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Selectable Powe Selectable Powerups HOT

Fancy a mining laser jousting match?

This mod allows you to specify the list of powerups that are available in a multiplayer game on a per-scenario basis.

For instance, you could restrict powerups to just beam weapons, or add your own customised powerups.

This mod only affects the server behaviour, therefore it is not necessary for clients to have the mod installed or active if they wish to join your game.


Because the mod system is incompatible with the server application, you have to manually copy the imputils.pkg file into game's resource/packages directory in order for the mod to work.

Configuration Information

The multiplayer game will look for a new section called [PowerUpList] in its packge ini file, which should contain a list of powerup resources.

I.e. if you have selected to play bombtag, then the game will look in the resource/multiplayer/packages/bt.ini file.

If no PowerUpList section is present, then the game will revert the old behaviour, which you can also get by setting the PowerUpList section to the following:

powerup[] = ini:/sims/power_ups/weapon_proximity_minelayer
powerup[] = ini:/sims/power_ups/weapon_seeker_minelayer
powerup[] = ini:/sims/power_ups/weapon_pbc_neutron
powerup[] = ini:/sims/power_ups/weapon_assault_cannon
powerup[] = ini:/sims/power_ups/weapon_pbc_sniper
powerup[] = ini:/sims/power_ups/weapon_mining_laser
powerup[] = ini:/sims/power_ups/weapon_deadshot_missile
powerup[] = ini:/sims/power_ups/weapon_antimatter_beam
powerup[] = ini:/sims/power_ups/health_60pc
powerup[] = ini:/sims/power_ups/weapon_hammer_rocket

Every time the game generates a new powerup, it will choose one from the list randomly, if you want to give unequal weight to certain powerups, then add duplicate lines to the section.

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