Pirate-AIO v.1.0.1 FINAL

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> Pirate-AIO v.1.0.1.zip <

Okay, after playing a bit I realized that ship models are not unique to the player, so if you add a pirate patcom, or corvette then EVERY patcom, or corvette ends up with the pirate flag which is kind of sucktacular.  However there is one thing that is unique to the player...the Command Section.  So I've created a new texture mod that uses more basic looking ships (they are slightly modified still) only now the Command Section wears the jolly roger.

I've had issues getting the advanced patcom to display the modified comsec properly.  I've made the texture for it 6 or 7 times and haven't managed to fix it.  I cannot figure out what the deal is, but I am still working on it.  I used the exact process I used for the other ships so it doesn't make sense that there is a problem.  I haven't ruled out the possibility that it's a conflict with my system somehow.  If I solve the issue I'll update this post.

And this only includes textures, no systems are modified.


Pirate-AIO v.1.0.1.zip <==Linky


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Replied by schmatzler on topic Pirate-AIO v.1.0.1 FINAL
Thank you!

I've put all of your mods into a dedicated section now:

Let me know if you want to change anything in there. :)

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