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I-War 1 - Launcher
I-War 1 - Launcher
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I-War launcher is a small utility which makes it easier to launch I-War / Independence War if you're experimenting with custom missions. Just select the desired options and click the launch button.

The options should be pretty much self-explantory. They are corresponding to the command line options for I-War, which are documented in the readme with comes with the 3dfx patch.

I-War launcher requires that you have the 3dfx patch for I-War installed on your system. It has been tested with the 1.24 version ONLY, but should work with older versions too.

If you want to launch custom/selfmade missions you need to get the deslab/development kit first and follow the included instructions. Basically, this will extract the compressed .slb archives found in the psgresource directory.


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