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5 MP3 files (96kbps) from the original soundtrack that were once available on the official Independence War website.

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A screensaver for Independence War: Defiance

Just click on the .exe and select it in the Windows settings.

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Desktop Themes that change sounds, icons and the background of Windows.

For Windows 98, you need Microsoft Plus. XP works out of the box. For Windows 7 and later, click here.

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This is Craig A Clarke's Lightwave Dreadnaught for use in 3ds Max or other modeling programs.

It was made publically available on the Atari forums in 2005 and converted to 3ds by SecondChance.

This isn't 100% accurate and made from web references, but still very impressive.

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Forgetting the controls all the time? Get this card, print it out and put it where your eyes can see it (preferably your screen).

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The wallpapers from the official website that is long gone now.

They are available in 800x600 and 1024x768.

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ATARI cut together a little different trailer. Apparently they use the German voiceovers in it, even on their default website.

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This is the official Demo trailer from the I-War website.

There was also another one, but the resolution of that one was so bad, that I will leave it out.

This one is 320x240.

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These are all of the paper models from the now defunct website

Some of them were still available on - thanks to davel and Andy for supplying all of the missing ones!

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An old trailer for the original version of I-War 1.

November/1997 Bomico Xmas-CD

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The english manual for the Deluxe Edition of I-War. Thanks to jetski for sharing it with us.

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The full Ship Identification Chart - 6600x4578 resolution.

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