Duke's Weapon Overhaul

1 year 8 months ago #20890 by IronDuke
I got bored and decided to effectively copy-paste some stuff I did a long time ago for my big overhaul mod, before it spiraled upwards into the remake project. This mod changes 4 redundant weapons into plug-in upgrade modules for PBC based weapons, gives the dock-on auto turret a PBC rather than light PBC, and gives the dubiously-effective point defense turret a much higher fire rate.

Weapons converted:
Cryo PBC: reduces weapon heat generation
Rapid-fire PBC: doubles fire rate
Wide-arc PBC: doubles gimbal arcs
Recoil-damped PBC: eliminates jitter (dispersion)

Very little about the game is not known to me. Any questions you got, throw them at me. :)

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