On this page you will find a selection of modder snippets, which I hope, over time, will provide for some interesting ideas and solutions.

System Damage - by Indie

If you think the amount of system damage you get in combat is pathetic, try the following:

Open your flux.ini and find the bit titled icShip and edit it:

heat_gain_factor = 1
heat_loss_factor = 0.5
heat_damage_threshold = 500
heat_damage_rate = 0.08
critical_chance_scale = 12
critical_damage_scale = 0.8
criticals_per_impact = 0.8

The critical chance, damage and per_impact decide how much system damage your ship receives. If you try the values above you'll see that your internal systems have been turned into a goo after about 40 - 50 per cent hull damage - my tug actually blew up after what I assume was a reactor hit (I still had about 50% hull left, although it could have been a missile). The values above may be a bit too high, but I haven't experimented enough to find out what would be closest to I-War 1 level so try it yourself. I don't know yet if this influences the enemy's system damage as well, but I intend to find that out next.

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