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What Rocks Versi What Rocks Version 2 HOT

What Rocks Version 2!

Team Fortress type games

The mod "what_rocksv2" is an expansion to the "I-War2, Edge of Chaos" multiplayer game with
new scripts and ships allowing you to play strategically orientated class based team Games.
The mod presents 4 new game types and a total of 6 different games that can be played on 7 new maps.

New features include destructable stations,  special "Engineer" and "Sniper" ships, and you can
reload and repair your ship by docking to your base. Many of the weapons and missiles introduced
in what_rocksv1 have been further improved and new ones made including visual and acoustical effects.

What rocksv2 can be used with any language version of the original "I-War2, Edge of Chaos" .

See README for install instructions!

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