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Devastator Devastator Mk2 HOT

The Devastator Mk2 Corvette is fitted out with a larger, more capable comsec. The comsec is heavily integrated into the main ship's systems which helps address several shortcomings of the original Devastator:

-Plasma from the comsec accelerator ring is shunted through the main ring into the ship's drive, dramatically increasing performance

-The comsec LDA has been synchronized with the main hull's shields, giving better forward protection. This also allows the facing of the primary LDAs to be adjusted, reducing the vulnerability of the drive section.

-The increased size of the new comsec gives the corvette more internal cargo space and allows medium caliber weapons to be mounted on the forward hardpoint

This mod upgrades your Heavy Corvette to a Devestator Mk2.

Thanks to qlippoth for the idea and Dragon_Heart for testing.

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