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AI_Ships HOT
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This MOD was made by me (Greb) and Lorque.
This MOD allows you to play a selection of ships via the Extra's menu.
I did Make all of these ships, the creators of the .ini files are all duely noted.
--------- Instalation --------
Simply extract the zip files (not the contents of the zips!) into the mods directory.
Then, start Edge Of Chaos and you will be able to select ships for the Extra's menu.

--------- Notes --------
Only have one ship mod on at the same time.
You MUST have patch version 14.6 or higher
Again, Special thanks to Lorque, Red_Hex, Qlippoth, Kr4z3d whom without they're help, none of this would be possible.

For any questions, comments or abuse, E-mail me at


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