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Disruptor Gun Tu Disruptor Gun Turret HOT


Have fun, fly around and disrupt ships and gunstars

with this Disruptor gun turret Mod.


How to use:

Start the game, select your favourite ship and launch.

You’ll notice something is docked to your ship

It’s your shiny new Disruptor Gun Turret!!

Press the Keybind and you jump to your Disruptor Gun Turret.

In the Turret you can fire the disruptor cannon. And, also pilot your ship

To jump back to your cockpit press the keybind again.

Larger ships and gunstars require 4 to 6 hits

Medium ships between 2 or 3 hits

The Comsec CANNOT support a Disruptor Turret.
You can’t switch to the disruptor turret when you’re docked

Created Tuesday, 16 December 2014 09:00
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