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Puffin with Turret
Puffin with Turret
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This file replaces the Command Section in the normal game with a Turreted Puffin and the Storm Petrel in Instant Action.

 This is the old style tug if you remember from I-War 1 (I bet Clay does ;)

This one's not that useful, but is fun. I always liked the design. Note that I used a LARGE weapon mountpoint, I decided this is ok for this model since it's a workhorse and can only have one weapon.

1 Large Weapon Mount
1 PBC Turret  (Tracks anything 360 around by 180 overhead firing a PBC. :)

1 LDA Mount (Shield defends only upper hull.)
Countermeasure Launcher

REMEMBER: It's still an old mule even with a turret. You only have one shield and this tug isn't that tough compared to "today's" (did I say that?) weaponry.


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