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MS-01x Executor Class Interceptor MS-01x Executor Class Interceptor MOD HOT

Basic Executor: Allows you to fly Executor Interceptor. Max velocity is 3000 m/s, just to let you now. It is capable of using four light weapons.
Only chance to the original ship is now, that it can carry Aggressor shield. Main reason I added it, is the following... If you don’t have aggressor shield and the module which activates it automatically, you may die when exiting the capsule jump as you collide with the other ship when both exit at the same time from the capsule.
+ Maximum velocity 3000 m/s
- Poor armor, avoid missiles at all cost!

Heavy Executor: This one is modified version of the basic. More durable, better firepower but losing in speed and manoeuvrability. Holds power of four light and heavy mountpoints. Has also two shields (lda) giving it better stand against it’s enemies.
+ 4 heavy mountpoints
+ Better hull, armor
+ Two shields
- Maximum velocity 2000 m/s

How to fly?
Executor Basic: To fly Executor, select Command Section in the single player game.
Executor Heavy: To fly the the heavy version, select Tug ***NOTE: T-Fighters cannot be used***
**Instant action versions coming out soon**

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