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Epic: Middle St Epic: Middle States HOT

Before it was renamed to Torn Stars, this mod was called "Epic: Middle States".

Original description:

A total conversion mod that enhances the freeform experience of Trade and Piracy in Edge of Chaos. The Middle States introduces a new cluster and the new occupation of merchant trader, as well as forming a platform for future releases.


  • A new star cluster with well developed background The Middle States.
  • Economic simulation and new occupation of Merchant Trader.
  • Reputation adjusted by player actions such as Piracy.
  • Governments protect innocent shipping and actively pursue pirates.
  • Pirates haunt Lagrange points and prey on merchant shipping.
  • Non Player ships sell equipment, fence cargo and will work as wingmen.
  • A totally new Environmental Music system for added SciFi realism.
  • Modded Flux engine provides excellent graphics and dramatic lighting.
  • Player wingmen are supported. They burn fuel and demand pay.
  • Save Nearly Anywhere better supports a free roaming play style.
Created Friday, 20 February 2015 20:44
Changed Friday, 20 February 2015 20:49
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