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Unstable Space Unstable Space Beta HOT

WARNING This version may cause freezes. The low-res version is highly recommended
This is the Unstable Space Beta. To play, you will first need to do a fresh install of EoC.
Then be sure to apply the f14.6 patch (available at this site). Thereafter install the game and play.
Created Friday, 20 February 2015 20:36
Changed Tuesday, 19 May 2015 06:31
Version 11.7
Size 160.8 MB
Downloads 1,476
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*Sigh* This thing is awesome. Really awesome. But it seems to have died. The site sometimes goes down for weeks, there has been no activity there all year, and it's still in Beta.
Anyway. My personal impression of this thing: Elite: Dangerous Offline. I'm not kidding; the only thing in ED that isn't in here is bounty hunting. Oh, and Powerplay, but who misses that. You can mine, you can be a pirate, you can trade. You just can't bounty hunt. I never played this for very long though. I get depressed when I think about this project's abandonment. Also, I find sandbox games hard to get into. I like story lines.
Anyway, the attention to detail in this one would shame AAA companies. Solid trade routes, a stunning backstory that leaves you wondering in suspense, well-thought out factions, and the various gameplay aspects are simply incredible.
I gotta stop, I'm getting depressed again.

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