Jump-Gate Sadness

1 year 3 months ago #20895 by Atheist Antichrist
When jumping from one system to another, I find that I spend a remarkable amount of time sitting and waiting my turn to enter the jump-point.  For some reason, I'm automatically at the end of the queue behind every other ship in the solar system even though I'm at the L-Point ahead of anyone else.  If I want to initiate the jump inside of 18 hours I have to basically commit Ctrl+Alt+X+genocide against every other ship within sensor range before my ship will decide to jump.

I remember having a very similar experience back in the day and I wonder if anyone knows why this occurs, and what - if anything can be done about it.  Is there a tweak of some sort that can give me priority at L-points, because jumping manually seems to be something of an issue that depends on factors with unknown variables.  For instance, is there a minimum speed that one must reach before the jump event can be triggered?  Is there a maximum speed after which the event can't be triggered?  I-War 2 is an exceptional game but i dread every story event that requires me to travel to another system because it usually requires me Ctrl+Killing every ship within 100 light years which is tedious. 

"It's better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt"
-Mark Twain

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1 year 3 months ago #20897 by Mikelos
Replied by Mikelos on topic Jump-Gate Sadness
Not sure if you're asking in the second part if there's a set of criteria for ensuring you can use the jump gates manually and reliably, but there's a brief description of how to do it at the top of this page: www.i-war2.com/documents/help/faq/faq-gameplay

Effectively, you just set your departure jump gate and the destination jump gate via the map, and then fly straight at the center of the jump gate for a manual jump (speed shouldn't matter). As I recall, the interface for selecting jump points is pretty crappy in the vanilla game, but the Particle team released a location finder mod that makes this much simpler.

Multimod is a pre-requisite for these.

MULTIMOD: i-war2.com/downloads/download/39-particle-systems/8-multimod
LOCATION FINDER MOD: i-war2.com/downloads/download/39-particl...tion_finder_multimod
KILL ALL SHIPS WITHIN 50KM: i-war2.com/downloads/download/14-unassociated-mods/415-massacre

I seem to recall that sometimes if you came at it manually from the incoming traffic side (red), it would not register - but I'm fairly certain that as long as you're at least approaching it perpendicular to the standard vectors (i.e. intercept it between the red and blue cones from the side), it should always register a manual jump if your destination is set.

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