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NSO-1605 Duelist Class Heavy Corvette
NSO-1605 Duelist Class Heavy Corvette
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The NSO model 1605 Duelist class Heavy Corvette was developed as a successor to the famous NSO-989 and was so named by an NSO-Laplace engineer with too much alcohol in his system at the time. Instead mounting a single corvette-class collector ring, the Duelist mounts a pair of patcom-class rings, and four winglets. This allows for increased maneuverability by mounting RCS thrusters on each of the wingtips, giving enhanced pitch response compared to a 989; it also allows for an unequaled four pylon mounts. Due to the dual rings the acceleration profile was also enhanced. The much-larger spaceframe also allows for far more internal space for weapons and magazines.

The Duelist class Heavy Corvette has four pylon mounts, one at the end of each wing, twin heavy PBC mounts above and below the command section, and four heavy beam mounts at each of the intersections of the rings. It also features quad exhaust arrays and a docking tube mounted between them; this is reminiscent of the oft-used Spider tug.

Game note: the third and fourth pylon cannon mounts seem not be accessible from the loadout screen, but are there if you choose a standard loadout and then customize. You can't seem to be able to vary their magazine choice without editing the default in LoadoutsStandard.ini

This is meant to be used with the Elite mod! It is quite overpowered in the standard game!

The Duelist replaces the player's Heavy Corvette.


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