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Seeking Hoffer as Le Seeking Hoffer as Leader HOT

After enlisting the Third Way's help in Eureka, Clay theorizes that Freddie Jackson, at Jackson's Yard in Coyote, is actually Franklyn Hoffer, the founder of Hoffer's Wake. Cal is ready to test this theory and, should it be true, see if he can enlist Hoffer as the commander for the Resistance against the Marauders. Current Score: 69325 Current Ranking: Vetran Kills: 371 Pods Stolen: 1746 Pirated Value: 6,317,000 Objectives Screen Data: Find help to combat Marauders in other systems. Find enough pilots to fly MCA fleet vessels. Investigate Clay's theory about Fredrick Jackson at Jackson's Yard. "Momma Wolf" Meet convoy at rendevous point.
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