Need advice on free trader mod and freeform mod

13 years 9 months ago #19148 by Istrebitel

Hope someone still lurks around here :) IW2 is a great game, despite so old, i cant think of any space simulator that beats it in the depth of gameplay...

Recently i found those two new mods to play with. Tried the trader, didnt try freeform yet. I have several questions if someone can answer please.

1) Do they "corrupt" my save if i save with them enabled then load with them disabled or i can quit from them anytime (by disabling) and continue playing at normal as if i didnt ever enabled them
2) Does freeform mod influence my gameplay any way if i dont go into that special system of it? Does it require the "freesometehing" mod that lets yo play after main plot over?
3) How do i actually trade? Any general advice?
4) Am i supposed to dock to every station in the game to get their prices or what? What is the idea of "going to agricultural stations for agricultural wares"? It means that the type of station offers items of this type for lower prices?
5) Do the prices fluctuate randomly over time?
6) What is the general way to make profit?
7) Where should i look for better weapons/systems?
<!-- s8) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_cool.gif" alt="8)" title="Cool" /><!-- s8) --> Where should i look to sell item X for the best price? (whats the general idea behind trading? where do i bring goats, where do i bring gold etc?)
9) Isnt this trading system too easy/easier than default one? Like, i saw that i can buy sugar for 184 near my base, and i can recycle it for 200 at the base. Isnt this an exploit, i could exponentially increase my CU's? (buy as much as i can afford, recycle, buy more, recycle, ...) Or something prevents that?

Thanks in advance!

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