Twinpack to "light hardpoint"

11 years 4 months ago #19197 by preina
Hi all, my first post. Been a big fan of I War 2 for looooong time, nice to see theres something going on for it.

Anyways, heres the thing. I play the vanilla campaing and loving it atm, but even YEARS ago when I War 2 was released i had a simple but maybe strange problem.
All the ships have that light hardpoint from the command-section but theres not much to mount on it, theres also tons of missiles and remotes to mess with but whos gonna sacrifice that huge gun for quad-pack?... Soooo, why not change the Twinpack-launcher to fit that light slot. And for balance sakes be un-able to mount internal mag.

I was told its possible via "loadouts" ini-files. Oddly tho i dont have those, like at all. I have the GoG-version of the game, can that be the reason?

Can someone whos good at this stuff make me a zip-file mod?
Im working on an old weapons-rebalance mod left unfinished, was hoping to integrate that to my version of the mod and perhaps even release it once its finalized.

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