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Skyquake proudly presents the first fan made reskinned ship for Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos

The ship is a reskinned version of Guillotine class Heavy Destroyer, called Darkheart.


- The whole ships has been reskinned (no much changes thought… Color is now grey and Navy texts have been removed, and one of them has been replaced with Darkheart on the left side of the ship). Aggressor shield effect has been changed. Some buttons recolored in the cockpit and the five lights in the front of cockpit frames, change color from yellow to red when entering dark area, and likewise.

- Four new thruster sounds for Darkheart.

- Lots of :new: weapons included (when comparing to Guillotine that is), see below for details.

- The missiles, beams, and hardpoints use two new hardpoints which weren’t normally in the ship. Dock on turrets have their own two. Darkheart’s weapons unavailable to other ships.

- New shield called Dark LDA (cannot be used on other ships either).

- Only player has the ship and the other Heavy Destroyers have their normal systems and skins.

- Darkheart’s Dock On Turrets now fire megabolts and therefore cause more damage.

- Contains Encyclopedia for the ship, added Jet’s Starmap Reference mod to this mod too, so both can be viewed from the encyclopedia.

- Check out the encyclopedia’s destroyer section for more information.

To fly, select Heavy Corvette from the hangar screen. This of course requires that you have Heavy Corvette. There is savegame which Jet has provided, that makes all ships available in the beginning of the game inside the zip file. (savegame13.sav)

Offensive Systems:

- 4 AI controlled dual gatling cannons, now called AI Assault Cannon in the loadout screen.
- 2 Heavy mountpoints targeted to front
- 2 Capital ship beams called Antimatter beams (the beams cannot be seen correctly in specific view modes. Use the third F1 (F2, F3 and F4 work too) view to get the most out of these beams.
- 2 x Blizzard rocket launchers. 100 rockets total.
- 2 x Missile boat magazines, which hold the magnificent amount of 40 dogfigthning missiles in total.
- 4 LDSi missiles.
- Aggressor shield
- 2 x Dock on turrets (above and below the cockpit), fires megabolts

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