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12 years 2 weeks ago #19095 by Seb666
dagda mission was created by Seb666
Hi everyone,
I start the dagda back door mission, I destroy all mines and when enemy ships attacks the game freeze (can't return to windows: reset).
Any ideas ?

My config : EOC v14.6 (latest patch installed)
WinXP sp2
Core 2 Duo E8500
Nvidia GTX 260

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12 years 6 days ago #16848 by Seb666
Replied by Seb666 on topic dagda mission
Well, I know now that lots of people have similar problem : entering the Dagda system will crash the game in few minutes...

I don't know why this bug occurs, but i notice something strange : during the dagda backdoor mission, the autopilot stops at the center of the Pestur L-Point neer Mwari I in Mwari system that leads to dagda (maybe he thinks we are arrived: bad L-point information that lure the autopilot and makes the game unstable ?), then the mission begins (don't know why, this happens only once) and I'm able to see in the contact list the marauders ships intercepting the friendly ships in dagda (I was still in Mwari system !). Using the cheat keys I killed all marauders and win this mission. I don't know what thing activate the mission script when I was in Pestur L-Point, I will investigate this point...

There is something wrong with dagda somewhere...
Maybe the whole dagda system is badly defined and a part of it is inside another system... Is there someone here familiar with mod tools, and have time to look at dagda system informations and see if there is something unusual ?

(Sorry for any english mistakes, I was a bad student in foreign languages... :p )

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11 years 10 months ago #16868 by bezredahl
Replied by bezredahl on topic dagda mission
Well, first off, the backdoor mission requires you to use the hud menu. Select the pestur l point where you are and then use the hud menu to choose the jump destination into dagda. Thne you need to manually fly thru the l-point from the blue side. You will then be in dagda and need to act quick. I have noticed that for some resaon, certain mods, like the location finder, tend to mess this mission up if you try to use it in this mission. Technically speaking, you're not supposed to know about this jump link until after you complete this mission.

As far as freezing when the ships attack, not really sure. Dagda is a messed up system and only seems to work correctly in a very small radius around the l points. Did you chase after the attacking ships, or did you wait for them to come to you? I've always used long range weapons and detached the turret fighters to complete this mission. I let the attacking ships come to me. After they were destroyed, I recalled my fighters and jumped back to the pestur l-point to get my reward and tag the mission complete. I run this game in windowed mode, so I never had to reset, but when I first tried entering dagda in full screen mode, the dagda crap started and I couldn't get out of the game. I had to reset. I-War traps all key strokes, so alt+tab and ctrl+alt+del both failed to do anything once the dagda bug hit.

I don't think the dagda bug is in map. I think it's a hardcoded bug having to do with Maas locking the system down. Instead of calling for armed ships, it creates an untrapped error. occasionally the game just freezes, but most of the time for me, all the avatars for my ship just disappear and the hud shuts down, so no keystroke does anything. It may be a bad global call in a script somewhere. I've never heard of anyone actually figuring it out. Best advice for dagda, stick real close to the lpoints or the staging areas and don't try to actually go anywhere in dagda. If you do, put the game in windowed mode, so you can mouse out. The option for windowed mode is in the flux.ini change full_screen = 1 to full_screen = 0 and you're in windowed mode.
graphics_device = dx7graph.fcGraphicsDeviceD3D
sound_device = dx7sound.fcSoundDeviceDA
network_device = dx8net.fcNetworkDeviceDP8
input_device = dxinput.fcInputDeviceDI
cdaudio_device =
movie_device = binkmovie.fcMovieDeviceBink
cd_key =
disable_sound = 0
full_screen = 0 <-*****************
width = 1280
height = 720
bit_depth = 32
video_driver = "NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)"

The spaces, dash and asterisks are just bring the correct line to your attention, DO NOT INCLUDE THEM IN THE FLUX.INI
yes, I'm running on old system at the moment. Gave my good one to my oldest daughter when she went to college (Tufts - prelaw, all but $3000 per year paid for through academic scholarships. Sorry, had to get that "proud dad" dig in there.)

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11 years 9 months ago #16875 by Seb666
Replied by Seb666 on topic dagda mission
Thank you very much, bezredahl, for your explanations.

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