Happy new year! Oh wait...we're a little late to the party, aren't we?

To sum up what has happened in the few months since our latest update: 70.000 total downloads, various Steam sales...let's just say it's easier for us to mention when I-War 2 is not on sale now. Oh, and we had a little talk with Stephen Robertson about the DirectX 8 patch for I-War 2 that is not so mysterious after all.

What else?

  • Momaw has visited our forums and left us high-resolution renders of his two-seated Storm Petrel concept. A lot of thought went into those and they look great. Then he vanished into deep space, never to be seen again. Thanks anyway!
  • IronDuke and ChessKing fought spiders and looked behind some cobwebs, just to find two mods that were still missing in the main download area:
    • Massacre - can destroy all enemies in a 50km radius with the press of a button. Those nuclear warheads are very handy!
    • Hellspawn - replaces the players remote fighter with a more powerful ship.
  • And finally, IronDuke built a new mod: Enhancement of Intelligence for Non-player Ships, or in short: EINS. Yes, he is very proud about this acronym. This mod increases the default AI skill from 80% to 100%. As if I-War 2 wasn't already hard enough!

That's it. Keep looting cargo!

Maybe time for a new Happy New Year post? XD

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