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Mega Freighter Mega Freighter Mod HOT

------Mega freighter Mod V2------

This is a mod made by me (Gus man B) to change the Command section into a

Badass modified MEGA freighter! With this thing you Can pickup 25 Standard pods, or 25-mega pods,

And has allot power to move a Gunstars around with its front universal port.

It also includes 3 Destroyer class C defensive turrets around the center section of the hull (propulsion sec.),

                6 Assault Class a defensive placed farther out from the center section of the hull.

                6 Fortress cannons farther out more.

                6 Heavy Destroyer cannons to top off the Turrets.

                6 Pylon cannon mounts distributes to the middle front of the hull.

                3 Harrower missile magazines around the very rear.

                2 large external weapon mounts located at the very front of the ship.

                1 Capital beam weapon

This baby has   2 hard LDAs 1 upper and 1 lower.

It also has its own capsule drive. (would not recommend calling Jafs in another system

before the game gives you a Cap. drive). He will pick up the cargo and just stop dead and not go bake to base.

I was able to dock with Jafs and go in to cap jump bake to base but than the game froze!

Has a stronger hull and repair system.


Just simply download the zip directly to your MOD folder in the main directory.

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