file DX7sound Crash and unable to save

5 years 10 months ago #19720 by Blazing
While messing around i did find both causes now apparently the save issue is really simple... GOG did something stupid in there last installer it does not make the "saves" folder i downloaded a older installer from hard searching the net and yea... that installer did give me the saves folder and works fine.

The sound issue is sound chip on the motherboard related i tried a compleatly diffrent codec and it didn't change a thing while on my new gaming laptop (I had one ordered and it came in two days ago finally) the game runs 100% perfectly it had the save issue too from the newest GOG installer so i used the old installer its all fine now.

In short... the save problem is a mistake from GOG's installer missing the saves folder on install
the sound issue is hardware related because even changing to microsoft's own codec didn't work and my laptop has the same codec as my desktop and it worked perfectly there but has a older sound chip

Yea long post again but i hope it clears up the issues for maybe feature people i can play now on my laptop instead

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