Allow selection of any LaGrange Point (free exploration mode)
(Please note: This is implemented as a command-line switch in Independence War.)

Originally you could set your own LaGrange Point (LP) destination and go anywhere you want in the game universe, however it was taken out as it made testing the game very difficult when you could ignore your mission objectives and go flying around the galaxy!

There is a way to reactivate the feature but it requires editing one of the files in the game.

This hack is UNSUPPORTED and you edit the file at your own risk. Particle Systems won't answer any queries related to problems caused by activating or attempting to activate this feature!

It involves editing the file SCRIPTS.SLB in the directory PSG\\RESOURCE\\ with a binary editor (one that can handle files of 2 megs).

Using your binary editor, search for "BtNavSelect". It's the sixth occurrence of the line that you're looking for.

The line you want to edit is:

; WIN_BUTT REL,BtNavSelect,SelWin,"SELECT LAGRANGE",3,63,169,12

Make sure it's the one with the semicolon. Replace the semicolon with a space. You'll then find a new button on the Global Space View that allows you to select any LaGrange Point.

Take care though -- back up the SCRIPTS.SLB file first as this option is not thoroughly tested. It could also break some missions if you use it indiscriminately.

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