file A little help installing IWar 1, please

1 year 1 month ago #20883 by jbsheridan
Hi there ...
     I have the original CDs for IWar 1 and IWar 2 EOC. which I am trying to run on my Win 10 gaming PC, via an outboard CD/DVD player. 
     EOC installed and plays just fine for me.
     I am having trouble, though,  installing IWar 1/ Defiance on my Win 10 PC. 

     I have set compatibility to XP SP3 and Run As Admin, which worked for installing EOC.
     But IWar 1 is hanging fire on the install. The Installer Screen appears and when I click on the Install tab, I get a smaller Install window, and when I click on OK in that little window then both the main Installer window and the small Install window disappear and nothing further happens. The game will not install.

     Any ideas what is wrong and how to get the game to install?
     I did clean the CDs and they look in great shape.

Thank you.



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11 months 6 days ago #20886 by Firefrost 7
I have a couple ideas.

1) The game Install shield is 16 bit, so it won't install on a 64 bit system, even with compatibility.
2) If you are using an external CD drive, make sure you use USB 2.0 ports...I don't know why, but my older CD Rom and 20 year old Wingman joystick hang up if I use the USB 3.0 ports.
3) Tying in with number 1, how new is your MOBO? After upgrading my MOBO to latest and greatest, it would NOT install Windows 7 64 bit. No way. Luckily, I had it installed on an older SSD, and was able to plug that in and it worked fine...but installing direct to the MOBO went no where. Don't ask me why, lol.

Hope this helps...worst case would be installing it on an older system using XP and running a dual boot setup. Luck to you!

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10 months 1 week ago - 10 months 1 week ago #20887 by tlwmdbt
how about getting virtualbox with a Win98 installation as guest system running inside. Installing I-War inside the VM you could make a "portable installation" out of it by zipping the installed I-War game folder and copy it via network or an ISO or USB device to the Win10 host system.

There is no Opengl or other 3D acceleration available in a Win98 system as far as I know.

I also suggest to use a glide wrapper like "dgVoodoo" or "nglide" to be able to use the 3D effects created by an 3DFX Voodoo accelerator. Else you can not see the nebulas and also no shields and some other visual effects. 3Dfx cards were an additional graphics accelerator back then. The wrapper emulates a Voodoo card by catching the calls for it and translating them into OpenGL or DirectX (or Vulkan nowadays, don't know) and sending them to your actual modern graphics card. Works pretty well.

The easiest way would be to buy the GOG version to be honest.


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