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3 years 4 months ago #20830 by Mesenzio
I-War 2 in VR was created by Mesenzio
Hello everyone,
With the latest versions of dgvoodoo and VorpX, I-War 2 works pretty well in VR.
Due to the lack of freelook it's impossible to have a proper VR experience (which is a shame, since the cockpit is rendered anyway), but it renders correctly in proper 3D and there are no graphical issues.

The only way for me to make it work with VorpX was to run it windowed, but as far as I can tell that creates no issues.
I uploaded the profile on VorpX for whoever wants to try it. I use a 4:3 resolution so not to have the sides of the HUD too far, but you can also set a widescreen one to have more peripheral vision. You can also change the FOV from VorpX.
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