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While this is not the right thread to discuss this game (maybe Schmatzler can move the posts in a separate thread?), I think it is important to note that MWO had one of the fairest pricing models of the industry. You do *not* have to pay a single cent to be successful in this game. On the contrary, this is NOT a P2W game at all. After all, it doesn't matter if you buy a Hero or Champion Mech for real money, you still need to be able to play it. And I think that is where the issue is. After all, what "better gear" would that be? You can buy any weapon for ingame currency. It's not even that you need Premium Time, that only gives you a 30% boost for the money you earn (and experience points as well).

Regarding the argument of "grinding", well, unlike typical F2P games with their raids in instances MWO is an MMO game where you go solely against other players. And that makes every encounter and every battle unique. You can also try yourself at Faction Play (depending on time of day you may have some waiting times), as it offers three gaming modes of which the Scouting Missions are the most fun.

And balancing is, on the contrary, quite well done: As a Tier 4 player (where tier 5 is the worst) you get into matches with Tier 3-5 players. This makes the battles pretty exciting.

And lastly, MWO is a game that begs for "dropping" in a fixed group, as this is not only the most fun (because talking and swearing and laughing with your makes), but also as coordination in TeamSpeak is a MUST!

Anyway, you seem to have made up your mind not to like this game. Shame, but it can't be helped. Did you have a look at the BattleTech game that was recently financed through Kickstarter?

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4 years 10 months ago - 4 years 10 months ago #20470 by Bozobub
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As I said above, I'm perfectly aware you don't have to pay; you're free to grind for hundreds of hours, instead :S . Sorry, not even close to interested, especially since that grind occurs along with some of the worst-balanced matchups I have ever seen. No, it is NOT fun being smeared by people with far better rides and equipment for 20-30 hours (or more) at the tiers you play against, thenkyew.

Your argument about P2W is also insufficient; you think people pay for better equipment because there is not a direct advantage? No. The bought/heavily ground-for mechs are quite easily shown to be FAR superior overall, of course, or no one would want them. I also am no nooblet at Mechwarrior combat, as a long-time MW4: Mercs player (13+ years, so far).

Nor am I alone in my assessment, as both this thread and a quick googlin' will reveal.

You're certainly allowed to like the game, but don't go thinking that matters to anyone else's experience =) ; MWO's new player and retention statistics thoroughly back me up on this. It's not quite as egregious as World of Tanks, but the model still stinks to high heaven.

Edit -> This review and its comments from 2015 sum up how I feel about MWO pretty well.

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4 years 10 months ago #20471 by IronDuke
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The fact that I was basically raised on I-War 2, as well as the other games I played a lot, means that I am very much a lone wolf player. I've never been a part of a clan. I've only got a couple of friends with whom I play multiplayer friends, one of them my brother, and the others took hundreds of gameplay hours for me to join.
I'll probably not be re-trying the game, as not only do I not have enough time, since the fun seems to rely on being in a clan.


I-War 2 Discord:
Very little about the game is not known to me. Any questions you got, throw them at me. :)

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