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Free Form Free Form Mode HOT

This mod allows you to play Edge Of Chaos in free-form mode, once you've completed it. You'll get to keep all your cargo, trades, etc and you can also jump between the two clusters, giving you unprecedented total access to the whole Edge Of Chaos universe!

To enable free form mode you must turn on the mod, then play through and complete the final mission. The game will then ask if you wish to go into free-form mode. If you accept, the game will:

1. Resurrect your base, placing it in Santa Romera.

2. Give you back the Storm Petrel.

3. Let you to travel between clusters by capsule jumping through the jump accelerators.

3. Add trades for Antimatter Remotes and Mines. (1 pod of any Antimatter cargo type for a pack of weapons).

Important Notes:
You must play through and complete the final mission to get the free form mode option.

When the mod places you back in the base, save the game so you can continue to play in free-form mode.

When you save the game the act number will be 4 to show you are in free-form mode.

Your inventory, trades, recycling units and email are left intact, so you can continue to trade for and manufacture items you may have missed in the single player game.

You must jump manually between clusters because the autopilot cannot compute a route between them. You can jump manually by travelling to the cluster's jump accelerator and manually selecting the L-Point destination. To jump from Santa Romera  to Formhault target the Liberty L-Point and select the Remek L-Point jump destination, and vice-versa for Formhault to Santa Romera.

As the autopilot cannot fly you between clusters the instant back-to-base feature won't be available when you are in the Gagarin cluster. You must jump back to the Badlands cluster first.

The mod keeps the same faction ratings as when the game ended, so you'll find that the League, etc, will be friendly, and Maas will be hostile. If you're looking for some action, visit a Maas base!

Keep the mod enabled while playing in free form mode, or any save games created while using it will not work.

If you turn this mod on / off after playing a game session, you will need to quit back to the desktop and restart the game to register the change.

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Also known as Sandbox Mode. Another mod that does what it says. Quite fun if you just want to pirate with all the top tech. Or maybe you just wanna annihilate everything with AM remotes. Up to you. B)

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