file Succeeded with Wolf's Lair

2 years 10 months ago #20850 by Twobeer

I re-discovered this great game again after 20 years. On my first run I wasn't lucky with Wolf's Lair and couldn't find any working hint, no way. So I had to use this unlovely Workaround-Mod.

This time I succeeded without a cheat or mod. I managed two issues differently:

1) I started the Wolf's Lair mission just after everything else was finished that could be done before (don't know if this matters...).

2) At Dainne II I didn't formate with the soon appearing red Marauder freighter like Clay told me (ok, I tried it too, but it didn't work like all the 1000 times before), but I waited for another freighter, a yellow tagged one from IFNET coming through this L-point later.
Then I fomated with this one, was discovered and attacked by the waiting Marauder Corvettes and I had to survive until the freighter activated LDS.
Soon we both were stopped by a LDSi missile and I could combat the Marauders, reformate withe the freighter and it brought me to the promised land where I could complete this damned mission :cheer:

I just wanted to mention that in case there are still some pilots out there who grow desperate with this mission...

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