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Unifica Unification HOT

The police, the government, the League, the Junkers, the Carva Cartel and the Stepsons are all gathering together near Greenback in the Hoffer's Wake system to prepare for an attack on a Marauder base. And Cal's been invited to the party. SPECIAL NOTE: Act II missions do not always follow the same order. During this particular play-through I ended up with a choice of two missions at the same time: Blockade Runner and Unification. I chose the Blockade Runner first. Since the Blockade Runner mission was completed first, the player now has the Advanced Patcom for use during Unification. This might not be acceptable for players who need the Unification save/mission but are still in the tug. Most players want to earn the Patcom on their own. So, if you need the Unification mission/save, but are still in the tug (and want to earn the Patcom on your own), DOWNLOAD THE BLOCKADE RUNNER SAVEGAME. In that particular save, neither Unification nor Blockade Runner have been performed (but both are offered) and the player is still in the tug. Current Score: 43015 Current Ranking: Vetran Kills: 236 Pods Stolen: 1396 Pirated Value: 5,108,000 Objectives Screen Data: Find help to combat Marauders in other systems. "Unification" Meet with fleet at rendevous point.
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