This document contains the briefing texts found in Independence War's
\psg\resource\text\Mission?? directories. It is meant to provide a quick
reference to the content of the wav files in the \psg\resource\audio for
those savvy enough to try and recycle the existing dialogue for their
own missions. The first item in each group shows the sound file that the
textual dialogue represents. All rights belong to Particle Systems and
Infogrames, as all I've done here is chunked all the little files together
into something easier to peruse.

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Lieutenant, you will have realised by now the value the Commonwealth places on the fleet.
The latest Navy plan is to increase the size of the fleet by ten percent this year.
Our records suggest that there are a number of promising salvage candidates in the debris field left over from the battle for the Toliman Exchange.

The debris field is protected by a number of mine devices - these have been alerted to your presence and temporarily de-activated.

You and your crew will enter the debris field in a standard command-section sub-vessel. It should be compatible with most vessel classes in the debris field.
You should attempt a salvage operation on the most intact hulk you encounter.

A flatbed tug will transport the command vessel to the vicinity of the debris field.

To secure against the prospect of Indie Looting, the debris field is protected by hunter-seeker mines. These will be alerted to your presence and de-activated.

The tug will release the command-section and wait outside the debris field.
You should then pilot the vessel into the field and start the search for any salvageable vessel candidates.

You should investigate any large debris items which might be ships - our scans reveal several promising hulks within the field which seem to be intact.

If you find a salvageable ship - dock the command section onto the vessel and pilot the ship back out of the field to rendezvous with the flatbed.

You’ll have some time to kill before the tug gets you near the debris field. So I suggest you use that time wisely in familiarising yourself with the command-section controls.

The Indies have been threatening to commit acts of terrorism where it will have the greatest effect:
In our own backyard.
So the brass are asking for frequent security patrols of sensitive sites within the Solar System:

Your mission is to fly as wing to the corvette: Tripoli on the dawn-watch.
You Should follow the Tripoli's lead and stay close to her at all times.

The Tripoli is being piloted by someone you know - your old academy instructor-pilot Ben Abrahams. So, I guess they drafted him again.
Stick close to Ben and you'll do fine.

Ever since humanity has adopted injection fusion as our main source of energy we have been dependant on supplies of Neutronium for containing the fusion reaction.

All of Earth's supply of the ultra dense substance is mined off-world. Much of it in the colonies. The substance is enormously valuable - both in dollar terms and in strategic importance. Shipments from the Barnard's Star system have been disappearing.

Ore is mined in the Barnard's asteroid belt by small ships. Collections of bulk ore CONTAINERS are assembled into trains pulled by a container transport vessel.

The transport then tows the container train to an ORE PROCESSOR STATION which refines the ore and dumps the ore residue. The empty container trains are towed back to the mining site.

The empty transport returns for another run - while a smaller transport collects the refined ore for shipment to Earth.

The problem for the Commonwealth is that the containers are turning up at their destination empty. The parties involved propose all manner of explanations including:
-The ore mysteriously vanishing in capsule space.
-Indie space pirates with 'invisible' ships
-and plain and simple graft at the collection site.

Your mission is to investigate the cargo disappearances from the Barnards system. You will be a part of the team under the command of an agent from the Department of Resources. We're giving him full use of the corvette 'Kato'.

A rendezvous waypoint has been laid-in for Jupiter-space.

Proceed to that location where you will be picking up some cargo.. I’m sorry I can’t tell you more at this point.

This is Admiral Brett.
The Commonwealth is developing a radical new class of attack-ship, and we are approaching a delicate phase in that development process.
The first space-trials of the new ships are about to begin, and I would like to visit the test range in-person to see the outcome for myself.

I would like you to take me to the Navy weapons testing range in Wolf 359 space.

Once there, your ship will act as official observer vessel. I feel that my Cruiser, Brazen might draw a little too much attention.

When we are in position, the experimental vessels will be launched and we will observe them as they engage a number of targets.

Finally, we will test the manoeuvring capabilities of the new ships by engaging in simulated combat with them.

What you see on-screen is a representation of one of Earth’s faster-than-light communication relays located in the outer solar system. These devices are most vital to maintaining the FTL communications network.

The central array feature, shown here, serves as both receiver and transmitter for FTL signals.

These particular units pick-up weak FTL messages, store them and later re-transmit them in spare transmission opportunities into the FTL stream.

FTL Relays need an ultra micro-gravity environment to operate - and so are situated in the outer Solar-System.

Unit Number 307 has been behaving in a very odd way for the last couple of months. Now the relay has failed altogether. The unit is currently in Pluto space.

We suspect that the Indies are trying to tap into our deep-space comms network. Whatever the cause - we need you to get the relay back on-line.

For this mission your ship will be equipped with a mini-service drone.

Onscreen is a representation of the Midway planet and moon.
There are two Lagrange points allowing access to the system.
In an earlier mission we were able to lock-off one of the two Lagrange points with a type 24 minefield.

This leaves the second point open. It is this point which we are currently blockading.
The siege-fleet has 3 cruiser command vessels as well as numerous Corvette and PatCom squadrons on patrol.
Admiral Brett is flying out to oversee operations - He needs transport to Midway and has decided to hitch a ride on the Dreadnaught.

Admiral Brett will be spending his tour on the Vostok - so your first objective will be to dock with the cruiser and see the Admiral safely on board.

Once that is complete, your mission will be to locate and relieve Captain Choudry on the Capetown - who has been on active patrol for over a week.
I am sure she’ll be very pleased to stand down.

Once there follow orders from the command ships in supporting the siege.

The problem in the Beta Hydrus system is particularly serious.
The system suffers repeated attacks on shipping, usually by Pirates demanding Neutronium ore.
But we have made a breakthrough. In recent days a Commonwealth spy-drone has identified a cache of neutronium containers hidden by the pirates in the asteroid field.

This is a Type-6 proximity mine. It is small and will automatically attach itself to any static target.
We are equipping your ship with enough Type-6s to place on the cargo-pods.
You should locate the cache and attach mines to as many cargo pods as possible.

We might have only modest luck in preventing piracy, but this way we might be able to bloody the noses of a few of the pirates.

It is in effect an artificial asteroid, and it is unmanned.
The Gunstar is fitted with multiple automatic cannon.
These high-power cannon fire 2gw particle beam bursts at rapid discharge rates.

We use Gunstars to surround a lagrange point.
The firepower is great enough to take out any unwanted incoming ships.
Frankly they are a much more cost-effective way of protecting a lagrange point than keeping a ship on permanent patrol.

A team of engineers is installing a cluster of 4 Gunstars surrounding the problem Lagrange point in the Ross-128 system.
While they are offline, the Gunstars are vulnerable to attack. Your mission is to oversee the final installation and activation of these units.

You will then assist the Engineers in the final installation and live tests.
The Engineers will need to dock and commission each Gunstar before they will activate. You must defend the location from any attack until all four Gunstars are operational.
We’ve had word that the Indies know we’re installing new defences so be on your guard.

The loss of Commonwealth Navy ships to the Indies is an embarrassment, and something we all want to see an end to.
Our intention is to entrap the Indie ships when they attempt to capture one of our vessels:

Your ship will join this squadron in staging the entrapment

Your ship will serve as the bait in this trap - while the other ships in the squadron, wait for your signal.
Your ship will patrol known problem areas -

Our intention is that you will encounter Indie vessels which will attempt to capture your vessel.

On encountering the Indie ships, your ship will send out an FTL coded pulse.
This will be the signal for the other ships to come to your aid.

The squadron will then intercept and destroy the Indie vessels.
Your mission will be to patrol three sites where an attack of this sort is likely - if you are attacked you should summon assistance from the support squadron and take down the aggressor ships.

Captain, The division has been working for some time on this ship. The LST.

This is a fully-fledged jump capable space-ship which can set down on planets.
It can sustain atmospheric re-entry and perform a vertical take off and landing in environments up to 1.5G

The vessel’s development is now complete but we wish to test it before sending it in to combat.
We are planning an exercise on Feynman in the Proxima Centauri system which is uninhabited.

The field trial will take the form of a simulated planetary raid by a single LST.

During the raid Commonwealth ships will form an adversarial force - codenamed Orange.

The exercise will cover both the landing and take-off phases. In the exercise, you are assigned to Blue force.
Your mission objectives will be to defend the LST during the mission phase from arrival at the Lagrange point - until its entry into the atmosphere.

You should then regroup and accompany the LST on its spaceward journey.
Your vessel can endure only modest atmospheric heating - Orange Coded forces will attempt to prevent the LST making a landing.

Your ship should regroup with the LST on the outward phase of the mission.

The Earth's Moon is used by the Navy for a number of science and research projects.

The asteroids were detected on a course heading for the Moon only minutes ago.

We have looked at the trajectory of the asteroids and projected their course. Without intervention we are looking at a cataclysmic impact.

This would cost us the research facility and of course many lives.

Under these circumstances, your ship appears to be best suited to this mission.
Pressure of time is against you. You should locate the asteroids and destroy them as rapidly as possible.

A warning,~ we suspect foul play here so keep scanning for hostiles.

This is Admiral Brett.
I have decided that the time has come to test the one-man fighter craft in a real combat mission.
We are about to embark on the first active service test of the Commonwealth Fighter (C-Fighter) vessel.

The single seater fighters are designed to fulfil an advance attack role.
To this end, the ships carry high velocity projectile cannon.
Their small size gives them tremendous manoeuvring freedom, with astonishing rates of acceleration and turn.
However, the fighters are too small to have displacement shields so they rely on their speed and manoeuvrability to protect themselves.
The fighters are also too small to have a capsule-drive. So they need interstellar transport to the target area.

For this mission you should rendezvous with the Brazen at this waypoint in Jupiter space.

The fighters will then be launched and will dock with your ship.

You should then carry the ships to the target zone in the Epsilon Indi system.

Once at the target system, you should hold position and allow the fighters to engage their target:

A heavily fortified Indie base bearing 4 cannon clusters. This is a base which has, up-till now, resisted conventional attack.

After the mission has been completed, you should then re-dock with the Fighters and bring them home.
This is their first active service mission so we're counting on you to see that it goes smoothly.

On these presidential flights - security is of paramount importance.
Support vessels form a shield around the President's Ship - your vessel will form part of that shield.

The agenda for the tour will apparently take in the Commonwealth Military Headquarters at the Jovian Lagrange Point.

and then after that - his ship will visit the Mars Terra-forming project

he wants to take a look at the Environmental Adjustment Drone from his ship.

With all the secrecy surrounding this flight - I would be surprised if we have any trouble.
But the President is a very big target - so keep your eyes peeled.

The system has only just been opened up, and has not yet been thoroughly surveyed.
The Navy is assisting the science division in performing the geological survey.

Your ship’s role in this mission will be to support the Geological Survey team.
The Dreadnaught’s starboard accommodation module will be replaced by the Survey’s set-down shuttle. In addition the Magazines on your ship will be fitted with sensor - and remote probe equipment.
You’ll be pleased to know you get to keep your cannons.

For the duration of the mission I will be placing your ship under the command of Captain Helen Fenton of the Geological Survey - she’ll probably stay off the bridge most of the time, but none the less it is her orders you will be following.

I am giving you new orders:

The battle for this system seems to be going against us, and I am certain that the siege will collapse.~~ I fear that the Navy will have to withdraw from this system.

This is a serious matter for those of us in the fleet,~ but there is another problem.

The Navy has been operating a covert observation platform in Midway space, with a sizeable staff on board.

The platform has been used for gathering intelligence on the planet for some time.

The personnel on the station need to be evacuated before we leave the system. I have therefore ordered troop carrier ships to move in and take the personnel on board.

Clearly the ships doing the evacuation are at some considerable risk from attack.

Your role should be to protect and assist the evacuation effort. I don't want to see any more lives lost today.

Our intention is to make an initial raid and place 3000 troops on the surface. These will form a bridgehead - clearing the way for later re-inforcements.

To this end 6 LSTs will be sent in

each with a Corvette wing providing additional cover.

Since the blockade collapsed we have lost control of that area of space and we expect to face enemy fire from the planet and from space vessels.

The main assault force will be carried by the 6 LSTs which will set down at the landing zone.
Each LST will be supported by a Corvette wing ship.
The Command Ship is the Destroyer Hermese and will direct operations during the mission.
A squadron of Patrol Combatants will support the fleet and intercept and any enemy vessels we encounter.
The LST does exhibit a phase of vulnerability during its change from space configuration to atmospheric flight. Furthermore there is a possibility that our enemies are aware of this fact.
It is at this point that the roll of the support corvettes will be vital.

The LST is more vulnerable in its space-configuration than in an atmosphere.
Furthermore there is a possibility that our enemies are aware of this fact.
Your mission is to defend your assigned ship throughout the mission.

We have been concerned for some time over the level of fire accuracy for Commonwealth vessels.

We have therefore decided that all combat crews are required to take a refresher course in basic PBC use.

Report to the Range Station near the Jupiter L4 point where you will be given your instructions for the exercise.

What you see on-screen is an Environmental Adjustment Drone. A 2 kilometre long automated manufacture robot: the key device in the terraforming of barren worlds into places human beings can live.

These automated factories can churn out mechanical drones and biological seeding materials. Here we see the one working on Mars.
The BioBomber (as we call it) can transform a desert world into a living planet in a matter of generations.~.~.~. or for that matter help to keep alive a planet bent on self destruction.

Similar drones are at the moment acting on Venus~~~~, Sigma Draconis 3~~~~, and Earth.

The terraforming mission on Mars has just reported in to say that they have lost contact with their Terraforming Drone.
This might be a routine software error, or it might be something more sinister. Your mission is to investigate the drone and see if you can find out what has happened to it.

A large engineering project is just coming to fruition there - the automated Fuel-Processing station has just gone on line.
These stations process the volatile components of star-ship fuel before transport of the refined fuel.
Processing fuel in-situ reduces the cost of transport.

We suspect that this plant might become a new target for the Independence movement and so we intend to permanently attach a Cruiser to protect the station from attack.

We are pulling out the regular security patrols and the Cruiser: San-Francisco will be placed on permanent attachmment there.

Your mission is to go to the Venturi Colony and pick-up the final engineering crew.

Wait at the station for the San-Francisco to patrol the area.

When the area is secure -

Undock and return to Earth with the engineering crew.

Here are some still images.

Not, I am afraid of the highest quality.
These sightings have caused quite a panic
- and of course it is politically important to keep these people happy.
The talk is of Aliens and the phrase "the black ships" keeps coming up.

To be honest, I am sceptical that what we have here are Aliens.
The ship we see could possibly be a Commonwealth vessel but we have staged no missions in that area.
I also doubt that what we are seeing are Indie vessels.
If that were an Indie ship, someone would have painted a comic-book image on it by now.
Your mission is to investigate the unidentified ship sightings.
A number of candidate way-point sites have been downloaded into your Nav computer.
Check them out and report back.

The markings show the ship to be the "Under New Ownership" - the Indie’s only Destroyer which was captured from the navy six years ago.
We last saw this ship in the battle of the Venturi Colony.... And we now believe it was more seriously damaged than we first thought.
Timings would suggest that it made its way to the Mettalake system using LDS drive only and is probably waiting for fuel or repairs.
I need not remind you that the very fact of this ship being in Indie hands is an extreme embarrassment to the Commonwealth.

An opportunity to re-take the ship - now presents itself.
You shall accompany the destroyer Yale on a mission to recover this vessel.

We are amassing the fleet in Epsilon Indi space. And for this mission we are adopting a new method of attack:
Small fighter spacecraft have always offered a strategic advantage in some battles - the problem, up till now has been transporting a sufficient number of such ships into the target zone.
Let me introduce you to a new addition to the Commonwealth arsenal: The Alabama: the first fully operational fighter-carrier in the Commonwealth fleet.
At over 1.4 kilometres long - The Alabama is capable of carrying over 40 combat ready C-fighters into the field of battle by FTL jumping into the target zone.

However the sheer size of this ship makes her a major target. I am therefore assigning a squadron of Corvettes specifically to defend the Alabama from attack.
The rest of the fleet will be made up from the cruiser Thunder as well as two squadrons of PatComs.
We will then strike at the Indie Asteroid base with the fighters from the Carrier and the PatCom squadrons leading the attack.

The Carrier itself will not directly participate in the assault and will hold position with its escort ships until the attack is over.

In this mission your role is to lead the Carrier defence squadron. You should stick to the carrier under all circumstances - and take whatever measures necessary to protect the ship and its crew from harm. We need this ship back in one piece.

And once again reports of mysterious lights have disturbed the truckers and they are now avoiding an area of space around this moon in the Gulatos system.

To avoid the "alleged" encounters the truckers are diverting to the Lemuel point - which is adding days onto the shipping time.

I am therefore obliged to ask you to investigate this area and report back in two days time.

A thorough patrol path with over 50 way-points has been set up for you to cover.
This could be a long one.

The usual way of doing this is to use a mass-driver to accelerate container pods to above escape velocity and out into space.

The pods are caught in orbit by a decelerator hopper (or bucket) which uses powerful magnetic fields to buffer the pod from impact.

From there the mined materials can be processed.
The mining station on the moon: Lupus has recently installed such a system and has asked for a ship to assist in line-up tests.
You should visit the system and assist the engineering crew.

This Heavy Cannon fires a massive particle-beam discharge.

The cannon body is large and occupies the entire space of one of the corvette’s upper accommodation modules.
Early trials suggest the cannon to be very powerful - but not entirely reliable.
Your mission is to test this mega-cannon on a firing range.
You should fire the weapon at all the designated targets.

This sequence was captured accidentally by the corvette: Niagra.
We see here a massive release of UV and X Ray energy.
The event put out enough radiation to suggest a mass-to energy conversion of about 54 kilogrammes of matter.

Clearly we have a problem with the station.
And one which may be a threat to Earth security.
This might be a natural phenomenom - or something more threatening.
Either way we need to find out more - without risking too many ships.
So here is the bad news: We are sending you in alone; as a forward scout ship to figure out what the hell is happening out there.
One more thing.
Be careful.

This fragment of thermal shielding has been laser-cut with a text message in English - You may be surprised to find that it is a letter from a senior Indie officer and you may be even more surprised to learn that the letter is addressed to you - or rather to the Captain of the Dreadnaught,
I’ll read it for you.....
To Captain Dreadnaught CNV 301
Captain, I write to you as a worthy adversary and a fellow warrior. And despite the fact we are on opposite sides of this current conflict, you're the closest thing within the Commonwealth Navy I have... as someone I can trust.
he goes on -
Something terrible is occurring, within the Independence movement. Steps are being taken within splinter groups to raise the stakes in the war... To intensify the conflict in a way I do not and can-not approve of.
I tell you now captain, I have taken many risks in battle, but none so grave as I do now; I wish to meet with you to offer information which you may find of benefit.
I do so that I can prevent this madness. I will never betray my people or act against them, but I swear I will not see them enter into this folly.
Colin McDuff - April 24

McDuff proposes a meeting between himself and you.
Clearly he cannot simply dock with the nearest Commonwealth base without undermining his position so he proposes a small subterfuge.

You are to "accidentally" encounter his ship on patrol.
And after engaging in combat will destroy it.

However.. Just prior to his ship being destroyed - McDuff will jettison the cab command unit from his vessel.

As long as we keep any other Indies at a safe distance - they will think McDuff dead and withdraw, allowing you to make the rendezvous.
You should meet him and hear what he has to say - but stay on your guard.

This is not an Indie or a Commonwealth base, neither is it alien. If we are right, these are the headquarters of the mysterious black-ships we have been seeing for some time.

We believe this station to represent a new faction: a group of humans with access to advanced military technology.
Our analysts say that this group is a conspiracy of weapons manufacturers and others with a commercial interest in the war.
It is this group which has been assisting the Indies with the aim of perpetuating the war indefinitely.
Up to this point in time there was never any traffic to and from Sirius B because our generation-probes showed there was no stable Lagrange point there to jump to:
Which brings me to a tactical analysis of the station.

We intend to make an assault on this station immediately.
Despite being in a secret location the station is massively armed and encrusted with gun emplacements making a conventional assault impossible.
In this section of the station is this structure which we believe houses a sizeable neutron-star fragment. Certainly enough neutronium to last the Commonwealth for years, and massive enough to make a stable artificial Lagrange-point, granting access to and from the Sirius B system.
With this sort of power a direct assault against the station would be futile, but we have devised a different attack strategy:
Near the station is an area where cargo-transporters are held. Hopefully the black-ships will be too busy protecting the station to worry about the freight ships.
Using remote activation, the Dreadnaught's crew will take control of one of the large transporters.

If the Dreadnaught's crew are successful, they will send the transport into a collision with the base.
We hope this will be enough to take out the guns at one side of the station.
But this will be all we need to bring in our ships and confront the black-ships on more even basis.
If we can keep our ships away from the station's cannon we should be able to press an advantage over the black-ships.

If the fleet is successful, we can play our ace-in-the-hole:
The cruiser:Sword of Vengence has been "modified" to clean-up the station.

To provide security for the conference - a neutral force has been established: SecPat.
It will be made up from both former Indy and Navy crews.
Your mission will be to take part in the security patrol, protecting the conference venue and keeping the peace.
Your wing man will almost certainly be your former enemy.

You are to act with due respect and all courtesy to all shipping - bearing a conference security beacon. But at the same time - watch your six.

When you arrive at the venue you will be committing your ship and crew to the authority of the security patrol.
And it is their orders you must ultimately follow.

You will shortly be joined by a wingman - don’t be too surprised if his paint-scheme is a little wild.
You should be patrolling the conference base area and check out anything out of the ordinary.
There are two areas I am particularly concerned about.
The first is the docking area on the underside of the station....
The second is the Lagrange point. We want to make sure we check out every ship coming in to the system.
This is Yarwood terminating this Briefing document.

It is our considered opinion that ships and men are getting past us - disguised as legitimate or civilian transportation - and we have therefore announced to the population the immediate imposition of a system-wide curfew on all shipping.
The population have been informed that any ships breaking this curfew be fired upon.

Your mission is to support the patrol runs around these key points.
We expect resistance from the population.

You should intercept and destroy all vessels not bearing a New Commonwealth ID beacon.

The Base is located here; within the hollowed out core of an asteroid, located in the Epsilon Eridani system.
Our initial tactical analysis suggested that this would be a sitting target, but a very thorough inspection of the tapes brought back on the Dreadnaught revealed this...

From these images we were able to identify a concealed 400gw pulse plasma cannon.

Our conjecture is that all of the surrounding cluster of asteroids have been fitted with such cannon and these satellite asteroids act as fortified emplacements - much like our own gunstars.

With these guns in place and working - an unwelcome ship anywhere near the main asteroid could survive only for moments before being torn to pieces.

So we have a problem - the guns are so heavily dug into the asteroidal surface that it would be impossible to take them out by direct assault.

But we do believe there is a weakness to this defensive system. These guns are unmanned and controlled remotely with a line of sight optical network. The network features these relay nodes situated between the cannon and the main asteroid. Now if we direct our main assault at the network rather than the base - we can neutralise the guns.

With the guns offline, a team of marines will move in and decommission the asteroid cannon - paving the way for an assault on the main base.

A special Wild Weasel force led by the Dreadnaught and two support Patcoms will make the lead attack - targeting the communication nodes. This will mean flying into the zone protected by the cannon - so the attack squadron should maintain high speeds to avoid being hit. Once the network is down - the squadron should continue to see that it stays down until the marines have decommissioned all the guns.

The central asteroid, is protected by 5 sentry asteroids.

Each of these sentries is fitted with a high power spider-gun.

Any ship flying near the base will be quickly taken out by the cannon.

But there is a weakness in the defence.
The guns are remotely controlled by a tight-beam data network. The network uses these control nodes to relay information to the guns.
If an attacking force could take out the control nodes the guns would go offline and allow a conventional assault on the base.
It is therefore imperative to try and keep the network up and running. We have a limited number of replacement nodes we can launch.
Your mission is to lead the defence of the station. You should draw on wing-men to assist you against King’s fleet.

They show the remains of a hospital ship: The Hippocrates which was carrying wounded people when it was attacked by one of King’s ships.
As an alliance we like to be tolerant - but King’s reign of terror has to come to an end.
I am therefore sending you on a mission to take King down.

Our source was typically vague - we don’t know how the delivery is taking place - but we do have a location (Omicron Eridani) and a time.
I cannot emphasise enough how important it is that we intercept this cargo.
Your mission is to prevent this transfer and block these ships and weapons falling into enemy hands - using all means at your disposal.

Captain - we have received another message from our mutual friend.
It’s bad news I’m afraid - Despite the attack on the base - he assures us that a massive consignment of arms and new vessels is on its way into Indie hands as we speak.
I am giving you command of a squadron of PatCom interceptors.

All Commonwealth shipping. This is Admiral Brett, temporarily in charge of this facility.
This is an emergency situation.
All ships should comply with emergency provision plans 4-Beta.
Those plans should be automatically unlocked by this transmission.
Over and out.

On screen is a type 2 navigation buoy.
We call them rings.
Your objective is to fly the ship along a course made up from a series of such rings.
To complete the course you must fly through the centre of each and every ring in turn.

Colliding with the ring, will result in damage to your vessel.
The total time taken to complete the course will be measured, and the faster you complete it, the more you will score.

You may re-sit this exam at any time in order to improve your score.

During the flight, you will be accompanied by an instructor-pilot in another Corvette.
You should listen to his spoken instructions and you should follow them to the letter.
On completing the course, your instructor-pilot will score your performance.

To complete the exam, four cargo containers have to be moved from their rest position into the cargo hopper.

To do this you should dock with each of the containers in turn and then release the containers when you are on such a trajectory that will result in the container being caught by the hopper.

This is a timed exam.
We will measure the time taken from docking with the first container to the point where the last container enters the hopper.

Your score will be based on how rapidly you complete the task.

Your objective is to destroy all the static targets on the course.
This is a timed test.
To start the exam you must pass through a ring - the timer will stop when the last static target is destroyed.
Once again, your score will be based on how rapidly you complete the task.

These mines will actively attempt to collide with the ship.
You should destroy them before they do so.
You will be marked-down if your ship is damaged.
Your main objective is to destroy a target vessel, which is protected by these mines.

This is a timed test.
Your instructor pilot will offer you guidance as you take the test.

After launch you will encounter a lower-ranking vessel, which you should enlist as your wing-man.
Following that you and your wing should jump into Mars-space to engage in combat with multiple opponents.

I should stress that the only way to succeed in this combat is for you to make use of your wing-man which of course require that you issue orders to him during battle.

You may wish to study the wing-man command-shortcuts before commencing this mission.
On completing the combat - you should return to Saltlake.


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