compress Game comparison: I-war and Farming Simulator

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I have been playing Farming Simulator 2013 a lot recently, and have much enjoyed it. I have noticed some interesting things between them that I would like to share.

I-war 2 seems to take most people (including me) a long time to play. So does FS2013. It has a single map, and a lot of expensive machinery that would take a long time to save up the money to buy. However, that is not the end of either of these games as both are moddable. it seems that Farming Simulator is much more popular than I-War 2, and at least half a dozen mod sites exist, containing thousands of mods, including at least fifty new maps to play on. Many of these mods are buggy though. There's no point trying to download all of them, I just download what I like. I-War 2 has many fewer mods, but a few of these are total conversions, greatly adding to the game time.

Another similarity between the games is the nations it is distributed to and the languages used. I have seen much English and German for both games. One of the mod sites for FS is almost entirely German, and has many mods not available on other sites. Good thing I'm learning German, I can usually get a rough idea of what a mod does. In addition, the default FS maps are German, and most of the brands are German as well. There is a DLC available that adds an American map, and expands on some machinery brands.

On the other hand, there is a major difference that will be amplified over the years. The Farming Simulator franchise has been releasing a new version every year, although some are designed for specific platforms. FS15 came out recently, but FS16 has already been released for mobile. A similar thing was done with the Hunting Unlimited series. The first games took off because of their originality and quality for the time, but release after release, year after year, the graphics barely improved. Compare this to I-War. There is a big difference between both games, making a sequel much more meaningful. Not to mention that I-War actually has a storyline...

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