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Jet Weapons Tw Jet Weapons Tweaks HOT

Various Weapons/Ammo/Systems tweaks.

Ammo pods tweaks:
Gatling Cannon ammo pods now 500 (was 200),
Blizzard rockets pods now hold 80 (was 60),
Deadshot missiles pods now hold 25 (was 70),
Deathblow missiles pods now hold 12 (was 15),
Decoys pods now hold 80 (was 70),
Short Range LDSi missiles pods now hold 45 (was 25),
Mining charges pods now hold 20 (was 15),
Remote missiles pods now hold 15 (was 10),
Seeker missiles pods now hold 35 (was 40).
Weapons effects tweaks:
Deadshot missile explode radius reduced to 3 (was 4),
LDSi 3000 missile lifetime increased to 60 (was 20),
Blizzard rocket damages increased to 360 (was 160),
Basic missile level decreased to 0.3 (was 0.4) lowered acceleration and speed values and slighly decreased damages,
Seeker missile level increased to 0.7 (was 0.5),
Gatling PBC bolt (unused) now has cargo pod type, changed avatar to assault_cannon_bolt, changed name to assault cannon burst.
Fast Light PBC bolt was added range limited to 2km, apart from this same as Light PBC bolt.
Comm Laser length set to 5000m, as per encyclopedia.
Systems/Sub-systems tweaks:
Active Sensors 5 - fixed associated cargo pod name,
Passive sensors 5 - fixed associated cargo pod name,
Passive sensors 4 - fixed ID range to 75000 (was 20000),
Achillies Missile launcher - prohibited salvo fire
Disruptor Missile launcher - prohibited salvo fire
Pulsar Missile launcher - prohibited salvo fire
PBC targetter - now use PBC bolt firey (which gives slightly better range as per encyclopedia)
Remote missile Launcher - increased max_ammo_count to 2 (was 1),
Proximity Minelayer - increased max_ammo_count to 3 (was 2),
Seeker Minelayer - increased max_ammo_count to 4 (was 2),
Smart Decoy magazine - decreased max_ammo_count to 5 (was 8),
Gatling Cannon - increased max_ammo_count to 500 (was 200) and ammo_count to 500 (was 200),
Assault Cannon - changed projectile to Gatling PBC Bolt,
Longbow Sniper Cannon - increased max_ammo_count and ammo_count to 40 (was 20),
PBC rapid fire - increased capacity to 1700 (was 1300),
Dock on Turret - added no_jitter flag, changed bolt type to PBC (was light pbc),
Point Defence Turret - no_jitter flag added, shot_energy_cost set to 5 (was 50), used fast light PBC bolt and wider movement angles for the turret,
LDSi 3000 missile magazine - decreased max_ammo_count to 3 (was 4).

Fusion Injector - added pod_power_factor=*1.1 (need AM power pod to work),
Secondary Ring - added pod_power_factor=*1.084 (need AM power pod to work).
Created by Jet (Jerome Tournier) <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

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