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Improved Tug (with sound fixes)
Improved Tug (with sound fixes)
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This modification replaces the original Tug with my improved/fixed Tug.

I created this version of the Tug due to some sound bugs in the original player ships supplied by Particle Systems. The main engine sound played at the wrong times and no other ship sounds played because they were not set up correctly.

I have fixed all of the Engine and Maneuvering Jet sounds for all 3D directions which is an especially large improvement for those lucky enough to have surround sound on their computer.

No other changes were made in order to preserve the IWar experience as PS intended. This change will not affect any other changes PS made in the patches up to version 14.6. I hope this fix brings you greater enjoyment and immersion for an otherwise incredible game.

 - Qlippoth


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