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Jackson Yard
Jackson Yard
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The League has asked Cal to search the star systems of the Badlands and find help to combat the Marauders. With his new capsule drive, Cal is also ready for his first trip out-system. (NOTE: This save is somewhat 'between missions', but since a the bug of the Jackson's Yard script not running is a recurring problem, I felt this save was warrented. The Player has just finished the Picking up the Pieces mission; to activate the Jackson Yard script the player must travel to the Chickasaw L-Point in Coyote, talk to the ships which approach him, and then travel to Jackson's Yard in orbit of Pennacook.) Current Score: 41055 Current Ranking: Ace Kills: 223 Pods Stolen: 1334 Pirated Value: 4,923,000 Objectives Screen Data: Find help to combat Marauders in other systems.


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