LDS. )

< E=Emeric >
( E: )

< T=Tripoli >
( T:Dreadnaught, the transport is in a bad state - external comms are down. I suggest you dock with the ship. )

< E=Emeric >
( E:...Message Repeats - Mayday !- this is the Emeric Pressburger - we have been attacked by unidentified ships - near the Environmental Control Drone 3. We are facing a serious reactor problem - please furnish assistance..... )

< P=Player >
( P:This is the Commonwealth Navy vessel- Dreadnaught. We have docked with your ship - please evacuate all personnel.. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:Sir all 5 crew are aboard... And the transport looks ready to blow! )

< T=Tripoli >
( T:We are going to check out the EC drone. Follow me. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Approaching Environmental Control Drone 3. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Hey they shouldn’t be there! Looks like Two Indie ships. Hey, they're firing! )

< D=DuBois >
( D:The Tripoli is down!.... One bogey moving to attack. Second bogey - making a run for it! )

< C=Clay >
( C:Lets engage this guy here... If we are quick enough we can catch the other bogey before he makes it to the Lagrange point. )

< D=Dubois >
( D:That’s one bogey down! )

< D=Dubois >
( D:Cool. )

< T=Tripoli >
( T:Err.. I think you are supposed to be my wingman - not my distant traveling companion. Keep it tight will you. )

< T=Tripoli >
( T:This is Abrahams on the Tripoli. What in hell is holding you up? Over. )

< G=Gudenov >
( G:This is Admiral Gudenov to Dreadnaught. We have been monitoring your situation. I am sorry to report to you that Captain Abrahams has been confirmed dead. Please stand down and return to Saltlake base. )

< K=Kato >
( K:Dreadnaught, this is Agent Holcombe of the DoR. I'm in charge of this mission, and we'll play it my way. I'm sending out four pairs of corvettes to scout the local transport routes.
K:You're with me Dreadnaught. We'll investigate the Ore Processor in the Barnards System.

< S=Sicily >
( S:This is the Corvette- Sicily, We're about to leave for the Barnard's system - we'll investigate the mining colony. See you on the farside. Good Luck. Sicily out.)

< M=Kato >
( M:This is Holcome. All right Dreadnaught - let's move. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We are approaching the Ore Processor now. )

< M=Kato D=DuBois >
M:This is the Kato. We'll dock with the base. I've found that interrogations go so much more - effectively - when conducted in person. Stay close and keep your eyes peeled.

< H=Kato >
(H:This is Holcome. Good news! It seems that a freighter- the Frisian Tapestry is to arrive very soon. It's well known for losing its cargo regularly.
H:My theory is that if we lie in wait, we'll see what's going on. To be inconspicuous, I recommend you dock with the station. The station crew won't give us away - I've made them very aware that space is full of vacuum, and we're a long way from civilization. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:I've got the Frisian Tapestry on the scope now, sir. I guess we just sit back and watch. )

< S=Clay >
( S:Oh, I see what they're doing. They've rigged up some cargo pods with thruster packs. They're using them to swap containers full of refined ore with empty pods. Very clever. Ship gets back to earth with an empty container and the pod with the processed ore is probably hidden somewhere out in the asteroid belt. )

< M=Kato F=Frisian >
( M:This is Agent Holcome of the Department of Resources to the Freighter - Frisian Tapestry. I am arresting your ship until you answer some questions. If you do I'll even consider letting you return home alive.
F:Forget about it. Your buddies didn't scare us, you don't scare us. )

< M=Kato >
( M:Dreadnaught - we need to get some information out of these people. I think we should appear intimidating! Let's frighten them a little huh? )

< F=Frisian M=Kato >
( F:Ok! Enough!
H:Very well, now.. where do you keep the Neutronium?
F:We take the liberated ore back to the mining base. We..er.. the Indies take it on from there. We get a good enough price. )

< M=Kato H=Haas >
( M:Dreadnaught, we have what we need. Lay in a course for the Mining base!
H:Navtarget set for the mining base, captain. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:It's deserted... No, wait - there's a damaged ship - it's one of ours! )

< V=Sicily >
V:Dreadnaught, this is second Engineer Carlos - acting captain. They laid a trap for us - they got all the others -
P:The others?
V:Yeah. Six of our ships. After that, the Indies split into two groups - One is taking the captured Navy vessels, the other is shifting the Neutronium supplies. We managed to put tracking beacons on both groups - we can transmit you the way-points.

< B=DuBois M=Kato >
B:Sicily looks in bad shape. I think she's gonna blow!
M:Stand by, Dreadnaught - we're going to dock with the Sicily. My team is better trained to assist a speedy evacuation than yours. )

< C=Sicily >
( C:Wait! back off! She's gonna - )

< H=Haas D=DuBois >
( D:He - I - They're gone, sir. There're no survivors.
H:Sir, I'm picking up the tracking beacons. )

< D=DuBois S=Clay >
( D:I've spotted our ships, sir - they're showing up as neutrals. They seem to have something attached to their upper decks...
S:That would make sense. It's an old trick - the Indies are using temporary bridges to re-route the navigation computers. The crew are locked out. Let's say we liberate them. )

< D=Dubois >
( D:Yeah, that did it. He's on our side again. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Another of our ships is up and running. )

< S=Hass >
S:We are approaching the Indie ships carrying the ore - Looks like the Neutronium is still in the cargo pods. Our best bet to retrieve it is to destroy the tug ships that the containers are docked to.

< D=DuBois >
( D:That's the last of them. I'd say we've met all our mission objectives. )

< S=Saltlake >
( S:This is Saltlake S.T.C. - To Dreadnaught. You have been granted permission for launch. )

< B=Brazen >
( B:This is the Cruiser - Brazen calling Dreadnaught CNV 301. Please approach. )

< B=Brazen >
( B:Dreadnaught - Proceed with docking on the upper hatch. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, Admiral Brett is coming aboard. )

< B=Brett >
( B:At ease everyone. Captain, stand by to receive a new briefing document. )

< B=Brett >
( B:All ships - Your attention. The first test will start as soon as we reach the Observation Point. )

< B=Brett >
( B:OK, take us to the observing position - Waypoint 1. )

< B=Brett >
( B:This is the observation point. Brett to range-master - Commence the target run! )

< O=Purple1 >
( O:This is fighter purple 1 - Beginning target run now. )

< B=Brett >
( B:Captain, I’d like you to now engage in mock-combat with the fighters. We’ll be using cannon only. Your engineer will re-program your cannon to low intensity. We don’t want anyone to get hurt... We will log hits on the Dreadnaught versus hits on the fighters. )

< O=Purple1 >
( O:This is purple 1 - Ok Dreadnaught I’m comin for ya. )

< B=Brett >
( B:Ok, time’s up - that's the end of the exercise - all ships stand down. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Hey - they killed us! )

< O=Purple1 >
( O:That’s me dead. I’m returning to the bay. )

< O=Purple2 >
( O:This is Purple 2. You killed us Dreadnaught - returning to the launch bay. )

< B=Brett >
( B:Exercise over! The Dreadnaught won this one. )

< B=Brett >
( B:Exercise complete - the fighters won. )

< D=Dubois >
( D:Sir, Picking up a new thermal trace. Not a Commonwealth ship - Must be an Indie spyship gone cold. Its powering up and moving away. )

< B=Brett >
( B:This is Brett. I want that ship intercepted now. Kestrel One and Two - Intercept. Dreadnaught, you hold position here. )

< K=Kestrel >
( K:Kestrel to Brett - Sir, target destroyed. Sir, I think you should know, there were no signs of weapons or crew on her. )

< D=Dubois >
( D:Sir, I am picking up another new thermal trace - near the launch-bay this time. Looks like a Corvette. I think she's heading for the jump-point. )

< B=Brett >
( B:The first ship was a decoy! Let's move to intercept the corvette! )

< B=Brett >
( B:Well done, Captain. Let's hope they didn't make any FTL transmissions. We'll terminate the tests and return to base. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:She’s jumped! )

< B=Brett >
( B:They got a good look at our fighters too. Let's hope the Indies can’t form a defense against them. )

< E=EarthSTC >
( E:This is Saltlake STC - Dreadnaught you are cleared to depart. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We are at the Pluto/Charon L-point..... I have locked in a way-point at the location of the relay. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We are approaching the way-point where the relay is - or rather should be. There’s no sign of it on the scopes. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:I am getting a very faint trace... I think it's a ship but its too distant to ID. I wonder what this guy is doing out here? )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Ah, there we are... We have ourselves some Indie ships - near our missing relay. That’s odd one looks dead in the water. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:I am looking at the array. It’s not working - but there are no visible signs of damage...Could be just a CPU crash... If it needs rebooting we could do that.
P:[B] How?
B:We might be able to fix it with the mini-service drone. You would need to send the drone in to access the maintenance panel. It’s on the end of the central spire structure. But there’s no way that an auto-pilot will get it in there. You’ll have to manually fly it in to dock. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:Mini service-drone launched. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:MSD launched - try not to damage this one...OK? )

< B=Byrne >
( B:Touchdown! Accessing remote interface...Rebooting now.... Well done captain. Looks like the comms relay is back on line. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Captain. I’m getting a heat build up inside the array. It doesn’t make sense.....What the hell is that!?!? )

< B=Byrne >
( B:The computers are going crazy. They seem to be dumping out data at an amazing rate. The optical network won’t be able to deal with this. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:We’ve got total systems failure. If I am right, every CPU chip onboard has crashed. Even the Drinks-Machine is off-line! )

< P=Player >
( P:Looks like we completed this mission. )

< S=SaltlakeSTC >
( S:STC - to Dreadnaught - You have permission to undock. Over. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Capsule jump destination for Midway - laid in. )

< B=Bostonian >
( B:This is the Cruiser - Bostonian calling the unidentified corvette. Please state your Registry Number - Name, Destination and Cargo

< P=Player >
( P:Bostonian - This is CNV three zero one; Dreadnaught. - We are set to rendezvous with the Vostok... as for cargo.. we are carrying Brass. )

< B=Bostonian >
( B:Dreadnaught - your codes check-out. Have a nice day. )

< B=Brett >
( B:The Vostok is the cruiser over there - a little way back from the main Line - she’s a beauty, eh? )

< B=Brett >
( B:The Vostok is dead ahead. )

< V=Vostok >
( V:This is the Cruiser - Vostok - Dreadnaught we are tracking you. You have permission to dock. Over. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Admiral Brett has left the ship. Lets go find the Capetown. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We have the Capetown on scopes. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir! Something’s coming through the point! )

< B=Bostonian >
( B:This is the Bostonian. All vessels alert! Hostile intruder detected! )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, Its an Indie tug... Puffin class... She’s transmitting co-ordinates by FTL - Sir, the co-ordinates... they are the locations of the cruisers! )

< C=Clay >
( C:I have a feeling I know what is going to happen. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Sir, we are detecting activity at the Lagrange point... looks like three large contacts. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir - Three large metal fragments dropped out of capsule space... one collided with the Bostonian and the other with Abraham Lincoln. The third has gone wide... It missed the Vostok and is heading toward the planet. )

< B=Brett >
( B:Admiral Brett to all ships - Attack! Don't let so much as one of them escape. )

< L=Lomax >
( L:This is Admiral Lomax to Dreadnaught - Well done, you may stand down! )

< H=Haas >
( H:We are approaching the location of the cache now. )

< B=DuBois >
( B:This isn't going to be as easy as it looked. The pirates have planted remote guns to defend their cache. I'd advise against shooting the guns, it would probably set-off an alarm. The guns are pretty weak - if we can keep our distance they'll probably not lock onto us. )

< H=Haas >
( H: Captain, I've got a distress signal from the outer edge of the asteroid belt. This is a civilian area - we're obliged to follow it.

< D=DuBois >
( D:This is the source of the transmission. Um - there's a lot of them, and they don't look very damaged to me. )

< M=Morgan >
( M:This is Morgan Blackheart here. Perhaps you've heard of me? I'm fully renowned for boarding ships and spacing those who resist me. Perhaps you'd care to power down and prepare to be looted. )

< M=Morgan >
( M:Have it your own way, uniform. )

< M=Morgan B=DuBois >
M:I may have neglected to mention... the last navy ship I intercepted was carrying a military EM Pulse weapon. Do you like them?
B:Sir, the pulse has taken-down every system - We've lost all ability to control the ship... comms are scrambled - we can't do anything until the pulse effect wears off. )

< H=Haas >
H:They've docked, sir. I can only assume they are coming aboard.
P:Seal off the bridge. We're not going down without a fight.
H:That should be possible... I've locked the bridge airlock from our side.

< M=Morgan >
( M:Clever, captain, clever. But you've deserted your crew. Now I'm going to throw out one of your skilled mechanics every twenty seconds until you comply with our demands.
P:You'll get no assistance from me.
M:Our demands are simple, captain. Either give us the ship, or something equally valuable. I'll throw out four men to show you I'm serious, and then you can think about it.

< D=DuBois >
( D:Hell. That's Ensign Harris. What a way to go. )

< C=Clay >
( C:Well, you're in trouble now!.. )

< B=DuBois C=Clay >
P:[C]You have skirmish medals Clay - you must have been boarded sometime. Aren't you worried?
C:Hey man, I'm dead already.... Perhaps they might throw my CPU out the airlock.
P:Thanks a bunch.
C:I'd just be another bit of metal. Maybe I'd float near that treasure hoard. Maybe the mine's 'd blow me up - maybe they'd blow ANYONE up...
B:He's right, sir - if we could lure the fleet back to the hoard, the mines might take at least some of them out.

< M=Morgan H=Haas C=Clay >
H:Morgan has patched into the internal comms. He seems to be trying to reach you.
M:Ready to give in, Captain?
P:We need more time.
M:You don't have it. I'm going to run out of hostages soon. What do you say?
(P:[M+]{No surrender}Never! This is a Commonwealth Navy Vessel - This is your last chance to surrender your vessels.
M:A tragic waste of young life. So sad. =0)
(P:[M+]{Trade}Ok Morgan I am ready to deal.
M:You have my attention now, captain. You can't be as stupid as I thought. What do you offer?
P:We inspected a concealed cache of Neutronium shipments on the way here... They wouldn't be yours would they?
M:No... I have a rival in the area.. Very well. Lead me there and I might well let you go.=1 )

< M=Morgan >
( M:Oops, there goes another one. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We have control restored. He has released our ship. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Nearing the Cache... presumably Morgan can detect the containers by now. )

< M=Morgan >
( M:You're a man of your word, Dreadnaught captain. A rare thing in these times. )

< M=Morgan >
( M:Okay boys, one ship per cargo pod. Let's round up that loot. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:I'm picking up another group of ships approaching. I guess this is the rival gang - they must have been alerted by the remote guns. )

< C=Clay >
( C:The rival gang? A bunch of damaged pirate ships and us? A three way fight! This should be entertaining. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:All pirate vessels destroyed. I'd say we are finished here. )

< E=Engineers >
( E:This is the Engineering Tug SUEZ calling the Dreadnaught. Welcome to the Ross gateway. And say hello to my boys... The last of the Gunstars arrived only a few hours ago. All the 'stars been placed in position and are fully set-up. The only thing required now is for me to fit the arming key to them all. It should only take a few minutes. Suez out.

< E=Engineers >
( E:This is the SUEZ - I am arming the first of the gunstars now. This baby can tear a ship in half...don't worry it won't fire on a Commonwealth ship - unless you're standing in front of a bad guy that is...
Suez out. )

< E=Engineers >
( E:This is the Suez. We're moving on to the second Gunstar. )

< E=Engineers >
( E: This is the Suez, we're staying put until you can make things safer for us! )

< E=Engineers >
( E:Second Gunstar Online! )

< E=Engineers >
( E:We're moving on to the third platform. )

< E=Engineers >
( E:That's three online. One more to go. )

< E=Engineers >
( E:Dreadnaught, all gunstars have been armed and are now online. Thanks for your assistance. If you don't mind, we're gettin' the heck out of here. Suez out. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Tug coming through the point....Indie Markings! )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Two new contacts! Indie Patcoms. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Multiple Hostiles!! )

< C=Clay >
( P:Any suggestions Clay?
C:Sure, your priority should be protecting those engineers. The best way to do that is to take out the bad guys as quickly as possible.
P:How do we do that?
C:Come at them from the one direction they don't expect! )

< C=Clay >
( C:Those Engineers are taking hits...You need to defend them now! )

< G=Glory >
( G:This is the commonwealth vessel Glory calling the Dreadnaught... You boys ‘seen a little action eh? You can stand down now. The professionals have arrived. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Entering the first ambush site now - Barnard’s Star System. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Nothing on scopes - Not even any traffic. I’d suggest we move on to the next system. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Entering the NDS system. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Well, we have the local STC station and .... what looks like a ship in trouble. It's emitting a distress signal, sir )

< H=Haas >
( H:Entering the Sigma Draconis System. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:This place is empty. No sign of any vessels. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Calling Transport vessel Highlighter - This is the Naval vessel Dreadnaught - are you reading me? ..... Sir we are getting no response - Suggest we dock and have a closer look. )

< B=DuBois >
( B:There's no one alive, captain. Looks like decompression. The ships log records a recent jump from Barnard’s. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Just picked up a brief FTL transmission - very strong. It's an exclamation mark. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:I'm reading two Indie ships... coming in from the L-Point! )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, Do you want me to signal for assistance now?
( P:{Yes} Yes
D:OK, I'm calling for the backup squadron now =1 )
( P:{No} No, I'm sure we can handle this.
D:I'm not convinced =0 )

< S=Sanders >
( S:This is Captain Sanders of the Independent vessel Hair Bear. We demand the immediate surrender of your ship.
P:Hair Bear - This is Dreadnaught - It's easy to talk tough when you have us outnumbered. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:We're in trouble here, Captain. The ring’s main power grid has blown out all of its superconductors. It's going to be at least 6 minutes before we can get main power. )

< H=Haas >
( H:The Indie ship is docking with us - top hatch )

< B=Byrne >
( B:Someone's cutting key systems on the main deck. They know just where to hurt us... We have just lost outgoing radio comms. )

< H=Haas >
( H:She's powering up her drive.... She appears to be towing us to the STC station. )

< C=Clay >
( C:Will you look at that base. Its full of Indie ships.... A nicely aimed missile would do a whole heap of damage. )

< C=Clay >
( C:If we are going to have to go down - make sure you know what we have to fight with.... All these ships have a small anti-matter reserve in case the ring fails. Only a couple of grams or so. We can eject it out of the top of the reactor. Not a good weapon, but enough to make a mess of that station. )

< B=Blue1 >
( B:Blue one to Dreadnaught - Well done, Captain. Stand down and prepare for docking, we'll have a tug here within the hour. )

< S=Saltlake >
( S:This is Saltlake Base - proceed to rendezvous as per your orders.

< D=Dubois S=Byrne >
( D:Wow, just look at her. How many crew does she take?
S:Only 50 crew but she can carry up to 500 troops back in tourist class.

< L=Omaha >
( L:Good Afternoon Lieutenant. I see you will be acting as my wingman for this exercise. I hope that you are able to keep up with me.

< C=Clay >
( C:Hey, stick close to that LST - I see trouble ahead!

< O=Omaha >
( O:Stay tight - we are going in.

< D=Dubois >
( D:Sir, Picking up two orange-force vessels - moving to intercept us.

< D=Dubois >
( D:Here come the opposition!

< L=Omaha >
( L:Preparing for orbital insertion.

< L=Omaha >
( L:We are preparing for descent - We’ll see you again on the spaceward leg.

< S=Byrne >
( S:Its having to retract its Displacement Arrays it's vulnerable - Let’s hope no-one tries to attack.

< L=Omaha >
( L:This is Graaf on the Omaha - we are getting some dust in the intakes. Climbing is a bit more difficult than in the sim. Preparing to shift to space configuration.

< L=Omaha >
( L:Hit Hit Hit! This is the Omaha - we are dead. Repeat - we are dead.

< S=Byrne >
( S:Like I said - the ship is wide open in atmospheric mode. Orange team must have figured that out too. Lets hope the Indies don't get to hear about this.

< D=Dubois >
( D:Sir, Picking up four unidentified thermals. Looks like our exercise might have been watched.

< P=Player >
( P:That looks like IT. Lets go home. )

< H=Haas >
( H:I am tracking more than one asteroid here - this isn’t going to be that easy. )

< H=Haas >
( H:The asteroid is splitting...that’s bad news ...We’ll have to destroy the individual fragments. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:That’s it - all the fragments are clear - Kinda suspicious that a bunch of rocks should all head for the same facility at the same time don’t you think? )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Indie ships detected, I guess they want to check out their own handy-work. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:All hostiles destroyed - lets go home. )

< B=Brazen >
( B:This is the Brazen - Calling the Dreadnaught - Please dock with hatch number 1. We have a VIP for you.. )

< B=Brazen >
( B:Dreadnaught - This is the Brazen - Admiral Peter Brett will be joining you shortly. )

< B=Brett >
( B:Gentlemen, Captain. Today we will witness the first active service test of the new fighter vessel. I have here a new set of orders for you, which you will no doubt want to read en-route. Your vessel will provide the capsule jump capability for this mission. Would you please un-dock and place the ship on-station near the Brazen’s main bay. )

< O=Purple1 >
( O:This is Fighter Purple1 to Dreadnaught - Please hold position Dreadnaught - we will be docking with you momentarily - Purple 1 out. )

< O=Purple1 >
( O:Docking complete - Clamps engaged. )

< O=Purple2 >
( O:Docking complete - Ready to go. )

< H=Haas >
( H:I have entered our destination into the Nav system. We are ready for jump. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:This is Dreadnaught to fighters - We’re coming up to the drop-off point. Report status.. )

< O=Purple1 >
( O:This is purple 1 - all the lights are green for go... )

< O=Purple1 >
( O:I am launching now... )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir - purple 2 is not responding - I’ll send somebody through the hatch to check. )

< C=Chief >
( C:Sir, This is Crew Chief Lennon, I’m in the fighter now - Our flyboy seems to have lost consciousness, probably when we jumped...I’ll bring him in, he’s not gonna be flying today. )

< C=Clay >
( C:so ... You have yourself a fighter and no fighter pilot. Its moments like this you gotta be thankful we have remote control. )

< O=Purple1 >
( O:This is purple1 where in hells my wingman? I’m getting minced here. )

< C=Clay >
( C:Y’know If you take out the turrets there’s less chance they’re gonna shoot you. )

< O=Purple1 >
( O:I’m hit I’m hit. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:The station is down! )

< O=Purple1 >
( O:Mayday mayday - I have no weapons or propulsion - I think they are trying to tow me! )

< C=Clay >
( C:You know the code. You can kill them....they can kill you, but you mustn’t let them take your ships! )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, The station is down! )

< D=DuBois >
( D:All mission objectives fulfilled... let’s go home. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Approaching escort fleet now. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:We are now in range of the President’s flagship - Excalibur. )

< E=Excalibur-Walther >
( E:This is the presidential vessel Excalibur. All ships - this should be a simple operation - a run around the block ... But it needs to go smoothly. We are touring the Navy Military Headquarters and following on with a visit to Mars space. We don’t expect any trouble but - if there are any problems or vessels showing a hostile intent - I want an immediate response.
E:If needs be, designated vessels should shield the president’s ship by placing themselves in the line of fire. We need a concerted and massive response to any hostile vessel. )

< A=Attrition >
( A:This is Gudenov aboard the Attrition. The president is taking a shuttle to the Base - all ships should hold position. )

< E=Excalibur-Walther >
( E:This is Captain Walther aboard the Excalibur. President King will now take the command shuttle to the station for a brief inspection. )

< E=Excalibur-Walther >
( E:Walther to all ships - the President has seen enough. We will now move to our Mars destination. )

< G=Gudenov >
( G:All ships - we are moving out. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:Willya look at the shields on that tug! There's no way they can sustain that power output. )

< G= Gudenov E=Excalibur-King >
( E:This is President King. I’m alive - there's no serious damage here. We've lost Walthers - but ... he was coming up for retirement.
G:Ok People. You heard the man - he's alive and well. Now intercept that Indie terrorist! )

< M=Machismo >
( M:Holy -------- doodle!! Its an ambush! )

< E=Excalibur-New Officer >
( E:This is the Excalibur, we're getting the president out of here. We'll fall back to the jump point, you cover us. )

< G=Gudenov >
( G:This is Gudenov calling the Dreadnaught. You have fulfilled all objectives. Stand down! )

< F=Fenton >
( F:I am captain Fenton - and because this is a scientific mission I'll be in charge. I hereby announce my authority over this vessel. The crew should note that command access authority has been changed.
F:I suspect that you and your crew are not entirely happy about this and so I will not be spending my time on the bridge - I have more than enough to do in the Set-Down unit.. Please just follow our requests and we’ll be out of your hair in no time. Now - please get us underway - we are heading for the Xi Bootes system- It’s a long run, but we have a great number of experiments to prepare. We need to pick up some supplies from the outpost in the adjacent system. )

< C=Clay >
( P:They are taking away my command for a scientific mission. Can they do that?
C:I am with you on this one. Taking away a man’s ship , it just isn’t right.
C:As long as things are going according to plan, this is a scientific mission. However if anything’s out of the ordinary and it becomes a military mission and you’re back in charge.

< H=Haas >
( H:I’m setting course for the outpost at FK2978 - We are picking up some more equipment from the outpost there.

< B=DuBois >
( B:Sir, I think I should point out that our ship has been significantly modified for this mission. The Port and Starboard Magazines now accommodate scientific probes and other instrumentation and we have a worryingly minimal missile complement. )

< N=N'Gobi >
( N:This is Outpost Commander N’Gobi - I am most pleased to see you, the pilots we requested should have arrived over 3 days ago.
P:I’m sorry? - This is the Navy vessel Dreadnaught, acting in support of the geological survey. We are here to pick up some equipment?
N:Oh.. I apologise - I assumed you were someone else ... I will make preparations for your equipment.

< N=N'Gobi >
( P:Were you expecting some Pilots?
N:Yes. We were hoping to step up our security and we were supplied two fighters. But we have no-one here who can fly them.
P:I am sorry. I'm afraid I can't help you. Why did you want to step up security?
N:We are currently detaining one Ian Menzies - an individual who might be responsible for some Independence - related attacks in the area.
P:Ahh I see, thank you.

< F=Fenton >
( F:This is Fenton - we have the equipment on board - we should proceed to the Xi Bootis system. )

< F=Fenton >
( F:This is Captain Fenton to the crew. OK everyone this is it. SCI teams get the sensors on line, I’m still looking at empty screens here. Bridge team - I want a good look at that planet.
F:Take us in close to the poles - I want a good look at the magnetic fields of my planet. You will find I've already logged suitable waypoints within your computer. )

< F=Fenton >
( F:This is your captain speaking - the last survey picked up some radical monopoles near a planetoid - I want to take a closer look. Bridge crew get us to this location - It's a planetoid about 10km long - I have entered the location of the planetoid - into the NAV system. )

< F=Fenton >
( F:Bridge crew - bring us to station keeping with the rock.
F:This is Fenton - we are going to take the Set-Down Shuttle onto the Planetoid - I want us ready for separation as soon as possible. )

< F=Fenton >
( F:This is Fenton - Ok we are ready with the set-down unit - Will you authorise the separation please.
P:Will Do.. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:Separating the science unit now..... )

< F=Fenton >
( F:Fenton to Dreadnaught - We are expecting the EVA to last about 2 hours - but we’ll need the Dreadnaught to stand-by for that time - Fenton Out. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir - Picking up two thermal traces - Ships coming in on LDS. )

< C=Clay >
( C:I’d say this has just become a military mission. Welcome back Captain. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:Sir we’ve lost weapons control. We’re in trouble. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:One of the ships is going after the set-down unit. )

< F=Fenton D=DuBois >
( F:This is Captain Fenton - what in hell’s name is happening. There is a large ship approaching just about......
D:We’ve lost contact with them sir... )

< T=ToHellWithTheConsequences >
( T:This is the Independent vessel - "To hell with the consequences 5" At the outpost station - FK2978 - they are holding a friend of ours, Captain Ian Menzies, Simply go there - return him to us - and we will release your science crew ...If you do not - then it would be bad..
T:You have exactly 15 minutes to comply with this request and return him to us.
T:Your ship is in no state to fight. Do not attempt to engage us. Do not attempt to contact the Commonwealth military forces - there are none in the area. Do not use FTL communications to summon help - we will know.
T:You have 1 minute to consider these terms - then I require a response. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:Weapons systems are off-line and are staying that way - I bet the mods the science crew made are to blame. )

< C=Clay >
( C:There were a number of times I have been seriously outgunned and yet I came out of it victorious. But in this case I would really be concerned about the outcome. You are seriously out-gunned.
C:Our hostages are only a bargaining chip here - I don’t think they are in any great risk. To tell you the truth I think YOU are more likely to kill Fenton than those Indies. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:The Indie ships are really slow and old - but they do have missiles and cannon which is more than we've got. I really think we should withdraw. )

< T=ToHellWithTheConsequences >
T:Dreadnaught - your time is up. Do you accept our terms - yes or no.
( P:[T+]{Yes} Very well. We accept your terms, we will return with your colleague. )
( P:[T+]{No} No, we will not accept your terms - Return our crew-mates unharmed or we will use all available methods to see their safe return.
T: Really Captain - you insult me - what do you plan to do? Use harsh language? Be gone - bring back our man. You have 15 minutes. Over and Out. )

< N=N'Gobi >
( P:Mister N’Gobi this is the Dreadnaught - we have an emergency situation and need your help.
N:How can I be of assistance Captain?
P:We need to take custody of the man called Ian Menzies who you are holding.

< H=Haas >
( H:Menzies is aboard. )

< H=ToHellwiththeConsequences >
( H:Good to see you, Dreadnaught. If you'd be so kind as to dock with us... we'll exchange the hostages. )

< T=ToHellWithTheConsequences >
( T:We have our man! We are releasing your set-down shuttle now. )

< F=Fenton >
( F:It's been a long day, Dreadnaught. We're coming in. )

< B=Brett >
( B:Dreadnaught, you should now have the location of the our watch-post. There are three Troop transporters moving to evacuate the base now. They'll be an easy target so they need protection. That task falls to you. I'm placing the starships Obsidian and L’Etoile under your command. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We have a waypoint of the observation base now. )

< S=Stealth >
( S:This is the observation base. Thank god you are here. We have 440 crew-members very pleased to see you. Over. )

< Q=MrBrown >
( P:Observation Base - Stand by - we have Evac ships ready. )

< E=Evac1 >
( E:Dreadnaught, this is E-Vac 1 we are preparing to dock with the station and take on board the crew. Stand by. )

< E=Evac2 >
( E:This is Evac 2 standing by. )

< E=Evac3 >
( E:This is Evac 3 standing by. )

< E=Evac1 >
( E:Dreadnaught - this is E-vac 1. This ship is not up to taking a lot of hits. We have too many people on board to risk their lives. If I see any damage I am getting out of here quickly. )

< E=Evac1 >
( E:Dreadnaught - This is Evac 1 - We have reached capacity - so I am getting out of here. There are still 220 crew-members on the station. )

< E=Evac1 >
( E:Dreadnaught - This is Evac 1 - This is getting too hot for me - I’m getting out of here. )

< E=Evac2 >
( E:This is Evac 2 moving in to dock. )

< E=Evac2 >
( E:This is Evac 2 - We are docked and taking crew onboard over. )

< E=Evac3 >
( E:This is Evac 3 we are ready for pick up. Over. )

< E=Evac >
( E:This is Evac 3 - we are under attack repeat we are ... )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, Evac 3 has bought the farm! )

< S=Stealth >
( S:Stealth base to Dreadnaught - We expect full evacuation soon and therefore are setting charges to destroy the base. Thought you might like to know, when the time comes you should get clear of the base. )

< E=Evac2 >
( E:Dreadnaught - this is EVAC2 - we have a problem - the vessel is over full - there are still remaining crewmembers onboard. We can’t take more without risking all our lives. I’m sorry. )

< S=StealthBase >
( S:This is the station - there are still 20 crew-members on board. We request immediate evacuation - the Station is locked to self-destruct mode. )

< H=Haas >
( H:All the station crew are onboard. Lets get out of here! )

< H=Haas >
( H:Target planet dead ahead! )

< D=DuBois O=Omaha >
( D:I am scanning for hostiles. I am sure there’s no hostile ships between here and the planet. I think we’re safe.
O:I agree. We’re proceeding with the assault. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:There’s something approaching in LDS... too small to be a ship... It’s dropped out.

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, it’s a missile! It’s locked onto one of the LSTs! )

< C=Clay >
( C:This is something new - An ultra long-range torpedo. They’re firing from so far away, you can’t shoot back. )

< C=Clay >
( C:The torpedo is dropping out of LDS and making the final impact using thrusters. Your only option is to intercept the missile in the last few Kays before it hits your ship. )

< O=Omaha >
( O:This is the Omaha to all ships... I am aborting the mission... Head back to the Lagrange point! Escort ships... try to take out those damn torpedoes. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir. We lost one of the LSTs! )

< O=Omaha >
( O:Dreadnaught... I’ve taken a hit! )

< O=Omaha >
( O:I’m hit! We can’t take much more of this! )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, the Omaha is lost... No survivors. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We are getting close to the Lagrange point. We can get out of here! )

< D=DuBois >
( D:I think that was the last of the torpedoes. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Indie ships emerging from the point! Hell - classic pincer movement. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Yes! All hostiles in range destroyed... We should get the hell out of here! )

< D=DuBois >
( D:The Omaha is safely away! We should get out of here ourselves and stand down. )

< I=IP >
( I:OK - undock from the Range Station and proceed to the Ganymede waypoint marked Exercise Start. You should fly on to the second waypoint marked Exercise End. Making your life harder are a number of Hunter-Seeker mines. You will be marked down for any hits on your hull. You must destroy all mines and pass through the ring to complete the exercise. )

< C=Clay >
( C:Back to school - what a waste of time. If they were out here fighting instead of sitting behind a desk they might have an idea of what we’re up against! )

< I=IP >
( I:Exercise started. )

< I=IP >
( I:All mines destroyed. )

< I=IP >
( I:Exercise complete - return to the Range Station and dock. )

< I=IP >
( I:OK, Dreadnaught - you can return to Saltlake base. Please wait at the Lagrange Point - we have incoming freighter traffic. )

< I=IP >
( I:Dreadnaught - hold position for a second there’s a fuel-transporter coming through the point. )

< C=Clay >
( C:I know, I’m stating the obvious here but, "That’s no fuel-transporter" - That is a fighter carrier! )

< I=IP >
( I:Mayday Mayday - the station is under attack! This is not a drill! )

< C=Clay >
( C:Son of a..... they are going back into the mother-ship..... )

< I=IP >
( I:Dreadnaught....Thanks. I think it would be fair to say that you passed. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We are at Mars L4 - We have a waypoint laid in at the coordinates of the BioBomber called EAD Location. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:Sir, there's something’s not right with the drone. It isn’t responding to our ping. Either it is damaged or it has been tampered with. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, something’s coming out of the drone - and it doesn’t look like biological seeding materials. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Hey - those are fighters! )

< B=Byrne >
( B:They’ve reprogrammed the drone to manufacture fighting ships! That is a very clever idea. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Another wave of fighters!!! )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Its launching another wave. )

< C=Clay >
( C:I know this is stating the obvious - but that drone will continue to manufacture little baby fighters until someone turns it off. I’d suggest we reprogram its CPU with a plasma cannon. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:The CPU on the biobomber is down.... It should stop manufacturing new fighters. Of course there could be some still in the pipeline... )

< D=DuBois >
( D:All enemy ships destroyed! I think that’s the end of this mission. )

< S=San-Francisco >
( S:This is captain Hernandez on the San-Francisco. We are having a few reactor problems here. Proceed with the mission, we'll meet up with you at the rendezvous at Venturi. We should be around 10 minutes behind schedule. )

< V=VenturiSTC >
( V:This is err.. Venturi S.T.C. to Dreadnaught - hey, nice to see you guys. Welcome to our colony. Kind'a pity you won't be getting a chance to take advantage of our hospitality.
P:Where's the fuel processor? We're looking to pick up an engineering crew there.
V:Err, you'll be looking for a red structure at the far end of the axis space, you can't miss it, it looks like a six pack, you take care now. )

< B=Barnier >
( B:This is chief engineer Barnier. Good afternoon Dreadnaught, we are most pleased to see you. Captain, it will be a pleasure to get back to civilisation... We were led to believe that there would be more than one ship coming ... is this not the case?
P:The cruiser allocated to defend this station will be arriving momentarily sir. In the mean time may we dock and take your party aboard?
B:Well they better get here soon. The other Navy ships are down at the saloon. Dreadnaught.. please dock at UDC one.

< B=Barnier >
( B:Captain, This is Barnier - My team are now safely aboard your ship. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir - a massive amount of jump-point activity...all..all kinds of ships... )

< D=DuBois H=Haas >
( D:I didn't know the Indies had a Destroyer.
H:It used to be the Harvard - until we lost it in a battle. It's now called the "Under New Ownership".

< B=Barnier >
( B:Captain, this processing station is packed with a highly volatile fuel... If there is going to be a fire-fight - I would suggest that we put some distance between us and it. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Look at this - The Indies must be really short of fuel - some are breaking off to go and re-fuel at the processor. )

< C=Clay >
( C:You know this reminds me of a story when I was in Perisher School. This junior officer had taken a few hours extra leave so as a punishment he was ordered to run around the length of the perimeter fence carrying a live missile. Now the poor guy went and tripped and fell - but the funny thing was that he was passing the weapons storage shed at the same time. We never did find him.. Heck - I am sure I had a point. )

< M=McDuff >
( M:This is Captain Colin McDuff calling the Captain of the Dreadnaught CNV 301. Captain ... I bow to a worthy adversary. Guile, stealth, strategic thinking - are you sure you're on the right side? )

< B=Barnier >
( B:Four years my team spent building that thing. Four damn years. )

< S=SanFrancisco >
( S:This is the San Francisco - calling the Dreadnaught. Looks like we missed some action! )

< H=Haas >
( H:Approaching way-point. Now sir. There’s something there! )

< H=Haas >
( H:False alarm. Its part of an obsolete relay station. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:We are detecting a single vessel. Pretty normal looking. A mining tug working out of the Isaac field. Reg no. CC 83882. The Groom Lake )

< D=DuBois >
( D:This is Commonwealth Navy Vessel Dreadnaught calling commercial tug Groom Lake. )

< G=Groom Lake >
( G:This is Hunter of the Groom Lake. Now as far as I can tell I was obeying all known Commonwealth ordinances. So how come you want to detain me? )

( P:Rest easy captain Hunter. We won't keep you long. We are investigating the sighting of a number of unidentified vessels in this area. I wondered if you could shed some light on the matter? )

< H=Hunter D=DuBois >
( H:Investigating are you? Then you have come to the right place. For the last two months H:this system has been crawling with black ships
( P:[H]{Seen them?} Have you seen these ships for yourself?
H:Yes indeedee, and I’ve filed three UiV reports for what good it'll do. )
( P:[H]{What?} And what do you think the black ships are? Aliens, Indies?
H:Most see the black ships as an omen. A sign of evil to come. Some have it that H:they are flown by the souls of men lost in space. But then again they have H:mighty impressive looking ships for dead men.
P:What do you mean?
H:Scan-Radar translucent hulls Rapid heat-up cool-down cycles. All very fancy H:stuff for the living dead. Now, if you don’t mind I’ll be on my way. Hunter Out )
D:He's broken contact Sir. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We are approaching way-point 3 now. We have one new contact on radar. No clear thermal trace. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:Sir - the registry on the cargo pod says it is carrying perishables - but the mass is much greater, as if it were full of metal. There's no way to get through the security seal, though. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:We're getting an Navy Directive FTL transmission. It's a code 101 - Drop investigation and return to Felix L5. We should head back for the Lagrange point. )

< C=Clay >
( C:In all my years I have never once seen a re-call message - something serious must be happening..... Or someone doesn't want us to stay in this system. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, Picking up a distress message.... commercial ship.. )

< E=Eindhoven >
( E:Mayday Mayday all vessels. This is the Eindhoven Star. We were dragging for monopoles and have become entangled with another vessel. We require immediate assistance. Repeat. Mayday calling all vessels... )

< H=Haas >
( H:May I remind you sir that as a Navy ship we are formally obliged to respond to all mayday transmissions. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir there are ... two vessels there. The Eindhoven-Star is a standard mining vessel.
D:I am having trouble identifying the second vessel. It's roughly the size of a PatCom - but there is no identification beacon. No markings. Whatever it is, it is NOT one of ours.

< E=Eindhoven >
( E:This is the Eindhoven Star - We were trawling for monopoles and we have accidentally ensnared another vessel. The condition of the other vessel is unknown. Our vessel is not severely damaged but we are unable to jettison our trawl cable. All manoeuvres have made the situation worse. )

< B=Byrne C=Clay >
( B:Sir, ships mine for monopoloes in asteroid and ring systems by dragging vastly powerful magnetic emitters at the end of tow-cables. The magnetic field then reveals the presence of the monopoles... Its a bit like fishing.
C:And this time he's caught more than he bargained for. )

< E=Eindhoven >
( E:Dreadnaught - Thanks. We're running a systems check and we’ll be on our way. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir - the UiV is leaking air at a dangerous rate. I really think we should attempt a rescue. )

< U=UiV >
( U:Navy ship. Do not approach. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:That ship is ramping up its generator.... It looks like a self-destruct cycle! )

< B=Byrne >
( B:I might be wrong - but I think that ship destroyed itself rather than let us get too close. )

< E=EindhovenStar >
( E:Dreadnaught - We are being attacked... Another of... )

< D=DuBois >
( D:That ship is just not appearing on our scopes. It's like its not there. )

< C=Clay >
( C:Is it me, or do I get the impression weren’t not supposed to see those ships. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, We're getting another recall - We’ve seen enough here. We should stand down and return to base. )

< Y=Yale >
( Y:Greetings, Dreadnaught. This is Admiral Peterson of the Yale. Proceed at once to Waypoint one. Oh, and keep it tight - I don't want any of your usual heroics. )

< F=Frugalwurt >
( P:Aye sir. )

< Y=Yale >
( Y:With us so far, Dreadnaught? Good - I'll have my people transmit a way-point for the UNO.
Y:Now we've taken this detour, we won't be arriving from the direction of the L-Point. That should give us an element of surprise.

< H=Haas D=DuBois M=McDuff >
( H:Target ship is in range.
D:I’m reading an active scan. He probably knows we are here.
M:This is Captain McDuff of the Independent vessel Under New Ownership hailing the unidentified commonwealth ships.
M:I warn you that this is a fully armed Independent destroyer and unsurprisingly is more than capable of annihilating both your vessels.
P:This is the CNV 301 Dreadnaught - Captain McDuff - I'm glad to see you survived our last encounter. However I would advise you to stand down in the face of superior firepower.
M:Dreadnaught - where I come from, that's called fighting talk.

< Y=Yale >
( Y:This is Admiral Peterson of the Commonwealth Navy Vessel Yale CNV 222 - I hereby detain your ship and arrest the crew of the vessel, formerly the Harvard - any attempt to avoid detainment will be met with deadly force. )

< Y=Yale >
( Y:Dreadnaught Hold Position - I'm going to try a little intimidation manoeuvre. His ship’s in no state to fight either of us, let alone both. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, I don’t think she was quite as damaged as Admiral Peterson thought - the Yale is seriously damaged. Looks like she’ll be out of commission for quite some time. The Under New Ownership is moving off. )

< D=DuBois O=Brett >
( D:Sir - We have just received a high priority message from Admiral Brett. For your eyes only - I'm putting it through.
O:Our latest intelligence suggests that there may be a major Indie Base somewhere in that Metallake system - perhaps the main headquarters for their fleet. If this is true then it must certainly be the intention of the captain of the Under New Ownership to get his ship back to the base. I am sure that you will agree with me that he will not simply go strolling though the front door if you are watching.
O:The location of that base is of primary strategic importance and identifying it should now be the main objective of your mission to locate it using whatever means necessary.

< C=Clay >
( C:Listen, there isn't any way that this guy is going to knowingly betray the location of their base to you. The only way he is going back to HQ is if he thinks you're looking the other way. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:Sir, if the U.N.Os sensors are out - we might be able to slap a recon-probe on her without her noticing. That way we could track her and keep our distance. If it's a base she’s heading for, she’ll lead us right there. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:Bingo! The probe is hooked into the Indie ship and is transmitting.
P:Good, we should be able to withdraw and still keep a fix on him. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir - we’ve lost the Under New Ownership - she’s gone out of range. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, she's giving off an FTL pulse. Its a coded message but I guess we can expect company. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:The UNO is slowing down - she could be approaching the base. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:We're out of normal detector range now, sir. It's only the probe that's keeping the UNO on our scopes.
B:With any luck, her crew will think they've lost us. )

< H=Haas B=Byrne D=Dubois >
( H:He's taking her into one of those structures.
B:Looks like we have the location of the Indie base.
D:It won't take them long to find that MSD - We better go get the fleet.

< D=DuBois >
( D:I've got the fleet in sight, Sir. Locking in a waypoint. )

< A=Alabama >
( A:Alabama to all ships - Proceed with us to the L4 point in the Metallake system. )

< A=Alabama >
( A:This is Alabama to all ships, please formate around the fleet rendezvous waypoint. )

< A=Alabama >
( A:This is the Alabama - We are launching the fighters now. All attack units are to move in.
A:Good luck everyone ... Get some Indies for us OK? )

< E=Eagle1 >
( E:This is Eagle 1 - We have performed a close pass over the main base - We are seeing no - repeat no hostile vessels. Over.. )

< E=Eagle1 >
( E:This is Eagle 1. We are within the base structure now. This is not, repeat not a major base, but I guess it's been used for a re-fuelling stop. We are seeing zero activity.
E:Picking up a trace .. could be a computer or small device... We have a problem. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We have lost contact with at least half the fleet. There must have been some kind of booby trap. Probably an Anti-Matter device.
P:How many fighters are still on the scope?
H:Zero. They're all gone. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Multiple targets. They seem to be interested in the Command ships. )

< H=Haas >
( H:They are probably after a Cruiser to add to their collection. )

< A=Alabama >
( P:Alabama - This is the Dreadnaught - We are detecting no fighters. There's nothing left for you to carry. Suggest we depart with some haste - over.
A:Roger that. We are getting the hell out of here. )

< D=Dubois >
( D:We have incoming hostiles sir, multiple bogies coming from the Jump point. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:Captain - We've taken a deep hit to the jump drive; the jump-field baffles are not able to be repaired. We can still fly OK, but ... there is absolutely no chance of us jumping out of this system. We're in big trouble.. )

< C=Clay >
( P:Suggestions please captain..
C:Man, don't disturb be now - I am reading this great book about hitch-hiking. Now where was I..... )

< B=Brett >
( B:This is Admiral Brett to all Commonwealth Ships - This is a general retreat - all ships stand down and return to base. Lets try and get some of this fleet home in one piece. )

< A=Alabama >
( A:This is Alabama to the Dreadnaught - I want to thank you Captain for defending this ship - I understand your vessel is unable to make the jump home.
A:I know the crewmembers on this ship owe their lives to you..... I only wish we could help in some way.... )

< A=Alabama >
( A:This is the Alabama - Well, ... Glad to have you on board Dreadnaught.. )

< S=STC >
( S:This is STC to all shipping. The Space traffic control centre for the Gulatos lagrange points will be unmanned until further notice. This is a recorded message. This is a recorded warning - do not approach. Automatic defences have been left active to prevent looting. We apologise for any inconvenience. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Coming up on way-point number 1. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:We're picking up a distant thermal trace. But no beacon, no EM no nothing. It could be a ship in trouble. Then again it could just be a big hot rock. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:I’m seeing a very faint signal - we should get as close as possible. )

< W=LeJeunne >
( W:Mayday... Mayday... This is flight mechanic LeJeunne calling to anyone who can hear me...
P:Ms LeJeunne - this is the Commonwealth Navy Vessel Dreadnaught. We can barely receive your signal - and we are practically on top of you... what are you transmitting on?
W:Oh, thank god. You heard us... I'm afraid I had to resort to using a portable telephone - everything with a CPU bigger than a calculator on the ship has failed.
P:I think we have come across this problem before. You’ll need to get your engineer to re-boot your main CPU.
W:We have no engineer... well not a conscious one. She knocked herself out on a bulkhead when the lights went out. I’ll see if I can get access to the main CPU panel....

< W=LeJeunne >
( W:Aha - systems restored! Conspiracy to Dreadnaught - thanks for the help you guys.)

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir!.. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Captain - unidentified vessel moving off. Suggest we pursue. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Vessel appears to be less than 4 metres in beam. No discernible structure. Extremely high thermal profile Captain that is one weird ship. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:We've lost the alien vessel sir.
D:A New waypoint has just appeared in the computer sir - I can't explain it. It corresponds to the last known position of the alien vessel. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Well looks like the little fellow found mommy. Scanning ship - matches no known configuration. Propulsion, mass, armaments... your guess is as good as mine. )

< C=Clay >
( C:Never seen anything like this before. I’d play this very cool - You're making history. )

< S=Byrne >
( S:We are being scanned - same as we saw outside the comms relay. They’re pulling data out of our computers - but this time only a fraction of the data is being downloaded. )

< T=TorcUbad U=UIV >
( U:Dreadnaught. We ... are the Nairnama. Our vessel is ... Torc-ubad. We ... are ... collectors.
(P:[T+]{Welcome}Err...Torc-ubad, We are honoured to meet you. Let me offer a hand in friendship to your people.
T:We ... are not people. We ... have already collected ... a hand.
(P:[T+]{Warn}You are intruding in Commonwealth space - You should leave now or face the most severe consequences.
T:We...do not collect space.

< T=TorcUbad >
T:We...wish to collect and we wish to...trade.
P:What is it that you collect?
T:We...thirst for the stuff which makes up the world... enlightenment... and noise ... truth.
P:Information! You collect information, is that it?
T:We ... collect.
P:You are responsible for pulling information from this and other ships aren’t you?
T:We collect only what belongs to all.
P:You said something about a trade, what did you have in mind?

< T=TorcUbad >
( T:We... require... a favour
P:And what will you give us in return?
T:We .... shall offer you ...insight.
P:What exactly do we have to do for you?
T:We ... are being damaged ... in another place ... chaos is against us ... you could assist.
P:You want us to go somewhere and help one of your ships? Is that it?
T:We .... require you to assist. We ... have made this place accessible to you.
T:The gate will take you there. We ... will remain. You ... will prevail ... you ..will return ....
P:Are you saying this Lagrange point will take us to where you want us to go? I'm going to have to think this over.

< H=Haas >
( H:They've just activated our autopilot! Where the hell did they learn that trick? )

< H=Haas C=Clay >
( H:We're still on autopilot. I don't like it.
C:Hello... you guys should check out the star chart... We’re not on it )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Ok, I figure the green one is our man in distress. The christmas tree thing seems to be zapping with some sort of beam weapon.
P:Time to pull it's plug. )

< D=DuBois C=Clay >
D:Sir, Weapons are having no effect on the aggressor ship ... In fact I’m not sure if there is anything there to shoot at.
C:It looks like the beam weapon is restraining the other ship - like a dog on a leash.
P:And what? We cut the leash?

< B=Byrne >
( B:We broke the beam - our man seems to be free! )

< C=Clay >
C:Line of sight, boy. Line of sight.

< B=Byrne >
( B:Sir The aggressor ship has altered, it might be worth shooting at it now. )

< D=DuBois C=Clay >
C:You do of course realise you've just killed the first encountered member of an entire culture?
P:Had it coming....
C:We don't even know what their war was about.

< H=Haas C=Clay >
H:Damn it! They've set our autopilot again. Can't we take care of ourselves?
C:If you think there's a standard capsule space route back from here, girl, you're gravely mistaken.

< D=DuBois >
( D:There’s something ahead. Look's like a big metal donut - there's a hole in the centre big enough for a ship.

< C=Clay >
( C:Just a guess, try shooting at it.

< H=Haas >
H:The light changed colour when you hit it - and the image in the centre changed.

< H=Haas >
( H:We are in a new system. But, we’re still off the edge of the map. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Uh Oh - we are in a world of trouble. Chaos ships everywhere. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Earth dead ahead. )

< E=EarthSTC >
( E:This is Saltlake STC to Dreadnaught. Where in hell did you come from? Stand down and report back to base. )

< H=Haas >
( H:The station and the hopper are dead ahead. I am tracking a number of pods coming in. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Yeah, we should make sure we’re out of their way. We don’t want those pods to collide with us. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:The first batch of pods seem to be right on target. )

< E=Engineer >
( E:This is engineer Steel on the station, we’re not too happy with the alignment. Seems a couple of metres off. We're going to un-dock the hopper and adjust it’s position. Over. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:I’m getting a distress signal. )

< M=Meade >
( M:Mayday... this is the Navy Corvette Meade ... we have been attacked and have lost control of our vessel, we need assistance.
P:Meade, this is the Dreadnaught. We’re on our way. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:There she is. She’s venting plasma! But I think we can still auto-dock safely. )

< M=Meade >
( M:This is the Meade, we are transferring our crew to your ship. We have critical systems failure. You should get clear as soon as possible. )

< M=Meade >
( M:Dreadnaught, all my crew are aboard! )

< D=Dubois C=Clay >
( D:We’re away. Uh oh. The ship has just dumped the anti-matter reserve pod. It’s a failsafe mechanism in case of total shutdown. Oh no the pod is on a collision course with the accommodation platform.
C:There isn’t going to be an accommodation platform if that pod hits it. The impact will detonate the anti-matter.
P:What are our options?
C:Well, you can’t dock with it, cause the pod doesn’t have a docking point. You can’t shoot it because it’ll blow up. You can’t nudge it off course because it will blow up and you can’t shift the platform, ‘cause it is too big. What you need is a big soft catcher’s mitt.

< E=Engineers >
( E:I think we can provide that. If the pod goes in the hopper, it should be cushioned.
P:Ok, release the hopper, I’m coming for it! We don’t have much time. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:We are docked with the hopper. The hopper is self-powered and should match our helm.
D:To get the pod into the hopper, we need to line it up exactly. I suggest we use the external views to get a precise line-up. )

< C=Clay >
( C:Hey you did it! Give that man a cigar! )

< B=Byrne >
( B:Sir, the Heavy Cannon is up and running. We haven't patched it into the controls yet - you'll have to fire it on manual.

< H=Haas >
( H:We have a target way-point on the scope. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Hey, Did'ya see that! That shot went clean through the rock and kept on going! )

< R=RangeSTC >
( R:Range STC To Dreadnaught - Return to the L4 space-traffic-control station at once to dock. We have urgent new orders for you! )

< S=STC H=Haas >
( S:Dreadnaught - The indies are putting together an armed heavy freighter in the outskirts of the Proxima Centauri system.
S:Your orders are to travel to the L5 point of that system and prevent the assembly of the train. You are the only ship available, you will have no backup. Good Luck.
H:I've punched in the jump destination. )

< S=Byrne >
( S:Bad news, the heavy cannon structure is breaking down, sir. I estimate complete failure within 5 firings. )

< H=DuBois >
( H:Hey, this is disturbing, captain - I'm reading three new arrivals in the jump point. They are all large ships. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:All ships destroyed! We can stand down. )

< D=DuBois C=Clay >
D:Sir - were within one hundred thousand klicks of the target site now. We seem to be passing through a thin gas shell. Probably from the explosion. Seems consistent with a mass to energy type blast.
C:I might just be some sort of Electronically re-constructed person... but I have a bad electronic feeling about this.
C:Listen, If someone wants to disrupt Earth communications, they could do a lot better that blowing up a semi-reliable comms relay. And they’d do it cheaply too - not with a 54 kilo chunk of anti-matter. Nah, this just doesn’t add up.

< D=DuBois >
( D:Uh Oh - The STC is under attack! )

< S=PlutoSTC >
( S:Mayday - this is Pluto Space traffic control outpost - to all ships. We are under attack from unidentified shipping... )

< S=PlutoSTC >
( S:STC To Dreadnaught, thanks... Before we were attacked we were tracking a lot of those unmarked ships. There may be more out there. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Ok, I have laid-in the position of the relay as a waypoint. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We are approaching the last known position of the relay, but it isn’t there. )

< D=DuBois C=Clay >
D:We are receiving a message on FTL comms. It reads. TO CNV301 FROM COMMONWEALTH HQ. RELAY BACK ON LINE. HOW YOU DO THAT?
C:This is getting odder and odder.
D:For some reason the Commonwealth HQ seem to think we have restored function to the relay.
D:Well, they seem to be right - I'm getting a strong local FTL signal which seems to be carrying the Commonwealth incoming traffic. We should be able to home into the relay by looking at the signal strength. I’ll put it on the screen.
C:Hey this is a 3-d game of warmer-colder.

< D=DuBois >
( D:I think we've found the relay - right composition - almost the right mass - give or take a few hundred kilos ... Oh the configuration seems to have changed. )

< B=Byrne C=Clay >
B:I’d say our extraterrestrial friends have made this stargate out of our Comms relay - and so as to be not unfriendly - this stargate also is functioning as an FTL relay!
C:I was wondering when E.T. was gonna show up again. They owe us a favour and I think they want to see us to pay us our due. Lets see where this thing can take us.

< L=Lw'sero >
L:We are the ... vessel Lw’sero. We have contract/trade.
P:Yes. We did as you asked and you promised us...
L:We offer this...an alteration...an amendment... to your vessel.
P:Wait a minute, What kind of alteration? We really need to see the blueprints before you change this ship in any way.
L:We... have decided. You will receive your payment. The terms are not negotiable.
P:I really need to know exactly how you plan to amend my ship.
L:Like this.

< C=Clay >
C:It's the aliens again. This is an invitation - they knew we would be here.
C:If it's anything like their last stargate, we just have to dial up a destination by shooting the lights.
P:Ok. So we want to dial up the alien homeworld?
C:Sure thing. But as to what the zip code is, you're on your own.

< H=Haas B=Byrne C=Clay >
H:It's one of the small aliens. Shall we consider it hostile?
B:It's not scanning us. No signs of weapons...
C:Listen, I think its clear that tinkerbell here wants us to follow it.

< D=DuBois H=Haas C=Clay S=Byrne >
D:Where’d it go.
H:Better still where did we go? The stars have shifted. I’ll try and get a fix.
C:I saw you guys leaving the ship and returning. What did you see in the two hours you were away? Those ET guys throw you a party or something?
P:Two hours!
H:He’s right - the chronometers show we lost two hours. How? Ok, I've got our location - we’re in the Midway system - practically on our own doorstep.

< H=Haas S=Byrne >
S:I am trying to establish what they did to the ship.
S:There's some new structure in the G-torus - looks like our sensors have been tampered with too.
S:Oh ...There's a modification on the command workstation. I think you should take a look.
H:Shall I make course for Earth?
P:Very well.

< D=DuBois >
( D:Two Indie ships ahead. Looks like we ran into the tail end of a convoy - they're heading for the jump point. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:They’ve jumped, we lost them. )

< D=DuBois S=Byrne >
( D:Wait-a-minute, This isn't Earth.... Sir, these ships are the rest of the convoy we saw a moment ago.
S:Sir, I measured a power usage by the alien device when we jumped. My guess is it's a hyperspace tracker - instead of Earth we've followed the Indies to their destination.
P:We'll worry about it later. Right now, we've got trouble to deal with.

< D=DuBois >
( D:All hostiles destroyed. I think we should stand down and go home. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:How will we recognise McDuff’s ship?
P:I get a feeling it won’t be a problem. )

< B=Biloxi D=DuBois >
( B:Biloxi - to Dreadnaught - We are getting a thermal trace - from a number of sources.
D:We see it - Lets move to intercept. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir - Identified contact Three puffin class tugs - probably Indie - they are taking evasive action - Probably not too keen on a fight.
P:Can we identify McDuff’s ship?
D:I think I can guess. - They are using name markers now.... Definitely Indie - the trio are.
The Regrettable Use of Force -
The Edward Teach
and the Brave Heart
P:Just a hunch but I’d say our man is in ship number three. Lets see if we can split them up. )

< M=McDuff >
( M:Thank, you captain for coming to meet me. I needed to communicate with you in a more direct manner.
P:[M] I hope our little subterfuge was effective -
M: Let me worry about that.
P:[M] Would you like to come onboard?
M:I would dearly like to, but I am afraid time is very short for us both. Some of my colleagues in the Independence movement - have created a sort of alliance with a group calling themselves COSA who can offer us military assistance. I fear that this alliance is a serious mistake and poses a threat to us and to the Commonwealth.
(P:[M]{Why tell me?} Why are you telling me this?
M: It's obvious - I needed someone I could trust. The Commonwealth is riddled with politicians and petty bureaucrats - but warriors ... you are the only one I have encountered.
M: These people are offering us ships and weapons. In vast quantities - enough to completely change the balance of power. In return they ask for nothing at all.
P:[M] Nothing?
M:Nothing - except to conceal that these are new ships and new weapons - I don’t think COSA are too keen to show their hand - preferring to remain in the darkness. )
(P:[M]{why oppose it?} I don't get it. Why do you oppose this - it sounds bad for us and good for you?
M: Because these people don’t want to see my side victorious - nor do they want to see the Commonwealth win a military victory. No, what they want to see is stalemate - an impasse - and with it a continuation of hostilities. I am sure that it we were winning this war - then it would be you receiving the military assistance. )
(P:[M]{Are they human?} Is this group... human?
M:I am afraid to say that they are. Very much so. )

< M=McDuff >
( P:[M] Who or what is COSA?
M:I do not know - but I have my theories.
P:[M] Which are....
M:We see a group with access to high technology weapons and ships, they have a massive budget and manufacturing capability - A group which, as far as we can tell - is endeavouring to influence the conflict. My guess is that COSA is some kind of conspiracy of arms manufacturers and shipbuilders - they are the ones who stand to benefit from this war - and they have all the right equipment to push the war their way.
P:[M] Ok - assuming you're right - what do we do?
M:Well I can do most good staying inside the Independence Movement and trying to get the council to accept my point of view. You on the other hand can take a more .... active position.
P:[M] Meaning ?
M:There's a scheduled meeting - between our top-brass and a COSA ship - to organise a massive transfer of weapons - It's occurring now - as we speak. I'll transmit the location, if you were to simply turn up - I think it would do enough. Each side would get the jitters. But I advise that you hurry. .... Now if you would kindly release my ship - I will recover from "unconsciousness" and send out a distress message.
P:[M] Very well...

< H=Haas C=Clay >
H:Approaching McDuff’s co-ordinates now - I see Indie ships and another of the black-vessels.
C:So Black ships equals COSA eh?

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir I have just intercepted a message fragment being sent between the ships - looks like part of a shipping manifest - it is a part message - I've placed it in your document folder. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Oh, I think we have been spotted. The ships are separating. Looks like the Indie is headed for the L4 and the Black ship is going for the L5 point. )

< S=Byrne C=Clay >
( S:Those are new corvettes. So that's where the Indies were getting their forces from!
C:I’d play this cool - we are seriously outgunned here. )

< I=Piper >
(I:Ahh, I see we were successful in negotiating an additional Corvette for our collection.
I:Piper to Corvette CNV301 - Dock with one of the freighters and you'll be taken to our base for refitting.

< P=Player >
( P:It's a delivery? )

< I=Piper C=Clay >
( I:Piper to all new ships - dock with the base immediately. We have able crews ready to overhaul your vessels.
C:You realise what we have here - This is the Indie HQ! We've found it!.... I guess the only problem now is getting out of here in one piece.

< C=Curiosity >
( C:Curiosity to ship marked CNV301 - you're not docking. Is there a problem?
(P:[C+]{Yeah right}Yeah there's a problem. I've got a prediction of major hull breach in the next two minutes - on your ship.
C:You're dead. =1 )
(P:[C+]{Stall for time} We've got a docking hatch jam. My engineers are working on it right now.
C:do you need assistance?
P:[C] Negative. =0))

< H=Haas >
( H:We're in the Sirius B system - I have figured out why this system was not on the list. Sirius B has no natural Lagrange points.
P:Wait a minute, what did we just arrive at? It certainly looked like a Lagrange point?
H:I said natural. What we just jumped through was an artificial Lagrange point. Look around, there is only one planet in sight - The secondary mass is the station itself. Gravimetrics say that station weighs over 3-trillion tonnes.
P:That station must be chock full of Neutronium. I guess we should take a closer look. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Whoa, hay, this is a very active system. Ships and scans everywhere. None of it friendly. My guess it that it isn't going to take them too long to figure out they were expecting one ship and got two. The jump backwash might give us a few seconds of cover. And then, we're wide open. There's nothing here we can hide behind. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Hay, I'm picking up multiple ships. One absolutely massive source.. We are in deep trouble.. Uh Oh - something's coming through the point. Something big.. )

< C=Clay >
( C:I am ashamed. Are you so dumb? You needed cover - and suddenly the sky opens and your prayers were answered. 2.5 million tonnes of flying metal cover. So you think hmm - I know I'll sit here and wait to be discovered. I can not believe it. Unplug me!! - Unplug me now.!!! )

< B=Byrne >
( B:The transport is going to start cooling off. If we don't power down soon they'll detect us. )

< C=Clay >
( C:My guess is they’ll spot the heat signature of any warship in seconds. Smaller ships they’re probably less worried about. )

< B=Byrne >
( B:If we use modest amounts of thrust - we can keep the heat of the command section down - they’ll probably ignore us. )

< S=Byrne >
( S:There’s a small probe approaching - probably just on automatic.
P:Can we shake it?
S:Not without attracting attention. We should destroy it.
P:[S+]{Any Ideas?}Yeah...but we have no weapons to speak of.
S:I could over load the comms laser. If we get close enough, that might do it.
P:[S]{Ram it}We'll have to ram it. Stand by.

< D=DuBois >
( D:I don't like this, sir - the probe has signalled our location to the other ships. )

< S=Byrne >
( S:We're close enough to that station to make some scans now, Captain. You just need to steady the ship a bit. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Ok sir ... we are getting imaging now. Transferring image from external scanners... )

< H=Haas >
( H:We are approaching the Dreadnaught. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Docking complete. )

< C=Clay >
( C:This is scary stuff. My advice is to get out of this system now! Let’s consider this mission complete. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:We have incoming! Unmarked ships. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Hostile base - dead ahead. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Approaching cargo transporter. )

< S=Byrne >
( S:Sir, we are unable to make a remote link with the cargo transporter.. That base is kicking out too much EM static to form a stable link. )

< S=Byrne >
( P: Byrne, is there anything we can do to get round the static?
S: No, as far as I can tell the only way we will get a strong enough signal is to be right on top of the other ship.. or to use a direct optical link. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We're now docked with the transport. )

< S=Byrne >
( S:Sir, we have a clear signal path. The remote function should work now. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Disconnected with transport. )

< C=Clay >
( C:You sure made one hell of a mess of that station. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, guns on the damaged side of the station have stopped firing. )

< S=Station >
( S: This is a commercial facility. Please leave the area. )

< S=Station >
( S:The Navy has no jurisdiction here. )

< S=Station >
( S:This is not a Commonwealth system. Leave or be destroyed. )

< S=Station >
( S:The Navy has no authority over this station. )

< S=Station >
( S:Any attempt to take this facility will be met with deadly force! )

< S=Station >
( S:Our weapons are more powerful than yours. )

< S=Station >
( S:Our ships are faster than yours. )

< S=Station >
( S:Your attempts to take this base are futile. Desist. )

< S=Sword >
( S:This is the Sword of Vengeance. Good job Dreadnaught. )

< S=Sword >
( S:This is the Sword of Vengeance. We need some more of those ships to be cleared before we can commence our attack. )

< S=Sword >
( S:Sword of Vengeance here. We are commencing our attack run. )

< S=Sword >
( S:We are in place. Building up power for cutting beam now. All ships fall back to a safe distance. )

< S=Sword >
( S:This is the Commonwealth Cruiser "Sword of Vengeance" to anyone on that station who can hear me. We are about to inflict severe damage on your station. Leave the station now and surrender to my forces or suffer the consequences. Message ends. )

< C=Clay >
( C:The rest of the fleet is counting on you to hit the station. You need to find those transport ships... and find them now! )

< D=DuBois >
( D:The station is down!! Mission complete! )

< S=Saltlake STC >
( S:Saltlake STC calling Dreadnaught. Tough break you guys got with this mission.
( P:[S] Meaning? What exactly...
S:Oh you know, defending Indie peace delegates.. it seems kinda unnatural don’t you think? ))

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, in accordance with our orders I have altered our ID-marker to show that this ship is a member of the Security Patrol. All Security Patrol vessels will appear as white contacts.

< S=PeaceBase D=DuBois >
( S:This is Camp Shumacker space traffic control. Hailing vessel marked CNV301 - State your identity and mission. This is a high security area - not open to general or military traffic.
D:This is the Dreadnaught - reporting in for Security Patrol duty.
S:Dreadnaught - welcome to the Peace conference. And welcome to SecPat. I am SecPat’s only Admiral... I hope your former commanding officer made it clear that for now Security Patrol is an autonomous military force - and completely unconnected to the Commonwealth or Indie navies.
( P:[S+]{Yes}Yes sir, she did.
S: Good )
( P:[S+]{Orders?}Does that mean I answer to you for orders?
S:In words of one syllable, your ass is now mine. Do I make myself clear? )
( P:[S+]{Admiral?}I understand now sir - I am speaking to Admiral?
S:Yarwood. But you can think of me as Admiral God. )

S:Depending on how this conference goes. SecPat might be disbanded in the next 10 minutes or might last another 10 years. Either way, until further notice you take your orders from me - and you follow my rules. Now I am transmitting your new orders. Over and Out. )

< N=NoSurrender D=DuBois>
N:This is the No Surrender we have been given orders to act as your wing man. Welcome to SecPat.
D:Roger that "No Surrender" This is Comm...er... Security Patrol vessel Dreadnaught - Good to meet you.

< H=Haas >
( H:Waypoint 1 laid in - for the conference area. )

< G=Yarwood >
( G:This is Yarwood - I am monitoring the activity of the conference. Things are going pretty well. The commonwealth has conceded the rights for miners to set their own pricing levels.

< E=Excalibur >
E:This is the Exalibur to the two vessels approaching. You are ordered to cease your approach and maintain a 5 kilometre distance.)

< D=DuBois >
( D:that’s odd - she’s hotter than I’d expect. )

< S=Byrne >
S:She's running at about 40%.
P:Is that unusual?
S:If she was moving - no. But she’s standing still... I don’t know. They might be doing an engine run. )

< H=Haas >
( H:OK, I’ve laid in our 2nd Waypoint. Yarwood reports an unidentified craft waiting there - we'd better be swift. )

< G=Yarwood >
( G:This is Yarwood, I’m still monitoring the conference proceeding. Things are getting a bit heated in there. President King seems to be getting very agitated about the issue of political independence for the Colonies. I’ll keep you informed. )

< L=LesserEvil D=Dubois >
( L:Aha! - the much famed Security patrol fleet.
P:That would be us - Security Patrol vessel Dreadnaught. What's your business in this system?
L:We're official observers for the Indie council. While we hope everything can be worked out peacefully, we're here in case it can't.
P:That sounds like a threat.
L:Oh, far from it. We will abide by the agreements made here. We're just concerned by the possibility that this might be a trap.
D:They're on the list, sir. We can let them in.
P:Ok - Dreadnaught to Lesser Evil - be on your way.
L:Thank You.

< G=Yarwood >
( G:This is Yarwood - King has just stormed out of the conference.
G:Everyone out there - just stay calm. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:We'd better return to the conference centre - there might be trouble. )

< E=Excalibur >
( E:This is President King to all vessels. We have just witnessed the treachery and untrustworthiness of the Independents. This whole conference is a sham. The Indies requested power, and attempt to extort money from the Earth. And when I refused. When I refused - they answer with an unprovoked attempt on my life.
E:We can have no truck with these people. There can be no conciliation. No laying down of arms, because force and violence is all they understand.
E:I am calling an end to the cease-fire. All Commonwealth NAVY vessels are to regroup with the Excalibur. Navy vessels acting in SecPat should transfer command authority back to the Navy. )

< N=No Surrender >
( N:Whatever he says, that was not an Indie ship attacking the Excalibur. No self respecting Indie would have a paint scheme that bad! )

< H=Haas >
( H:The Presidents asked us to change colours and join his force.
H:Two other ships have already abandoned their SecPat beacons. Just give me the word, and I ditch ours.
( P:[H+]{Navy}Do it. Our allegiance must be to the Commonwealth first.
=0 )
( P:[H+]{SecPat}We will do no such thing. We take our orders from a higher authority. I thought that was clear.
=1 )

< E=Excalibur >
( E:This is president King calling the Dreadnaught. I am giving you a direct order. Rejoin the Navy fleet at once.
(P:[E]{Yes}Very well sir, we're with you. I'm changing the beacon now.=0)
(P:[E]{No}No sir - I am afraid I cannot do that. I'm acting under a direct order from a superior officer.=1))

< N=No Surrender H=Haas >
N:Dreadnaught, what are you doing? You can't seriously believe that madman!

< E=Excalibur >
( E:Excellent choice, Dreadnaught.
E:Excalibur to all navy ships - Here are your orders - we have taken all of our delegates off the base. The Excalibur will take action against the Indie ringleaders. Your roll is to defend the Excalibur while we are doing so. Excalibur out.
E:These are direct presidential orders.

< D=DuBois >
( D:Scanning area. No thermal traces. No signs of recent shipping activity of any kind what so ever. )

< A=Agincourt >
( A:Agincourt to Dreadnaught - Captain, I just want to say what an honour it is to be serving with you.
P:[A]{Thanks}Errm... That’s ...very kind.
A:I only hope that in my time, I’ll get to score half the kills that you have. In fact I have a favour to ask.... I’m probably asking too much, but if we get an opportunity to take out a ship. Will you leave me a clear shot? I know its a lot to ask.
P:[A]Don’t worry ... I’ll give you a clear shot. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Jump point indicator is ramping up..I'd expect a ship of some considerable size... )

< D=DuBois >
( D:It's a ship running on an non-aligned ID beacon.
D:Vessel name Hippocrates - Appears to be a medical frigate of some kind. )

< H=Hippocrates >
( P:This is the New Commonwealth vessel Dreadnaught. Please drop out of LDS and prepare to be boarded.
H:This is the Hippocrates. We are a medical frigate, carrying seriously injured troops and civilians. Many of the injured require that we reach the permanent hospital facility on Pevaco Beta. If we stop now we will lose precious moments and some will die. Please do not detain us.
(P:[H-]{OK}Very well - be on your way. =1)
(P:[H-]{Desist}There is a system wide curfew on non NC vessels. We are under orders to detail all vessels not carrying a New Commonwealth Beacon. You are ordered to drop out of LDS now and prepare for boarding. =0 )

< H=Hippocrates >
( H:This is the Hippocrates. This is a hospital ship on an errand of mercy. Shooting this vessel is a violation of every interstellar statute. We have injured men and women on board - a delay to our mission however short will cost lives. We will not stop. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:She’s sending out an FTL distress call sir. Picking up multiple responses. )

< D=Dallas >
( D:This is the Commonwealth vessel Dallas and the Independent Alliance vessel Shiver Me Timbers responding to the FTL Distress message from the Medical Vessel Hippocrates. Hostile vessels - stand down. We will not hesitate to fire upon raider vessels. )

< H=Haas >
( A:Agincourt to Dreadnaught, thanks for the clear shot.
P:[H]I said I'd give him a clear shot. )

< D=Dallas >
( P:[D]{Surrender}Dallas - This is the New Commonwealth Vessel Dreadnaught - I would like to formally surrender my vessel into your control - and place my services at the disposal of the Commonwealth and the Independent Alliance.
D:Dreadnaught, this is the Dallas... I can only guess from your actions that you are sincere in your wish to join the alliance. Transmit your command codes to me and I’ll see what I can do.

< A=Agincourt >
( A:Hey, I thought I was going to take that kill!
P:[A]Relax Agincourt. There's two hostiles coming up on us - you can have one of those. )

< D=Dallas >
( D:This is the Dallas to rogue vessels. You have fired upon and destroyed a civilian hospital ship carrying over 200 wounded individuals and crew. Under interstellar law - we are empowered to capture your vessel and take your crew into custody. )

< D=Dallas >
( D:Dallas - to rogue ship... Our sensors tell us that your wingman fired upon the hospital ship and that you, in turn, fired upon your wing man, can you tell us what in blazes name is going on?
P:I realised my wingman had acted improperly and illegally in firing on the Hospital ship. I had no other course of action but to fire upon my wing-ship.
D:In these circumstances I am forced to ask you to surrender your vessel to us. In light of your actions, I will request that you be given consideration as a future pilot for the alliance. )

< A=Agincourt >
( A:My comms officer is picking up long range FTL from Alliance forces. Looks like there are more of them out there. Sir, I suggest we fall back to the presidents main fleet. We'll be safe there.

< A=Agincourt >
( A:Are you out of your mind? You can't just let it go.
A:Oh, I get it - this is my clear shot, right? )

< D=DuBois >
( D:I guess we are done here. We should stand down and return to the fleet. )

< C=Clay >
( C:Oh so you are back on the good guys side again?
P:I guess so. Captain to crew. Mission complete. Stand down. )

< H=Haas >
( H:The Indie base is 3.7 Million kilometres ahead. We have its location as a waypoint. )

< C=Cruiser >
( C:This is the Cruiser Pittsburg hailing the Dreadnaught - We have about two thousand people here wishing you good luck. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Looks like were running into a little local opposition. Indie sentry ships ahead. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Approaching target zone. The marines are already here. Oh, I’ve generated a headup graphic showing the location of the nodes and the network. )

< M=Marines >
( M:This is marine transport Trent calling the Dreadnaught - We are itching to get at those cannon. Get the network down as soon as you can. Over. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Node Destroyed. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Two more to go! )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Last Node destroyed - the network is offline. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:They’re launching another node. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, the new node is in place - the network is back online again. )

< M=Marines >
( M:Dreadnaught - we are reading the network as down - We are moving in on the guns. You keep that network offline or this will be a real short trip over. )

< M=Marines >
( M:Marine Team - we are docking with the first cannon now. )

< M=Marines >
( M:We have destroyed the first cannon. Move on to the next. )

< M=Marines >
( M:Second cannon down. )

< M=Marines >
( M:Four cannon down - one more to go. )

< M=Marines >
( M:All the cannon are out - Marine team to the Pittsburgh - You are clear for your assault. Over. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We are reading a lot of ships - Looks like the Indies are making a run for it... )

< G=Pittsburg >
( G:This is the Pittsburg. We have Indie ships all over the place, let’s mop em up! )

< G=Pittsburg >
( G:This is the Pittsburg to the Dreadnaught - Well done. You have fulfilled all mission objectives. Stand down. )

< Y=Yarwood >
( Y:This is Yarwood to all ships. Our long range sensors are picking up the attack fleet. We are seeing at least one Cruiser and two destroyers. They are keeping their distance. A smaller squadron is moving in. I guess they’re going for the network. )

< D=DuBois C=Clay >
( D:I see em. They’re headed for the nodes alright. Oh and I’m seeing some troop carrier ships.
C:That’d be right. When the guns go offline, the troop ships will set-down on the sentry asteroids and decommission the guns. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:They’ve taken out a node! )

< D=DuBois >
( D:And another... )

< D=DuBois >
( D:That’s it the network is down. The guns are offline! Those troop-ships are moving in. )

< Y=Yarwood >
( Y:They’ve taken out one of the spider guns! Can’t you get that network up? )

< Y=Yarwood >
( Y:That’s another gun down. )

< Y=Yarwood >
( Y:All the guns are offline, we are wide open. )

< Y=Yarwood >
( Y:This is Yarwood, the big ships must have got tired of waiting, they’re moving in. )

< Y=Yarwood >
( Y:The capital ships can see the guns are offline, they are moving in. )

< Y=Yarwood >
( Y:Yarwood to Dreadnaught, remember to use your wing-men. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:We just took out one of their destroyers! )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Hold on, the Cruiser is launching fighters. )

< Y=Yarwood >
( Y:All personnel, now hear this, I am evacuating the base. We are taking too much damage. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Hey, the Excalibur is making a run for it. )

< C=Clay >
( C:I don’t think King is up for this fight. He’s gonna run. )

< Y=Yarwood >
( Y:This is Yarwood to all ships. All enemy vessels have been destroyed or have left the system, stand down. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We are in the target zone now... No sign of any ships. )

< D=Dubois >
( D:I'm looking for the renegade ships now... No sign of them, but we are getting an automated mayday signal from the Outpost. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, the Outpost has taken quite a beating - Most of the crew quarters are breached. )

< O=Outpost D=Dubois >
( D:This is the New Alliance Vessel Dreadnaught. What is your status, we are able to offer assistance.
O:Too late .... 10 minutes ago ... attacked by King ... life support failing ... coolant gone )

<D=DuBois >
( D:The last unbreached habitation module just exploded Sir, I don't think anyone is left alive on the whole station.
( P:[D+]{How many}How many people stationed there?
D:848 according to the hab record. )
( P:[D+]{Cannon}What is that cannon shooting at?
D:Oh the cannon is running an automated aim-and-shoot. The crew probably set it to auto when they realised they were doomed. ))

<H=ToHell >
( H:This is the To Hell calling the Dreadnaught. Listen - my crew are pretty riled about this. We need to do something.
P:Mine too - give me a minute. )

<H=Haas >
( P:[H]Haas, how many jump points are available within 10 minutes of this site - assuming Cruiser LDS speeds.
H:There are two possible jump sites within your sphere. The one we came in from and the one in the direction the cannon is firing. )

< S=Byrne C=Clay >
( C:I think you have a trail to pick up.
S:If we pick the right Lagrange point we could use the device to follow them through.

< H=Haas >
( H:We can track the Excalibur, but the other ships will need a jump-location. You should give them a plan.
P:You're right, Dreadnaught to fleet - we're going to use our tracker device to see where this jump - point took the renegade fleet. We'll send an FTL transmission identifying the location - stand by to jump on my signal. I won't have long once I transmit, so be prepared. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:We found them! Multiple bogies... including... one cruiser, the Excalibur. Looks like we found King and his whole fleet. I don't think he'll be too pleased to see us. We are in deep deep trouble. )

< H=Haas >
( H:OK, I have our location. Attempting FTL transmission now. )

< H=Haas >
( H:I cannot transmit an FTL, we are being jammed. )

< G=Gibraltar >
( G:This is the Commonwealth Patrol Combatant Gibraltar. Dreadnaught hold your position. We will not open fire. )

< C=Clay >
( C:Hey, I get it - they think we've come to join up. This could work in our favour. )

< K=King G=Gibraltar >
G:State your identification and your purpose for coming here.
P:This is the Dreadnaught - We are here to offer our services to your movement and to request membership. We place this vessel at your disposal.
K:I'll handle this - this is King. I am pleased to welcome you, Dreadnaught. Please hold position and transmit your ship's control authority to the Excalibur.
P:Er, our NAV subsystem was damaged in a fire-fight. We'll pull the processor and shut the ship down. Stand by. Haas set the jump destination back to our ships. )

<K=King >
( P:This is the Dreadnaught. We have the location of the Renegade fleet. The fleet is right on top of the jump point - so be ready to come out fighting. Follow us in, and good luck. )

<D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, the Command Ship - she's moving off. )

<D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, the Excalibur is moving. King is heading for the jump point.
P:OK, we'll activate the device and follow her through. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We’ve made quite a jump - The Excalibur looks like she’s damaged. )

< S=Byrne >
( S:Sir that last jump was a large one - we are now very very low on fuel - we don’t have enough to make another jump. The Excalibur is still blocking FTL - so we can’t call for backup. )

< C=Clay >
( C:Listen, there are times when things have to end. This guy has to go down, and there’s only you here. Sacrifices sometimes have to be made.
P:I think you’re right. But we don’t have to sacrifice everything..... )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, the Excalibur is gone..... We did it!
P:Yeh, I think we can finally go home... At least, we can as soon as a ship finds us out here. All crew - stand down. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Reading an Indie force at target point. There's only small ships, the megatransporter must have moved on.
H:That's interesting - they're forming two units, one to engage us and the other is heading for the jump point.
P:You think they're trying to stall us?
H:Definitely. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Message from HQ, captain. Intelligence says they've jumped to the Tau Ceti system.
P:Haas, Lay it in as our jump destination.
H:It's done.

< S=Byrne >
( S:That's a big one. Latest thing - outstanding.
S:We should be able to ride piggyback in its LDS field if we get close enough...
S:There. I've added a headup to show the range of its field. )

< C=Clay >
( C:Try to get in front of it, and wait for it to catch you. )

< S=Byrne >
S:The Transporter seems to be shielded. The shield is being projected from the aft section, so I suggest we target that. Otherwise, we're never going to dent it.

< D=DuBois >
( D:Outstanding! There she goes! )

< H=Haas S=Byrne C=Clay >
( H:The Cargo pods have broken free from the wreckage. I'm getting an unexpected energy reading from them -
S:That'll be the ships they were transporting - I had no idea they were manned.
C:Go for the pods. It's not sportsman like but it's easier to shoot those ships while they are still in bed.)

< D=DuBois >
( D:We need to speed things up sir - one of the pods just opened. Two Patcoms on attack vector. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:All hostiles destroyed. Mission Complete! )

< D=DuBois >
( D:This is not good - there are three black ships moving in. They must be after their cargo. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, one of the un-marked ships is peeling-off. If it’s returning to base - this could be our chance to find out where they come from.
P:Good idea! I’ll bear it in mind, once we have sorted out his friends here. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:The black-ship has jumped! )

< D=DuBois C=Clay>
( D:Surely we’ve been sent the wrong way. The battle is in the opposite direction.
C:Orders are orders. )

< H=Haas >
( H:Arriving at the Gunstar array now. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:There’s a ship coming through - it's covered with shield generators! )

< R=Respect-Your-Elders >
( R: Calling all Commonwealth Navy vessels - this is the Indie scout ship Respect-Your-Elders. A small squadron of Indie ships will soon arrive at your Lagrange point. This squadron will not encounter any resistance. They will not because they are carrying a device. The device is a class-2 annihilation bomb. The bomb is more than capable of vaporising everything in a sphere of space 100km from the detonation point. Firing on the device will trigger it. The device will be carried to your station and detonated. Allowing the transport ships - and all navy vessels to withdraw to a safe distance. If you follow these instructions there will be no loss of life. Your gun-star defence platforms should be shut down immediately. )

< H=HQ >
( H:This is NavyHQ To Dreadnaught - we think they are serious - we’re shutting down the gunstars and preparing for E-vac. You are ordered to do what you can. NHQ out. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Its coming through! )

< C=Clay >
( C:Yep, Uh-huh. Mmm That's a bomb alright....Big one too. )

< C=Clay >
( C:Y' know, we could try picking off the tug ships.
( P:[C+]{No}What? Won’t they detonate the bomb if we do that?
C:Nah, I doubt it - the Indies aren’t big on self sacrifice. I figure they’ll make a run for it. After all the bomb will be programmed to go off on its own. )
( P:[C+]{Yes}I think you’re right - it might buy us some time. ))

< D=DuBois >
( D:Sir, all the tugs are detaching from the bomb - they probably think we're crazy. The bomb is still headed for the station under its own inertia. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Uh oh - the bomb is transmitting a countdown message. On-screen. )

< C=Clay >
( C:The man said it had a 100 kilometre blast radius. So with my lightning quick mental arithmetic.. I’d say what we need is to get the bomb at least 100 kilometres from the station.
P:OK, let's go for it. )

< C=Clay >
( C:You could try docking to the thing and towing it to a safe distance. Safe being more than 100 km. )

< H=Haas >
( H:The bomb is almost at the station! )

< H=Haas >
( H:We can tow it - but not easily - its too massive for the Dreadnaught to carry alone. )

< H=Haas >
( H:The other ships are docked with the bomb. )

< H=Haas >
( H:We are 100k clear of the station. )

< C=Clay >
( C:We are running out of time. )

< C=Clay >
( C:Twenty seconds to detonation. )

< C=Clay >
( C:Ten seconds. )

< C=Clay >
( C:You did it! )

< D=DuBois >
( D:Yes, the HQ is still in one piece! They are calling us to stand-down and return to base. )

< U=UNO >
( U:This is Captain McDuff of the vessel Under New Ownership calling the Captain of the Dreadnau... .. .. )

< D=DuBois >
( D:We’ve lost contact with them sir... )

< P=Player >
( We'll have to ram it. Stand by. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Ok, the objective of this Exam is to pass through the centre of all the rings in the course in the shortest possible time. The timer starts when you pass through the first one. Any Questions?
( P:[I]{Next Ring?}How do I know which is the next ring?
I:Your headup display will automatically lock-on to the next ring when you fly through a ring successfully. )
( P:[I]{Missed Ring?}What if I miss a ring?
I:You have to pass through all the rings to complete the course. You can mess around with the order but I would try to do them in the order they come. )
( P:[I]{Hit Ring?}What if I hit one?
I:It will hurt. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:OK, the timer is running.. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Oof! )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Try to go through the hole next time huh? )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Excellent! )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Not bad... )

< I=Instructor >
( I:That's halfway! )

< I=Instructor >
( I:OK, one more to go.. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:You are way off course. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:You are running out of time. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Time's up! )

< I=Instructor >
( I:You did it! ...Good time too. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Superb - that's a new course record! )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Well done... A few more tries and you'll get the hang of it. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Well, you completed the course but I'm afraid you ran out of time. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Dreadnaught - This is your instructor pilot. You are currently docked to the Saltlake Navy facility in Earth space. I’d like you to use Undock to separate from the station. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Good. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Now I want you to select my ship as the nav target by using the select target function. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Good - I am now your selected nav target - so don’t shoot me. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:With my ship selected - you can now use autopilots - First try approach..... )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Good, Now try the formate autopilot. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:I will now halt - and I want you to engage the dock autopilot. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Docking complete - Good - Now undock. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Ok - lets try some faster than light travel - I am laying in a destination in Jupiter-space into your capsule drive computer. Follow me into the jump point. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Easier than falling off a log. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Alright. Lets use the LDS system to move at interplanetary speeds. You should try and follow my lead round Ganymede and Europa. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:I am Engaging LDS now. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:You are losing me... )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Stay Close. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Ok, I am coming out of LDS near the jump point - see if you can drop out near to my location. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Ok we should now jump back to Earth L5 and re-dock with Saltlake - That will conclude the exercise. )

< I=Instructor >
( I:Where did you go? )

< I=IP >
( I:Ok you are docked - the timer is running. )

< I=IP >
( I:Oh - no that missed. )

< I=IP >
( I:It didn’t go it. )

< I=IP >
( I:Hey, try docking with it - instead of ramming it. )

< I=IP >
( I:That’s one. )

< I=IP >
( I:That’s two. )

< I=IP >
( I:Three down - one more to go. )

< I=IP >
( I:4 in the hole. Course complete. )

< I=IP >
( I:I’m sorry you’re out of time. )

< I=IP >
( I:That is a new course record. Damn you, they’ll have to take my name off that cup. )

< I=IP >
( I:Alright, you know the score, the exam starts when you pass through the ring. )

< I=IP >
( I:OK, the timer is running now. )

< I=IP >
( I:No, no no no - You can’t shoot anything before going through the first ring. )

< I=IP >
( I:There you go! )

< I=IP >
( I:That’s half of them. )

< I=IP >
( I:Two more to go. )

< I=IP >
( I:Your plasma-cannon wouldn’t hurt a butterfly at that sort of range. )

< I=IP >
( I:Out of range. )

< I=IP >
( I:Shooting them is a lot easier than ramming them. )

< I=IP >
( I:They aren’t moving! I don’t see how you can miss. )

< I=IP >
( I:One more and that’s it. )

< I=IP >
( I:Course Complete. )

< I=IP >
( I:That’s a new course record! )

< I=IP >
( I:Not bad, not bad. )

< I=IP >
( I:You know, the first time my mother tried this course, she scored the same as you. )

< I=IP >
( I:Alright, your objective is to take down the target ship in the fastest possible time. But watch out, it bites back. )

< I=IP >
( I:You are in range. The timer is now running. )

< I=IP >
( I:Its launching mines! )

< I=IP >
( I:More mines being launched! )

< I=IP >
( I:There’s a mine! )

< I=IP >
( I:Look out! )

< I=IP >
( I:I’m sorry you’re out of time, that’s a fail. )

< I=IP >
( I:You did it! )

< I=IP >
( I:That’s the fastest time anyone’s ever done this course since Jefferson Clay back in ‘54. )

< I=IP >
( I:Not a bad time. )

< W=Sword >
( W:This is Patcom "Sword" Standing by. )

< I=IP >
( I:You should now enlist the PatCom as your wingman. )

< S=Sword >
( S:Aye Aye! )

< I=IP >
( I:You should proceed to Mars space now! )

< I=IP >
( I:First targets approaching. )

< I=IP >
( I:That’s one down. )

< I=IP >
( I:If you gave your wingman some orders - he might be able to help )

< I=IP >
( I:Oh yeah, I forgot to mention - these droneships are firing live-ammo. We find it helps to motivate the trainees. )

< I=IP >
( I:Pretty good - you got them! )

< I=IP >
( I:Remember Two-on-One two-on-one - If two of you fire on the same ship, you can cut through his shields. )

< I=IP >
( I:Remember to orient your ship to split your shields! If you can - keep one bogey on your upper-shield and another one on your lower shield. )

< I=IP >
( I:Second wave targets approaching. )

< I=IP >
( I:One more to go. )

< I=IP >
( I:Excellent. All targets destroyed. Dreadnaught - return to base. )



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