I know we are all experiencing COVID-19: Edge of Chaos right now and it's putting heavy restrictions on our lives.
Not everything has to be bad, though. Maybe you will find the time to come back to the Independence War games, just like we do every once in a while.

There are some news to be shared.

First of all, the website for the I-War paper models seems to have been gone for good. It wasn't really a surprise, because that site had been hard to reach for ages. I'm still an idiot and didn't do any backups. That'll teach me a lesson!
Someone else did, though - davel from our forums uploaded most of the paper models and I've added them to the downloads section now, so you can start building again:

Independence War Paper Models

Have fun!

Second topic on the agenda: Discord. We've had a channel for ages (IronDuke created one), but I never really used it, so it was a bit neglected here.
That has changed - you can access Discord by clicking on the icon on the top right or using this link:


Come join us and we can reminisce about the past and all of our favorite space games!


Last but not least: We've got an amazing new texture mod by Lard.
This replaces all of the textures in the game with higher-resolution equivalents and increases their sharpness and details.

Lard has used some advanced A.I. to create these textures - if you want to find out more about the technical details, you can read those up on the forums.

Download the mod here:

Lard's Texture Mods


That's all for now.
Stay safe.

- schmatzler



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