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16 years 1 month ago #18161 by Second Chance
This is a continuation of my reply in the banner post.

As some of you may have noticed lately (if your really into gaming mags, like me :D) Star Wars seems to be the franchise du-jour for mods. This is an important thing to be aware of. First; because it means that apparently copyright issues are no longer a limiting factor, and second; because it also means that with our mod already heavily in developement we're perfectly positioned to capitalize on the building SW mod mania. That means lots of attention for our stuff :).

It also means that it's now more important than ever that we come up with a brilliant name for our mod. The "Star Wars EoC Mod" just isn't going to cut it anymore. The floor is completely open on this but the name should be reflective of the mod in some way. I suggested Star Wars: Eternal Battles to reflect that our mod is mostly based around constantly replayable death-match type game play. It's a start, but I think everyone needs to jump in and make suggestions.

Regarding other mods; here's something that caught my attention recently in PC GAMER. It shows you what kind of coverage SW mods are getting, along with an idea of how much work other people are putting into them. This is a trimmed verbetim quote from the mag copy:

Do you know the difference between a Victory-class Star Destroyer Type I and Type II? If so . . . someone out there loves you.

Someone like the makers of Star Wars: Warlords. Though it's still in early beta, this Homeworld 2 mod already includes over 100 different Rebel and Imperial ships from the movies and the expanded universe, letting you re-create massive battles between fleets of every conceivable stripe. Pit Star Destroyers against Mon Calamari cruisers, with squadrons of A-Wings and X-Wings darting after TIE fighters and interceptors. And there's really nothing quite like seeing your Super Star Destroyer dwarf the puny Rebel armada. The mod is "fully operational" at .

I shouldn't have any trouble getting us coverage, but first we need an operational name (and a website too, I would think). So let's here those mod name suggestions! [8D]

Here's the running list of mod title suggestions:

Star Warriors
Space Warriors
Space Rivals
Close to Heaven
Friends and Foes
Mates in Space
Watch your Six
T wars - Together we are really strong
Space Infinity
STAR WARS: Eternal Battles
STAR WARS: Eternal Defiance
STAR WARS: The Independent Battles
STAR WARS: Juggernaut
STAR WARS: Acts of Defiance
STAR WARS: Descent into Chaos
STAR WARS: Chaos Campaign
STAR WARS: Last Stand
STAR WARS: Merciless
STAR WARS: Persistency
STAR WARS: Infinity
STAR WARS: The Challenge
STAR WARS: Glory Fighters
STAR WARS: Combat Fighters/Pilots
STAR WARS: Fighter Pilot
STAR WARS: Pilot Challenge
STAR WARS: Forgotten Edge
STAR WARS: Pushing the Stars
STAR WARS: Gold Leader
STAR WARS: Rebel Patrol
STAR WARS: Second Chance
STAR WARS: Battle Fleet
STAR WARS: Freedom
STAR WARS: Engagement
STAR WARS: Where Angels Dare
STAR WARS: Nightflight to Venus
STAR WARS: Angels and Devils
STAR WARS: Face Death Mod
STAR WARS: Space Raiders
STAR WARS: Rebels vs Imps
STAR WARS: Circus Maximus
STAR WARS: Morituri te Salutant
STAR WARS: Space Gladiators
STAR WARS: Combat Space Arena
STAR WARS: Between the Stars
STAR WARS: Lost Souls
STAR WARS: Combat League
STAR WARS: Fight Club
STAR WARS: Live And Let Die
STAR WARS: Dueling Squadrons
STAR WARS: Make My Day
STAR WARS: The Art of War
STAR WARS: Gunship
STAR WARS: Eye for Eye
STAR WARS: Krieger
STAR WARS: Who wants to live forever
STAR WARS: Field of Honour
STAR WARS: Edge of Force
STAR WARS: Hoffers Wake
STAR WARS: Dust in the moonlight
STAR WARS: Wing of Glory

Hopefully these will serve as a springboard for more ideas.
Let's get brainstorming! :D
The Ultimate Guide To Modding: I-War 2 - Edge Of Chaos (on hold during SW MP mod)

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16 years 1 month ago #10745 by MajorTom
I get your point! Very good! "Eternal Battles" is a good start but can we perhaps add a word to hint at an association to I-War?
How about "Eternal Defiance" or "Star Wars: The Independent Battles"

I think we should shy away from noteing it's primarily based on deathmatch as thats not too popular nowadays. We do have a lot of strategic potential and roll based play. Also there will be coop missions/game play. (The botmatch is a coop game already!)

I also agree we need a website, I just don't have the time to do it, because I have to somehow earn enough money (on the side ;) ) to pay my rent and eat at least.

Iwar2 Multiplayer Fan Site

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16 years 1 month ago #10759 by Second Chance
Good thinking, butI don't think an I-War association in the title will work. It just doesn't sound right. But the idea of association in general is a sound one. How about if we added a tag line to the bottom of the logo that says "an Independence War mod" or something. Would that work for you?

It's much more important that the title be catchy and exciting than a too literal interpretation of the mod, I just thought something that reflected gameplay might be helpful. And certainly if there's more than the Deathmatch aspect that should be considered.

The title is going to be one of the most important decisions made, and so must be considered carefully before anything final is arrived at. We're going to need tons of suggestions, and to help us work through the various incarnations I'm going to add a running list of suggested names to my top post. This will help us brainstorm.

Does everyone agree that the title should be prefaced by "Star Wars:" like everything else associated with it? Or maybe we could break with tradition for the sake of interest and put it behind the title, or even leave it off altogether and just use the distinctive Star Wars font for identification. Everyone needs to add their opinions please. :)
The Ultimate Guide To Modding: I-War 2 - Edge Of Chaos (on hold during SW MP mod)

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16 years 1 month ago #10761 by Tarcoon
"star wars" is a must - a nice title for the mod should be added by you guys, my english is not good enough for that. One impressive word would be great.
Of course there should be a hint to eoc - people will need it to play the mod - a tag line will do.
As Second Chance mentioned in the other thread we should seperate our mod from all the actual sw games out there. The first impression should be different - I'd prefer no star wars font nor an eoc style.
I used "mirco mieps phat" for the banners - no capitals and a contrasting colour to the background. Simple plain text, no 3d gimmicks. (I didn't want to over-emphasize the text)

I'll make some other banners with minor 3d effects - you may judge them...

There is no safe distance

There is no safe distance

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16 years 1 month ago #10764 by Shane
Be impressive... be flashy...

Star Wars: Juggernaut


<font size="1"><font face="Book Antiqua"><font color="black">"Never before in the history of the world had such a mass of human beings moved and suffered together. This was no disciplined march; it was a stampede-- without order and without a goal, six million people unarmed and unprovisioned, driving headlong. It was the beginning of the rout of Civilisation... of the massacre of Mankind."
--H. G. Wells The War Of The Worlds</font id="black"></font id="Book Antiqua"> </font id="size1">

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16 years 1 month ago #10767 by Tarcoon
I used "star wars rebellion" for some demo banners.

There is no safe distance

There is no safe distance

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