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7 years 9 months ago - 5 years 8 months ago #19196 by IronDuke
Yo Y'all,

A new mod is being developed by me. It is a combination of Unleashed, Unstable Space, Elite, and many other mods far and wide, only with my own personal tweaks. The objective of this mod is to make the game much tougher, but still playable, and add many new elements into the game to make it more fun and engaging. Title? Independence War2 Edge of Chaos ADVANCED.
If someone thinks up a better name please tell me. This is what it will be in the meantime though.

Examples of these elements are:

Re-written scripts. All the mission scripts and traffic scripts will be custom ones designed by the mod coder ( currently me ).

Longer combat. You know those independent spider tugs who randomly sometimes try to kick your weenie in Act 1? The engagement with them ( providing you have no t-fighters ) should last about 1 minute. Whether you win or lose depends entirely on your personal skill, as these tugs have the same weapons and same number of weapons as you. Yes, this means you will see Heavy Corvettes with four Neutron PBCs and two t-fighters ( this from Unleashed ).

As in Unleashed, the ships all have some form of rockets and lasers to complement their normal loadout. Talking about loadout, it is going to be random for the nonplayer ships. This way each ship will have a different loadout.

The player can purchase, sell, steal, find, manufacture, or be given ships, stations, planets, WHOLE SYSTEMS, you name it. Of course there will be competition too...

You don't HAVE to be a space pirate to make a living. While it will be the only way to get started, you can make your later money by mining, trading, shipping, salvaging, anything you can think of.

The story line is WWAAAAYYYY longer. I'm talking ACT 6 kind of longer. Oh, and you may see the Dreadnought's NairNama buddies again...

Those ships and stations you get? they won't all be flown or manned by the player. Why not have some AI lackeys do some of the work for you? Just make sure they don't desert...

You can plunder fuel transporters, as their fuel tanks can be ejected just like cargo pods. Good thing too. You honestly don't expect the fuel in your tanks to last forever, do you? Just make sure, when you're liberating more fuel, you don't set it off...

Combat is WAY more realistic. You can shoot off external weapons, which are more powerful than internal ones, destroy fuel tanks to prevent the ship going anywhere, take out CPUs to mess up the enemy's targeting, kill the crew to render the ship helpless, inflict heavy enough damage on a system that it can't be repaired, and many more things. All while dodging his shots, as they will do the same things. Systems that get permanently taken out are not quite permanently, as a good shipyard ( or Lucrecia's Base ) can easily repair the systems. Also missiles and collisions will now do damage to systems, like in I-war1. If you take serious damage, you may need to withdraw for about two minutes to repair.

Combat is also much harder. The enemy ships, as mentioned before, have the same weapons and same number of weapons as you. Shields have been upgraded too. All vessels have better anti-missile defenses, like countermeasures and point-defense cannons. Ship hulls, player included, can take surprising amounts of punishment. Also, don't mess with capital ships unnecessarily. They have cutting beams, triple turrets, whole banks of missiles, fighter bays, deadly forward weaponry, and in the case of larger capships, energy Meson Cannons. Also the Carrier doesn't just have fighters...

Missiles are much better. If you can detect a ship, you can hit it with a missile. They also move much faster, to make the range better. they live about one minute, instead of twenty seconds. The missile lock alarm has had the volume turned down, as it can get annoying after a while. You will still notice it though.

All the visual effects and sound effects have been touched up to make the game more realistic. Talking about realistic, wait 'till you see a ship explode! they are so awesome!

Multiple new ships and weapons have been added.

Stations are now huge. Ten kilometers huge. They are also well fortified. Marauder attacks have been changed to compensate.

Stealth works better. You can hide behind rocks and ships, power down some systems, use signal masks, go near something big, go into someone else's signal mask, anything that can be conceived. In the vanilla EoC, stealth makes no difference. I tried setting my visibility to zero with a cheat. The nonplayer ships still tracked my ship and fired. Well, I'm fixing that in I-W2 ADVANCED.

You can land on planets if you fly really really well. Of course, you could just use an LST.

Piracy is harder. The longer you do it, the more likely it is the police will find you. They are very powerful, so try moving to different locations over time. Escorts are tougher, freighters use shields and weapons, and a few pack hidden surprises. Remember the Navy Q-ship in Defiance? Also the L-Points are packed with armed competition. They may know you. Favorably or not is decided by your behavior to the faction. The guys you try to plunder also will in all probability call for backup.

You will receive cluster news via e-mail. Also some new e-mails have been added and the old ones touched up to make the plot more clear.

How about some ground combat? Wouldn't that be nice?

All the bugs I know of will be ironed out.

And the best part? Here it comes:


If you forget something, which is likely, considering the sheer amount of stuff in this mod, simply check the encyclopedia. It is completely updated to include all ships and weapons in the game. Heck, it even includes tanks!!

And many many many many many more changes I can't remember off the top of my head.

If anybody feels like helping I'll be glad to accept. I don't own lightwave, so editing the graphics is pretty hard. I also can't create collisionhulls, which impairs the new stations. I am one person too, so at the present rate I'm going, the mod should be done in a decade or two...
If anyone has any bright ideas to include, please tell me and I shall consider them.
I refer to everything in the list above in the past tense out of habit. Over 80% of it hasn't even been started.
If someone would kindly tell me how, I will try to post some screenshots to demonstrate some stuff. I would take video, but I have no software to do so, and my computer is not powerful enough to give anything more than 9 frames per second. My apologies.

Minimum Requirements. This is based off how well the mod works on my computer.
Pentium 4 2.8 GHz CPU.
512 Megabytes Ram for Windows XP/ 768 Megabytes Ram for Windows Seven
128 MB Graphics card. NVidia works slightly better than ATI.
And about half a gig of free hard disk space.

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
1 Gigabyte of Ram.
256 MG Graphics card.
1 gig of hard disk space.

If you aren't sure what your specifications are, then if the normal ( unmodded ) game works fine with the graphics set to about medium, you're probably good if you turn the graphics all the way down when using the mod.

All of the above may change in the future. I apologize for any inconveniences.

Everyone have a blast,

Joke of the day:
If you have a headache, stick your head through a window and the pane will disappear.

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Very little about the game is not known to me. Any questions you got, throw them at me. :)

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7 years 9 months ago #17268 by SRC
Replied by SRC on topic New Mod Coming Soon!!
Hi IronDuke,

That's a very ambitious project you have described.

I urge you to be careful to break it into manageable tasks. I have found in my
own coding of the (I hope not too distant in the future released) "EoCUtilities"
mod that it is very easy to proliferate packages and get diverted down rabbit trails.

You mentioned that you are planning to re-do the Act/Scene scripts. That is very
interesting because (it appears to me) the EoC coding community never got really
good at writing scenarios and missions, and this is arguably a weakness of the US
project in that it has no story line or mission trajectory. It would be helpful to
have a wide range of example missions, as there is a background agenda at the US
project to develop some training mission scripts, though it is not yet clear how
these would be implemented within the US code structure. So I'm looking forward to
your scripts.

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7 years 9 months ago #17269 by IronDuke
Replied by IronDuke on topic New Mod Coming Soon!!
Hello SRC,

Actually, I learned the hard way quite some time ago, that to undertake something like this, you simply HAVE to break it down into smaller chunks and work on each chunk one at a time. Otherwise, you will never turn up with anything but a half finished project and a very bad headache. ( To remedy, see joke above. )
I have nearly finished the ship re-balancing, and was going to start work on the subsims, but decided to wait until your EoCUtilities package is done, as I understand it has multiple goodies for doing systems work. For now I will just work on the visual/audio FX.
There will certainly be no shortage of new missions for I-W2 ADVANCED, as I've currently got ten different plots floating around in my head, as well as at least thirty missions. Hopefully they are good enough to bring the story line quality up to that of I-War1.


I-War 2 Discord:
Very little about the game is not known to me. Any questions you got, throw them at me. :)

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7 years 4 weeks ago #17273 by IronDuke
Replied by IronDuke on topic New Mod Coming Soon!!
Yo Ho,

The mod is progressing, at least as fast as it can with only one person working... The best part is I have Lightwave 3D now, so I can add new ships, and make the ground combat ( or to be more precise, station and ship interior combat ;) ).
Now for a question. The midtro movie showing Cal and his co-horts bustin' jail? Should I simply leave it there, or should I make the player himself do the stuff, so it's no longer a video but actually playing the game? I'm more leaning toward making it actual play rather than the video so that it would be the first time the player can fight inside a ship rather than with one. However, as I'm not the only one going to use the mod, I'm asking you guys ( provided you exist of course, the forum's pretty empty now... ) how you would like it to be: Video or play?
If it's video in the end I'll probably re-render it just cause I can. :D

Current Project: the damage model.

Peace and Pumpkins,

P.S. I actually don't like pumpkins or anything made with them.

This is from a liver pill ad from 1890-something.
--What is life without a liver?

I-War 2 Discord:
Very little about the game is not known to me. Any questions you got, throw them at me. :)

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6 years 10 months ago #17274 by 7upMan
Replied by 7upMan on topic New Mod Coming Soon!!
Hi IronDuke, if you can actually pull this off then I'd go for letting the player actually play the bust.

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5 years 10 months ago #17296 by IronDuke
Replied by IronDuke on topic New Mod Coming Soon!!
Hey everyone (everyone who's still here that is...;))

I've got good news and bad news.
The bad news is, my mod has been discontinued. Now, before you leave in exasperation at the demise of yet another over-ambitious mod, let me explain. I was hitting way too many walls in the Flux game engine that would be too hard to go around, among other things, and the mod would probably be impossible.
The good news is, I'm going to make an entirely separate space flight simulator of my own. (This way I can sell it.:p) It will include pretty much all of the features listed in my original post, except for story line stuff of course. I'll think up my own story line to prevent someone suing me...
It will probably use the Unity game engine, unless I hit walls with that one too. I've already started work, and will update here to say when a website has been created (which will not be all that soon, unfortunately.)
One advantage we all love with new game engines is: Graphics! I'll be able to use some pretty fancy graphics that are definitely impossible with Flux, which really helped swing me toward this decision. (Call me weak-minded, but it did.)
The player is not quite as straightforward a pirate as in EoC (he is a commerce raider,) but it will not be very different. He is somewhat borderline in how he disposes of the leftovers though. Hooray for 'acquired' goods!
I'm planning to use a full galaxy of a trillion solar systems like Elite: Dangerous, although it was 400 billion when their project started. The scientific estimation went up after a recalculation.

So there you have it. Crushing bad news, and uplifting, Pinkie Pie party good news. I like the good news better.


This space intentionally left blank.

I-War 2 Discord:
Very little about the game is not known to me. Any questions you got, throw them at me. :)

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