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"Banshee" NSO-989 Tariq Class Patcom HOT

The NSO model 989 Tariq class Patcom, CNV Justice, was capured by the Indies early in the Independence War.  Renamed "Banshee" by her new masters, this patcom was retrofitted with a second LDA shield,  given a dual PBC mount, and fitted with additional drive components.  Banshee was used very successfully as a commerce raider throughout the war.  After the war, the captain and crew of the Banshee did not turn their ship over to the Alliance Navy, but continued on as smugglers and pirates.  Until recently, the Banshee was in the hands of the Freelancers, who reinforced the ship's weapon pod wings to accept an external weapon mount.  The Banshee's current status is unknown and some suspect the ship was lost in action against Marauders.

Technical Note:  The Banshee is an excellent example of service-life upgrading.  In its last known configuration, the Banshee sported a dual heavy weapons mount amidships and another heavy mount under each weapon pod wing.  Although Banshee's dedicated internal flare magazine was removed to save space, the original internal LDSi pod was left in place.  Given that modern ordnance technicians can fit either cannons or missile launchers in a Tariq Patcom's wingtip missile magazines, the Banshee was a formidable ship.  Slower than the new patcoms, the Banshee was still a fast ship and able to take more punishment than a Tachyon class patcom.

KS Note:  This mod replaces the comsec with the Banshee patcom.  Enjoy!

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