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WHAT IS TATTOO? Tattoo is a texturing tool designed to assist in the creation of realistic and lifelike textures for 3D models.


WHY USE TATTOO? Even with properly set up UV mapping, it is a difficult job to be able to create a realistic Textured Skin for your 3D models. This is because a 3D skin is created from a 2D image by mapping sets of triangles onto the 2D Texture. Unfortunately it's a very unnatural way of working to have to draw images onto a 2D representation of a 3D object, then 'map' these back onto points. It is a bit like wanting to paint a face onto an Orange, but having to peel the orange first, then paint it, then stick it back together. Tattoo cuts through all of this to allow you to paint directly onto your mesh!

This is freeware.


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