If you ever wanted to experience how I-War started out, you can do so now on Steam. And by "now" we mean since August 10th, 2016.

That's right! Atari has sneaked in the first game of the series without any announcements at all, so we stumbled over it by accident six months later. Better a late announcement than none at all!

The game works, but it doesn't look like a lot of care went into this release.

According to the Steam forums,it was mixed up with an Alone in the Dark title just after the release. Launching the game was fixed very quickly, but the game image still refers to a completely different title:

Come on, Atari. How hard can it be to fix that header image for I-War 1?

To finish up the sloppy release, a direct copy of the GOG files was put up onto Steam - it comes with useless goggame.dll and launcher files and the included 3Dfx Glide renderer (nGlide) doesn't work by default.

This brings back the known bug of the game crashing when the player crosses a Lagrange point. It can either be fixed by following the guide in our TechFAQ or the instructions from Steam user Basstrom87.

Summarization: Nice to have, if you are a collector and want to complete your Steam game library. Otherwise, stick to the userfriendly GOG version.

I can highly recommend to replace the nglide files with dgVoodoo2, this can greatly improve the graphics performance.
I use the following setting with great satisfaction:
3Dfx Card "free to configure", Onboard RAM "32MB", Texturing "16384 kB"
the game was not playable before that
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