file A little help installing IWar 1, please

3 weeks 4 days ago #20883 by jbsheridan
Hi there ...
     I have the original CDs for IWar 1 and IWar 2 EOC. which I am trying to run on my Win 10 gaming PC, via an outboard CD/DVD player. 
     EOC installed and plays just fine for me.
     I am having trouble, though,  installing IWar 1/ Defiance on my Win 10 PC. 

     I have set compatibility to XP SP3 and Run As Admin, which worked for installing EOC.
     But IWar 1 is hanging fire on the install. The Installer Screen appears and when I click on the Install tab, I get a smaller Install window, and when I click on OK in that little window then both the main Installer window and the small Install window disappear and nothing further happens. The game will not install.

     Any ideas what is wrong and how to get the game to install?
     I did clean the CDs and they look in great shape.

Thank you.



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