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Mikhael's Mikhael's Navy HOT

This collection of ship mods to replace many vessels in Independence War 2 with Mikhael's own personal Navy. I'll be constantly expanding these mods, and thus, this file, as I tweak existing ships, make new ones and apply new things that I learn. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

--"Molly" Class Tug - A Babylon5 inspired tug design. Note that it cannot mount T-Fighters
--"Waterdancer" Class Cruiser - A 1.1km supercruiser, much tougher than corporate heavy cruisers. Currently replaces various cruisers
--"Braavosi Mk1" Class SuperCorvette - I suppose that really makes her a Frigate. A 280m extra heavy corvette. It replaces the various marauder cutters.
--"Braavosi Mk2" Class SuperCorvette - Again, a frigate. The Mk2 model is sleeker and sexier than the blocky Mk1 design. This one replaces the player Heavy Corvette.
--In order to cut down on the number of visible turret there are on some ships, I have created very wide arc cannons for nonplayer ships.
--Because some turrets are too large, I've created my own turret avatar
--The Molly has an upgraded point defence turret
--A custom Encyclopedia section about the ships in Mikael's Navy. It currently only contains mod info, but will contain a proper set of ship write ups from the corporation that builds these ship designs.

--All of Mikhael's Navy lacks textures.

Other info:

Your mileage may vary. May the Force be with you.
Special thanks to:
--PhReAk (his ships got me started)
--The Claw (his advice was indispensible)
--Venom2506 (good conversation leads to good ideas)
--Thorn (initial testing and encouragment)
--Warlock (he lets me spam him about a game he doesn't play)

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